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원더나인1THE9 원더랜드WONDERLAND EP 2(eng sub)

원더나인1THE9   원더랜드WONDERLAND EP 2(eng sub)

[Fansubs by hammie658, 김유민 and yojunseo] (We will show you many things this week too!)
[Fansubs by hammie658, 김유민 and yojunseo] (Release 9 person 9 colors at first night in Wonderland) (We will give you what you want.
A real generous show, WONDERLAND.) (Invasion of 1THE9’s TMI since the start) (1THE9 leader will decide by members through vote!) (Because there’s leader election,
they should gain the most important coins!) (Knowing 1THE9 members chemistry in relay mission) (Jung Jinsung / God of Jegichagi (18)
“Taekhyeon in jegichagi was… (speechless)”) (To catch fans’ heart, 1THE9 rolling on acupressure mat,) (Fly on the sky,) (Jump from the sky.) (1THE9’s love serenade (3mins boyfriend VER)) (OMG I should listen to this,
Only ‘for fans’, 1THE9’s sweet love confession) [capture section] [capture section] [capture section] (Eardrums boyfriend,
Isn’t this the voice that come out from the CD?) – Who will going next now?
(We will melt you softly in Saturday dawn) – Yes, I’ll going.
– Jinsung? (1THE9’s love confession song is started now) (Jinsung, the next line up who come confidently) – Wah, he got the boyfriend look today! (#boyfriendlook #theboss #everdayrenewal #fightagainstmyself) – The gaze! The gaze! (Caught fans’ heart by using until the sexy gaze(?)) (Into the song,
adding the moist gaze) (A low voice that confidently convey’s a sincere feeling) – Cute heart. (sings) (Staring) – Woah, isn’t he come to close? (Slowly come closer and pats pats) (Of course, Jinsung hyung) (You know it isn’t over, right? (You know it isn’t over, right? Wink) – He winked. (Eyes also voice are honey soft) (I have fallin…) (This beautiful moment like a star shining in the night sky) (Keep shooting the gaze until the end) (He’s cool) – Baby, you always shine to me… – Like a star~ – Shine to me~ – The atmosphere was good,
(Jinsung’s charm shine like a star on stage) – Just now we saw the white eyes a lot until the end, – That was his sincerity! (Terrible impression) – Thas was when you really fall into the song.
– Yes~ (Jung Sincere who convey through white eyes(?)) (The next serenade heroine is Doyum) – Oh, you already came? – You have waited, right? – Ah, alright, I love you too. – Oh, he said he loves her
(Doyum’s 1 person extreme situation) – He let her know. (He did it and blushed) (Ride to the beat cutely (Ride to the beat cutely, suddenly change) (Are you ready to put your hands on the air?) (It’s a sweet love song with different charm) (Match the body rhythm to the beat) (The explosives of coolness, rapping storm) (Be ready and run~) (Slowly come, hello?) (Outside the coin booth also (Outside the coin booth also have fun) (Overflow with swag until the end) (Doyum’s ‘Up In The Air’ that full of fun and joy) – Ah… Now… – Seems like we should end it… (laugh) – Suddenly a farewell?
– Why it should ended? – Stay well… (This person is heroine of a tragic love) (“I will not cry because I’m a man”) – Wherever you see it, it’s his charm! (Come with ‘I am alone in this world’ face) – We know the feeling is a bit push and pull
(You know when you see it, Doyum is a push and pull genius) – Doyum, wahat kind of the meaning is it? – I like a girl who only look at me! – Ok, now it’s the last! – The last, please stand up!
(Expect the last line up, Yechan) Yechan! You have waited so long, so… – Fighting! – Yechan is going… (He is the last, so his steps are more shaking) – Noona, hello? – Yechan!
– Yes?
– Is your girlfriend in front of you right now? – Yes, she is. – What are you talking about? She is going there now! – Yechan, wait a bit she’s on way there.
