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ТОП 10 самых красивых украинских спортсменок

ТОП 10 самых красивых украинских спортсменок

We welcome all fans and fans of sports. You are on the XSPORT YouTube channel. offers you our rating of the most beautiful Ukrainian athletes Long-legged blonde and two-time World champion, European champion and winner of the European games on judo Daria Bilodid who organically looks both on the tatami and on the covers of glossy magazines. А lot of hot photos on Instagram, our athlete Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk Bekh : “Mom says, I’m beautiful” At the age of 24, Maryna won silver medals at the World and European Championships, bronze medal at the World Indoor Championships and bronze at the European Games on Long Jump Games and at the same European Games, gold in the team event. Ukrainian saber fencer, 2008 Olympic champion, 6-time World champion and 8-time European champion, European Games champion, beautiful blonde Olga Harlan Dangerous and beautiful these epithets perfectly characterize karateka Angelika Terluga. Multiple European champion and medalist, 2017 Grand Winner Karate 1 of the Premier League of Women’s Kumite. The other day was recognized as the best karate of all time in the weight category up to 55 kg. She divided the world into two parts: someone like her game on the court, and someone in love with her smile. Elina Svitolina – winner of 15 WTA tournaments winner of the Singles WTA Finals and former third tennis single player in the world Athlete Yulia Levchenko is a real magnet for photographers and we perfectly understand why and we perfectly understand why Silver medalist of the World Cup, participant of the Summer Olympic Games, Juniors Olympic champion in 2014. Two-time champion in Ukraine in high jump. Stylish, cheeky and bright. How would you describe our beautiful swimmer Daria Zevina? He has a full set of awards at the World and European Championships in short water. Zevina: “In short water, I feel better” With such legs as our Dayana Yastremska, at the time to walk on the world Fashion show. But the young girl from Odessa relied on a tennis court and did not lose. Winner of three WTA tournaments. Finalist of the Junior Grand Slams in singles and doubles. A 19-year-old ukranian finishes this season by setting a personal record in the WTA ranking – 22 position. Another incredible athlete from our rating is karate player Galina Melnik. is karateka Galina Melnik. As the Lviv girl herself admitted, she walked the Fashion Show during Lviv Fashion, but the days of shows often coincided with tournaments, so Galina focused on karate Another representative of women’s athletics, the youngest athlete of our TOP 18-year-old Yaroslava Mahuchikh. The Ukrainian high-jumper woman won the Diamond League stage and become the silver medalist of the World Championship with a world and personal record among juniors – 2.04 meters If suddenly we forgot about one of our beautiful athletes be sure to write about it in the comments. And do not forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel. All the news from the world of sports go to the site

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  1. Татьяна Мельник, Ирина Рамолданова, Ольга Ляхова, сёстры Музычук, Карина Денисова, Юлия Журавок, Елена Костевич

  2. Подивіться на збірну України по артистичному плаванню… Ваша десятка швидко завяне))

  3. Something is very very WRONG. Most Super Krasiva Athlete in Ukraine is Anna Ryzhykova, DID you forget her ?
    Even after give birth, so~ beautiful

  4. Шо ви дивитись тільки на обличчя.А Руслана Писанка вид ззаду?

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