Our next fighters are Vladimir Orovin and his opponent Sergey Makarov Let me check your mouth guard and gloves Are you wearing a shirt? A shirt with a naked woman Well she’s half naked… Is it your first fight? 3rd time? How many wins? – 1 win, 1 loss – And this is your third time Good luck then To the center It’s Strelka. There’s no time limit, no judge’s decision. You know the rules. Respect each other. Shake hands To the corners Fighters ready? Audience ready? We have a winner! Go get interviewed now Wonderful fight, wonderful win Applause for the winner once again Tell us about yourself Thanks everyone. Thanks to the guys who came to support me. There’s two of them Sanya is here, Yarik went to the car Let’s talk about the fight You’ve cought some kicks in the beginning. Did you feel it? Yeah, I felt it It’s okay, my opponent happened to be strong What helped you to win? I dunno, a painful hold Well obviously Do you do any sports? Is it your first Strelka fight? It’s my 3rd time. I’m a student. Come fight too, good luck everyone, thank you Thank you, come again to win. Applause for the winner! Now to his opponent Are you friend here? You showed yourself well in the beginning, why didn’t you win? I wasn’t expecting the painful hold What sports do you do? Were you training? Boxing, I was training So you were prepared to do some kicks? Yeah Will you come back? – Of course I will. – Train more, thank you!

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