(A new girlfriend heroine?!) (Lose focus and uncomfortable gesture) – Oh, she is arrived. She is arrived! – She’s arrived now. The expression… ( The door is open and she is coming…) (She is… Chaeyeon?!) (Shaking eyes) – Please help me… (People who found it funny) – I’m your fan… (Fighting) – Wah, this song is hard~ – The most HOT song… (Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’) (Expect) (Warm up his vocal) (Take off the top boldly?!) (I’m Freddie Yecury!) (A small piano performance by 3 person in charge) (This person does drum) (Coming to the climax) (He’s cool) (The neck’s nerves pop up) (It’s good) (Snipe the fans’ heart until the eyecontact are perfect) – He’s really good.
(The members also in awe) (Seal claps) (Walks) (What will you do…? – I’ll… sing more cool songs for you in the future. (Heart attack) (Bravo) (Freddie Yecury who come with runway walking) – Woah you have a bit the Queen feels. (A cute and fun personal talent) – Can you do his (Freddie Mercury) walk?
– The way he is walking?
– Yes, just his walking. (Freddie Mercury’s unique walking) – Everyone, here is Queen! (Freddie Mercury come to me) (I’m Freddie Yecury!!!) (Perfectly copying Freddie Mercury) (Did perfectly until the killing part) – He did well!
(Seal clapping to the high quality personal talent) – The most favorite, Bohemian Rhapsody! – And you also prepare We Are The Champions? (The human thresher to Bum cleaned out the personal talent) – You should do it for the closing~! – You should do the closing, right! So…
(To used a bigger stage, clean up the space) (Freddie Yecury catch up with the adlibs) (The parrots that followed as best as they could) (Copying this person) (Approved as ‘Freddie Yecury'(?)) – Now, we have to vote. How will the vote going?
(Time to vote of ‘Love of Coin Karaoke’) – The members will do the vote too, – You can vote by whispering your vote to the MC. – Also, all the beautiful women staffs until the PDs will do the vote through messages. – Oh! That’s good! – Ah, really? (The members giving their vote through whispering) – Oh, there’s many winds blowing. That’s good Jinsung.
(This the feels from eardrums boyfriend…) – I will announce the vote result. – 1THE9’s Love of Coin Karaoke winner… – I will announce you from the runner up. – With the 5 votes… – The one with 5 votes!
(Is it me…?) – Jung Jinsung! – Wah! It’s Jinsung! – Jinsung the runner up!
(The runner up got 1 coin) -Ok now… -We will announce the first place. (Pit a pat) – He got a strong love! – He got a strong love!
(Who is it?) -He received 10 votes. – It’s double amount gap! (The heroine who got the 1st place with overwhelming votes is?) – Shin Yechan!
– Yechan!!! (Roaring the joys) – It goes to Yechan! (Freddie Mercury is the champion) – I’ll give Yechan 2 coins -Ok.. Yechan -I’m sorry but is the Queen returning? -Return… oh it’s back. Music start. (Music start) (Again, together with Queen that appeared) (Copying the burning soul) (Get up and move your shoulders) (This is the place where we live!!!!!) (This place is Gapyeong!!!!!) (A rose for you in hot water pool) – Hot water show!
(Wonderful water show) – Of course the first place!
(First place jump) (A rose for you)
(The first game) ~ ~~ -You just need to answer it.
(The different strenght between the opposite team) (Like Park Taehwan’s skill, Taewoo team win) (A rose for you)
(Second game) (Even with Jinsung’s sabotage) (With Taekhyeon’s active play, Seunghwan team win) (A rose for you)
(Last game) – Slowly! Slowly!
(Seunghwan who stopped Taewoo’s move) (With a good strategy) (Seunghwan team also win the last game!) (SeungHwan team wins the first round) -What are we doing that we have to wear this? – Because of new mission. (Idol’s icon, H.O.T national song ‘Candy’) ( Transformed to the most HOT fashion) – Aren’t you cold, Doyum? -No. I don’t know what cold is. (True-blue fashion SWAG) (True-blue fashion is people’s basic item) – But really, what are we going to do wearing this? – What are we going to do with this outfit? -Let’s go in! – Please come in. -Woah… What? (The thing that suprised everyone is?) – Ah it hurts! -Why is it painful? – Ah, why.. (As you know it’s acupressure mat) – Ah wait… wait… (It’s my first time seeing an acupressure mat in my life) – Hey don’t press on me!
