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Бокс: спарринг только передней рукой/Boxing sparring using lead hand only

Бокс: спарринг только передней рукой/Boxing sparring using lead hand only

[Can I spar without a mouthpiece? Carefully and only light punches?] Yes. Khalid. You are doing well, trying to hit his forearms first. Is it difficult for you to pass his left hand? It looks difficult but there is no need. Do not try to pass his left hand especially this way. Khalid you are standing like this. You left shoulder should be in front of you. Turn sideways a little. Your feet are in fighting stance position but your body is turned like this. You put yourself under fire. Put up your left hand. Your stance is wrong. Yes. Stop. Is it more comfortable now? [Yes.] And one more thing. Do not extend your arm like this. It should work. You punch like this. Throw it. Bend your elbow a little. Do not extend your arm. Ok, well done. Ок, Sanya work with your front hand. Yes, Katya, repeat it, well done. Footwork, do not overreach with your front hands, it makes you loose your balance. Keep your hands higher. Footwork please. Time! Guys! Ok, several tips. You did well couple of times. What was good? You performed a good footwork. Yes. And I would like to stress. And it is relevant to all of you… If you stand flat footed. You will never catch up with your opponent or a passer by on the street who is already moving. Understand? You are stationary. Especially if you overextend you hand like a railway traffic lightpole. All you you did well. You hit the opponent’s elbow’s with initial punches and then developed the attack. But if you punch in the same rhythm all the time the opponent gets used to it. And he is quite comfortable. What do you need? You need to speed up the rhythm. Acceleration. Slow, slow, far and suddenly boom-boom. Ok? Change partners. Touch gloves. Now full contact sparring round. But try to use the front hand a lot.

25 thoughts on “Бокс: спарринг только передней рукой/Boxing sparring using lead hand only”

  1. Советы конечно хорошие, но спаринга тут не видно) вольная работа на косание)

  2. Бьем быстро и легко. Левой вообще надо очень много ударов наносить. Как кошка лапой. Левая рука должна быть всегда в движении.

  3. Точные слова сказал ваш тренер! Не руками, а ногами нужно даставать!)

  4. Олег послушал послушал и все равно рука прямая… тяжело…

  5. Почему тут в основном новички? Вы профи не тренируете с таким-то опытом?

  6. Можно ли в 30 лет начать заниматься боксом не имея ни каких навыков?

  7. скажите кто нибудь парню в шлеме с бампером, что бампер должен быть на уровне носа а иначе какой толк в нем =)

  8. Прям захотелось у вас позаниматься))) Только, далеко и здоровье не то) Спасибо за видео и успехов вам и вашим подопечным.

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