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空手バトル!平安四段で倒せ! Heian Yondan Karate Fight! Tatsuya Naka and Joey Tee, with English subtitles

空手バトル!平安四段で倒せ! Heian Yondan Karate Fight! Tatsuya Naka and Joey Tee, with English subtitles

Go in from this angle. You can put your fingers into the eyes. He will lean forward so attack Jo-dan. Nice to meet you. I’m honored. There is a movement with the first block. For example, you attack right after blocking the punch. Change this block to grabbing and collapse the opponent. His carotid artery will come up. You go here. Naka sensei, you made a dull sound. Make the carotid artery come up like this. What shall we do today? Block, attack and throwing. Or you start attacking from the carotid artery. This is not very clear to see, is it? You don’t stop in between the movements. It’s dangerous though. Would you do the one you did earlier at first? Now he can’t move. Attack slowly. The opponent can go with either hook or straight. You block, collapse him and Shuto-uchi. Left leg forward. And then as you move your right leg, Lock the wrist, the elbow and the shoulder at this point After locking, lift your elbow up little. The opponent will come up. And turn smoothly. Take the wrist, hold him down and Kime. That’s the one. Fall on the head. Next you are punching and get attacked. Let’s do this movement. This side is punching. Yes. One more time. Block. Your hands are grabbed, right ? If you collapse this side, he can’t release your hand. And then take the other hand. Then you can kick. And throw. Our side attacks and do this at this point. From here, you can give a knee or Mawashi-geri. You can do anything. What you need is disable the opponent. Even though he tries to release his left hand, he cannot do that because of his balance. You’ve already grabbed his right hand so it’s all for you. That’s the one. Another situation is he is taking my hand. Grab the other hand and use your right hand for locking. Then he comes here. You can give a knee. You can do whatever you want with this movement. Because he’s locked. But this may be difficult to understand if you look. This is clearer. You can do whatever. You can control him. There are many Shuto-uchi in the Kata. For example, the kick is coming. There is a movement like this. As you divert Mae-geri, strike. Shall we do this? It’s simple but looking good. The movement is like this in the Kata. You can apply this movement. Are you OK? This is very effective. Put your right leg in and drop the head. It’s dangerous. There is a movement like this in Heian Yondan. Go in from this angle. You can put your fingers into the eyes. If you hit the chin, your fingers will go into the eyes straight. This can never achieve the target. So Nihon-nukite is this shape. Use Teisho. Then your fingers go into the eyes, don’t they? So move this way. Let’s do this. Attack the groin with punching. The situation is for example I’m getting my chest or my shoulders grabbed. It’ll be too late if it’s after getting grabbed. This would be the only option if you got grabbed. When he tries to grab, hook your hands like this to collapse him.. And then this one or attack the groin. This is the way. Let’s do it slowly. He will lean forward so attack Jo-dan. I’m scared. Or attack the throat with toes. That’s the movement. It’s Jo-dan kick in Kata. His face comes in front then kick it. I’ve never thought there is such a horrifying technique behind the kata. Make the opponent lean forward. Yes. That’s good. Can you do Chu-dan kick and then Jo-dan? Straight up? That’s great. Flexible. It’s a scary technique. It looks scary. This is the last one. This position is dangerous so you go in. And then collapse the opponent, give a knee, throw and Kime. It’s not necessary to grab. Go in against the punch coming. Collapse the opponent and then bring him down… Right. Hold his head and give a knee. Keep going. OK. First, Shuto-uchi. Turn and throw. Don’t be in a hurry… Lock and Throw. Make the opponent locked at first. Then throw. It’s very dangerous.

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  2. I would really see well Cyril Rafaelli with Naka Sensei in a next movie.
    Remember The Kiss of The Dragon against Jet Li? 🙂

  3. I have to say, i've never seen Heian Yondan like this. I was literally watching this with wide eyes.

  4. Glad to see some real Karate being taught, we don't get much of this in the states. Would love to visit Japan and learn from the great masters.

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