– Ah I really can’t go. -The acupressure mat is really shocking. -I thought that it wouldn’t hurt, – But it really hurts so badly. – Ok, everybody stay calm – This is good for your health! – Wah, this really not even one isn’t hurt. – I’m aging.
(Jung Taekhyeon (03 liner)
1THE9 youngest) – First of all, we are here now because for the fans. – Let’s see what fans wish! What’s wish they sent? – “I want to see members play zombie with pajamas.” – Zombie game.
– Do you know it? – But because there’s an acupressure mate it’s hurt. – Now you are like this with retro look because of the fans wish. – Is there more, Chaeyeon? – Yes. “I want to see members do the shout in the silence together.” – Today, in this moment… – We will go back to the past. – There’s a teleportation through the space, right. – The “JJAK” thing “JJAK” feeling. – We will move coolly. – Everyone jump… (Wait… What will we do…???) – Right here?
– Yes yes. – Seems like Seunghwan really surprised. – Okay, we will do the cool jump. (The game in 1THE9 memory is like wind~!) (A hard-to-go thrill goes through the body) – We will explain the game now. – Catch the zombie on the acupressure mat. – There’s some rules. What is the rules? – 1st, one of the attacker team will used an eye patch, – and 4 person from the defense team will be on acupressure mat. – From the whistle blow, in 100 seconds the defense team shouldn’t get touched by the attacker team. – Good. Is there a team name now? -Szechuan-style black bean sauce noodles?
-Oh is it Szechuan-style black bean sauce noodles? -Why is the team name like this?
-Because we want to eat it -We will be Scarecrow team – Now, the two teams please come forward – Ya, we can do it! Let’s do it! – We are not playing rock paper scissors with our hands. (So?) – You need to jump and do rock paper scissors. -Let’s see who is going to succeed first. Let’s go. -Scissors paper stone! – Stone wins! -I’m sorry – No, you have done well. – 1,2,3… defense! -Defense! -Before we start, you need to… – Remove your socks that protects you. – Remove it quickly.
– Do we remove it now? -I already feel like I am getting healthier. -Ah wait wait! -Wow wait, it’s really different.
– So painful. (Hyung, it’s so painful) -You can’t sit. Yechan you can’t sit. – You can not sit. -Where did the Queen passion go? – That’s right! – Ok, -Szechuan-style black bean sauce noodles -Who is catching? -I’ll do it I’ll not protect my body We need to put our lives into this -Wow Yechan is – We should life of death. (Let’s have a fight!) – Wah wah, what is this? – Ya, Yechan come forward. – Ah, mom… It’s really hard to be an idol… – Your eyes are awake?
– Yes, it’s awake fully! (Jinsung who adapting to the acupressure mat) – Feeling it. The members feeling it now. – Wah, Jinsung looks fine here. – The time is 100 seconds. – We will give you 100 seconds. It’s not start yet. – Go to right front!
– To the front! – No, stop stop stop! – Go to the back! They are at the back! – Run!
– On the left! Left! (About to catch Doyum) – Wah, he really fast. Doyum hyung. (Scarecrow team who get out here and there from Seunghwan) – Doyum! Doyum! Doyum! Catch him!
(The scream of stuffy heart) – That’s right! This strategy is good! – The spider form is good! The spider!
(Spiderman is come) (But the catcher isn’t enough to the fast Doyum) – You can’t catch him!
– Go back! Go back!
(Of course the ace, Doyum) – Hyung, they’re at the back. – Right! Go to the front! In front of you! (Spider zombie who catch rushly) – Jung Jinsung eliminated!
– Jinsung is eliminated! You eliminated one! (Remaining 3 person) – It has been one minute. (There’s no much time left) (Seunghwan zombie who work all out on the acupressure mat with four legs) (Doyum who doesn’t care and escape freely) – Go to the left a bit.
– Okay. ( Line out!) – Failed!
