Volleyball serve basics Floater serve Hi S & D is today will continue to practice the floater serve. The first important point in the floater serve is It is a position to raise the toss, but the position to raise the toss is directly above the state where the hand is straightened, or slightly above you just above Raise the toss height to the point where you can hit the most easily I will hit you Let’s practice conscious of the position to raise toss The second point is the same as throwing the ball (if you are right-handed), put your left foot one step ahead and hit it. So if you don’t want to enter, take a two-step run and hit with this momentum. If you are right-handed, hit right → left I will do both. Let’s practice with one step and two steps 2 steps The third point is to strike right next to the ball. At this time, I will strike with the sense of pulling out something in the way of daruma drop If you hit it back, a good serve with no rotation will come in, so please try it consciously I will do it Let’s put your hands back and practice after hitting like a daruma drop Since the fifth point is likely to be a strong non-rotating serve when applied to the lower side of the hand Let’s do it as if you hit it back under your palm Let’s practice conscious of hitting with the hard part under the palm of your hand If you do not enter from the end line Start from the position you enter before the end ride and gradually increase the distance. Thank you for today’s video ①Let’s be aware of Toss ②Let’s use one run and two steps run away ③Take a hand after impact ④Let ’s hit the hard part under the palm of your hand

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