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Бокс: защитные действия на вышагивании/Boxing: defensive maneouvres with the step back

Бокс: защитные действия на вышагивании/Boxing: defensive maneouvres with the step back

Dear friends, we continue to study boxing technique. Today we will talk about defense. Step and defend. I am in the fighting stance. The right foot steps back, the left foot stays in it’s place. This is the movement. The backstep. Here you go. The most simple defense in boxing is to step back. We step back and remove our head from the opponent’s punch. We can add a layback. The backstep and the layback. Step with the right foot and the layback. It is called ‘ottiazhka’ in Russian. Pull your body back. Ottiazhka it is the boxing slang. Pull myself back. Just a step back, or a step plus a layback. Also I can defend myself with a shoulder roll. I cover myself with the left shoulder as if it is a shield. It is done with the right step as well. The shoulder roll. Back to boxing stance. The shoulder roll. The next defense is the block with the right palm. I open the right fist and put it next to the chin. It is also done with the step. I catch the opponent’s punch. I catch the opponent’s punch as if I have a mitt in my hand. Here is the movement. I put my open palm. One more time, the step with the layback, the shoulder roll, or the palm block. Also I can do a parry with steps. Parry downward or upward. Parry with the my lead hand. Same with the step. At the moment of stepping I parry the opponent’s punch with my lead hand. Downward. Or upward. This is the movement. I will show all movements from the side. The left foot stays in in it’s place, the right foot makes a small step back. Here is the movement. The layback. The shoulder roll, I cover myself. The palm block. Or the upward or downward parry. One more time. Step back and the layback. The shoulder roll. The palm block. And the parry. All the defenses are carried out with the right step back. So, today we have learned several defensive movements. Please come to our boxing gym. It is located in Pushkin district, Tcherkizovo, the gym “Champion”. Ozernaya streeet 2. Also, there is a nearby gym of Russian University of Tourizm. Glavnaya street, 99. You are welcomed to come. See you. Thanks.

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  1. Сверху вниз делаешь отбив,а,если это финт и потом прилетит плюха

  2. Мастер защиты , Юлиан Касымович!
    Гений чистой красоты! Спасибо Вам Большое! Тренер

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