– Eliminated!
(You’re out if you go out of the mat!) – Taewoo eliminated! – Now, it’s 2 more left!
(A sudden discharge of physical strenght) – Who are you? Who are you? – Yongha is down. – Go to the back!
– Quickly! – There’s no much time left.
(7 seconds left) – Can he catched Yongha!? (Time is out) (Sadly, Seunghwan didn’t caught Yongha) – Great!
– Our Yongha is great! – Yongha was at the end of the wall, if you kept run to the wall, – You will able to catch Yongha. – The time save him. – Good job. We can do it! – Now, scarecrow team?
– Yes.
– Who will be the catcher? – I’ll do it!
– Of course… – Doyum…
(The zombie is painless prince Doyum, challenge) – Doyum will fly lightly. (Doyum doesn’t care even it’s an acupressure mat) (Doyum who usually brags about his quick movement and will) – It scarier to used the blindfold. -Lets start, 100 seconds everyone! -100 seconds
-Ready -Start
-Left -Straight
-No, left! -Just go straight -That’s right!
(Taekhyun eliminated) -That’s right, just go straight
-No, left -That’s right -Opposite side -Wow Doyum really runs well -Right right right, then left -Now, the time is passing -In front, left -Left -That’s right -Ok, he caught two members -At the back (OMG, Doyum is a bit scary…) -Go straight
-No, to the right (To escape from ace Doyum, you need to run a bit…) -Here, here -Hey keep quiet -Time is running out -Now we left 1 member – Are we going for an all kill?
(Seunghwan is the only surviver left) -Left left -Now, it’s the battle of pride -Left left -No, turn around – No, not there! 5, 4… – All kill! – Doyum is great! – Definitely the ace!
– You did well! – This is my friend. – But it’s really dizzy (The losers has nothing to say) – Ok, so now the 1 point… -Goes to the scarecrow team! – Now the loser for this round has to do a dance party on the acupressure mat -The scarecrow team can just watch it.
-Okay! -The losers please come up to the acupressure mat -How do we dance on that?
– Please come forward. – Don’t dance lightly, you have to dance seriously – Okay we understand. -Wow, it’s really going to hurt -Wow, wait – That’s right!
– Go in front! Run! (The acupressure mat stage is more thrilling(?) than the final stage) – Cutely! Cutely! (So funny) (Our song wasn’t this long…) (Their screams up! up! as the stage continues.) – Move forward. Yechan-ah! (Completes their punishment without giving up) – So now the points is 1 to 1 – Let’s clean up (1THE9 helping to clean the acupressure mats
after the game) (For the staffs who have work hard with them) (Now we look forward to the future of 1THE9) (3rd round last game) (The representative game of families) – Shout in silence game (Looking forward) – All members except the first member – has to wear headphones with music playing
on maximum volume – while standing looking at each other’s back. – When the word is given… – explain it to the next person. (The team who gets 2 questions right first wins!) -Now there’s a headset in front, can Taewoo take one? – Yes I got it. – Please wear it, the music will turned on now. – Please play the music
– Let’s check if he can hear us. (This is variety)
– Ok, how’s Taewoo? – How is he? He’s the eldest. (Fast response)
– Nowadays, as a hyung… (Doesn’t grasp the situation)
– Is he only just like that? – As hyung he is good but do you have anything
you would like him to change?
– He talks too much! – He talks too much. – Ok and Jinsung?… – Taewoo recently dyed his hair nicely
– He acts carelessly a lot (This is a praise, right?)
– You said my hair is nice? – Yes, looks good
– He said your hair is dyed nicely – Doyum?
– Hyung nowadays… – acts carelessly a lot
-You love me? (Kim Taewoo: Talkative eldest Hyung who fools
around after dyeing his hair nicely) (Faking) – Taewoo, please take off your headphones – Can Doyum please wear it? (Uneasy)
– Wow – Doyum works hard as a member but
does he have a weakness? (Ah, so was it like this just now?) (Let’s see.) (Unpredictable)
– Their expressions… – Shall our youngest say something? – Sungwon just say whatever you want
– 1st place… proud 1st place guy (Careful)
– 1st place… proud 1st place (Our youngest did well) (Uneasy/anxious) (Joking) (Members who are cheering as one for
1st place Doyum) (It was a meaningful time. End of
calming nerves time.) (Now its the time for the game)
– Now can the other team… – move to the side – I can hear the music from here – Wow, it’s strong – What music is this?
