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❤️ Five Steps To Love – Talking Tom and Talking Angela’s Valentine’s Special ❤️

❤️ Five Steps To Love – Talking Tom and Talking Angela’s Valentine’s Special ❤️

It’s the season of love! But if romance doesn’t always work the way
you want it to, just remember how tough it was for everybody’s favorite power-pair: Tom and Angela! Couples moment! This is the story of their “Five steps to
love!” STEP 1: JUST FRIENDS When we first met Tom and Angela, they were
just good friends who liked hanging out together. Sure, there were hints that there could be
something more… But then again, maybe not. I do think you are perfect. The most perfect friend in the world! Ouch! STEP 2: LITTLE MOMENTS Okay, it was pretty clear that Tom liked Angela. But he was afraid to tell her how he felt. So he had to settle for little romantic moments. Those moments could be exciting! They could also be kind of awkward. Just friends forever. Well? STEP 3: DREAMING OF YOU Would Tom and Angela ever get together? It seemed like there were a few close calls… But they never turned out to be the real deal. Who wants crab legs? Still, it’s always nice to dream. Sure Tom, we’re all having fun. Cooool STEP 4: DECIDING TO DATE So yeah, Tom was having trouble keeping his
secret about liking Angela. But it turned out, Angela was having even
more trouble keeping her secret about liking Tom! ANGELA: I kinda like Tom! See? This led to some confusion… and drama
and memory-erasing… And some attempts to go back to the way things
were… But in the end, Tom and Angela decided to
give dating a try at last. It’s a date. STEP 5: STAYING TOGETHER So now we’re on the last step – because
Tom and Angela are finally a couple! But being a couple isn’t always going to
be easy. They’ve had to deal with disaster dates… And some real creeps who tried to ruin their
relationship. Why? I did it for us! Boyfriend. But no matter what happens, they’re always
there for each other. And with each other, they can overcome anything! From here on out, I’ll never make a boyfriend
mistake ever again. And what’s next for our romantic couple? Well… it’s a mystery, because Angela’s
gone missing! Is she lost? Was she kidnapped? Did she run away? We don’t know! But we’re counting on Tom to find her. And we’re counting on you to help! Let us know your favorite Tom-and-Angela moments
in the comments. And be sure to subscribe to this channel to
find out happens to them next. New episodes are coming this spring!

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  1. She is. In los Ángeles😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😗😀😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😀😀😀😃😗😀😀😀😀😀😀

  2. It’s the episode when Tom made music and Angela told him to sing about he felt and then Tom said I love an.. 😳 Bongo and Migacadi!!

    Haha..ha.. En😐

  3. In season 4, remake the season 1 episode 12/13 app-y halloween in 27 October this year but I Want some changes, this year make it like ben tells ginger "no" 5 times when ginger says to Hank "turn the tv off hank" then Hank turns off the tv & tom & Hank & Angela & Ben follows gingers fun orders
    I really wish you added the teen Titans in 1 episode of season 4 & hopefully Angela will not be missing when you do this

  4. I have idea to make 2 episode in sesons4 episode 1 tom are finding angela in hole city and call him and find his mobile in midnight ben when see his computer sodenly he see angela in his computer

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  8. Happy Birthday, Talking Angela!
    14/02 🎂🎉🎉🎉
    Congratulations for the best "little cat" of Talking Tom and friends!
    🎵 Happy Birthday to you🎵

  9. They’re cute and all but… I don’t find this romantic subplot compelling at all? Does anyone else feel the same way…?

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  13. My favorite Tom and Angela moment was when they where on the Faris wheel and Tom fell on Angela.

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