– That is Boom’s “Let me play”. – My song. Please look here.
(Ah…! Your song!) – Now, the question! (Black bean noodles team’s first challenge)
– 10 seconds! let’s go! (Ariana Grande) (Confident Yechan)
– This is easy (Fluently)
– Ariana Grande (Ideal type confession)
– Irene?
(Me?) (Me?)
(Yechan who speaks one character at the time) (Yechan who speaks one character at the time) (Eyes shaking)
– Newborn baby? (How did newborn baby appear here?) – Okay, move on.
– Follow me, ah… (Junseo saying it out boldly)
– Say it one letter at a time. – Simple
(They are so funny) – Move on (Lastly, conveying it to Seunghwan)- Simple (The word that doesn’t exist in the dictionary)
– Daddaeddaegi? – Simple!
-Newborn baby! (Shouts)
– Newborn baby! – What is it?
– Newborn baby – What is it?
– Simple
– Newborn baby (Why did newborn baby appear?)
– Ariana Grande – Who said newborn baby?) (Finding the culprit)
– Who said newborn baby? – How did ‘Ariana Grande’ become ‘newborn baby’? (Scarecrow’s team challenge) – Just now on the massage mat – They took 1 point, now we have to take it
– Oh yes, we have to work hard – Like Yechan… -We need to open our mouths big. (To match numbers with black bean noodles
team, Chaeyeon joins for this round) – If you get the pronunciation correctly,
it’s easy to score. – This is easy. (Cute)
– You can’t do aegyo here. (For Doyum to understand, Yongha is
stretching his face) (Yongha mum who is trying to explain slowly to Doyum who is still speaking like a baby) (early education success?) – Yongha Hyung is getting angry? – What’s wrong with you?
(I really don’t understand any thing at all) -Ok, let’s carry on.
– Croissant! (Why can’t you say it?)
– Say croissant!
(He ordered him.) – Do it do it!
– He ordered him. (The eye expression of Doyum
with no confidence) – Kegu keep it up?
– Kegu keep it up…
(Sorry… I don’t know too…) – Kegu keep it up… – Ok next (what is this word?)
– Kegu Keep it up… – Kegu keep it up… kegu keep it up…
– Ah, ambulance? (Now it’s the time to pass down ‘Kegu keep it up) (What’s this?)
– Kukudas (The reaction to the similiar answer) (Say it I’m ready!) (I got it!)
-Mudfish! (Can’t hear) (Don’t misunderstand. This is definitely not a product advertisement) – Okay, the answer is? Open! (Doesn’t know it’s the wrong answer. Confidence level 10,000%) -Croissant – It is croissant – We need to change Doyum, he’s bad at this – I’m sorry… – Show the question (Chestnut bread) – Chestnut bread (Not headphones but earmuffs) – Bam~
– Bab (rice) (Right!) -Chestnut
-Bread! -Chestnut
-Bread! – The order doesn’t work. (No, it’s not like this) -Chestnut bread (What? How did they get it right?) – Sungwon is cute -Ring
-Chestnut (What do we do with Sungwon) (What I want to eat)
– Snack ( Incorrect answer relay) (What exactly are you saying?) (Self slow motion) (Is it right?) -Ok the answer! (Plea…se…) (Don’t… Don’t say) -Alright, the first success… -Please come forward – I was thiking what words did you said~ (Doesn’t know but got it correct)
– But what is chestnut bread? – It’s bread with chestnut inside.
– Oh, really? (It’s easy, right?) (Please guess this question together!) (Huh? Right after hearing once?) – What you say? – Kimchi fried rice? – Kimchi fried rice (Foreign pronunciation) – Kimchi fried rice – Kimchi fried rice -Kimchi fried rice! – Okay kimchi fried rice -Kimchi fried rice – What are you doing? Shrimp fried rice. (Answer: Shrimp fried rice) -Prawn fried rice. No… (A miracle that changed shrimp to kimchi) (Unfair!)
– You said CHI (Nonsense)
– I said shrimp fried rice. – Yongha, are you from overseas? (Breaking news: 1THE9 foreign member recruited) -Ah what a shame (The game ends if they get this question right) – Start
(Justin Bieber) -Just -Tin
-Bieber -Justin Bieber -Bieber
-Justin Bieber! -Bieber
-Beaver beaver -Ah Justin Bieber! (Sungwon’s zone: Interval of haemorrhage) (How did 5 letters become 4) (Sungwon addicted) -Justin Bieber
-Tipper Goddess -Justin Bieber
-Justin beaver -Justin Bieber (Our maknae did well~~!!) -Justin Bieber -What are you talking about?
-JEO! – Okay, the answer is? Open!
(Okay… so this is the answer) – Ok, Taekyeon
(What could be Taekyeon’s answer?) (Please…!!) (The final winner is the black bean noodles team) – You have done well! -After godness pipper you immediately changed to Justin Bieber. – Let’s clap for them (Coin status) (First night in Wonderland
after the big round of game ended) (Members who change to wear pajama) (To who Taewoo lovely calling?!) (Calling the moving camera) -What are you doing? – Hey hey hey
(The sensitive 18 year old for his snacks) (Childish)
– Let it go. Eat the ones in your room. (Sad)
– This is my room… (Heart hurts)
– Oh, sorry. (Maknae #1 receiving love today)
– I thought you were from another room. (Maknae #2 who is alone) (Jinsung getting closer as soon as
he sees him) (Somewhat tired) (Auto cam that can’t miss this interaction) – What are you looking at? (Hide and seek starts) (Moving towards Sungwon…) – Let’s go there. (For instance Taekhyeon // Unlike anyone else, they’re chummy. – Come here. (Rice cake duo Jinsung and Sungwon who can’t
stay apart even for a while.) (Actually the two of them…) (Today, after playing in the pool)
– Sungwon-ah, do you want to go on a date with me? (Enjoying their stroll)
-There’s sunlight, why are you wearing pyjamas – alone, like…
– It’s like New York (New York sentiments // Pajama fashion) (You called me?) (Found something)
– Last time…
– Sundial? (Suddenly, feeling is sundial?!) – What?
– It’s not. (A relief they know it’s wrong) – It’s good to do that here…
How many chairs are there? 1, 2, 3… (1THE(‘s campfire coming soon~) – What’s this? Restaurant?
– I think it’s a cafe. (Wandering at the yard feat. holding hands)
– I think it’s a cafe. – Actually, the two of us go to the cafe a lot. – Hobby…
– We go around more than 10 times in a week. (Hobbies, personalities etc. rice cake duo who
shares a lot of similarities) (Holding hands are a must) (Q.What is Jung Jinsung to Sungwon?)
– Amongst the members, he is someone I am – most comfortable with and someone
I can confide in? (Brothers with good relationship who are
always together)
– Almost – We’re almost always together. (Auto cam that is yet to be over)
– Nods! (Next training)
– Shake (Success)
– Faster (Shaking 2x faster training success) – I love you (This time a high difficulty level training) – The director is doing that. (Is auto cam a human robot?) – Right? – It’s the cam PD who did that, right? (Miracle communication with auto cam) (Shake if you’re not a robot) – See, it’s not a robot
– No, it’s lying. – It’s cam PD.
– Oh, really? – I’m sorry. (Fast apology // Sorry for bothering.)
– Sorry. (Hidden smile as he doesn’t misbelieve)
– Director?
-Sorry. (Nods)
– Are you the director? (Shakes)
– It says no.
– Of course it would say no. (Like this, auto cam left a mystery behind.)
– Are you the director? (Body wiggles out of curiosity) – Seunghwan-ah, help me with my skin.
(Translation: Lend me your skin lotion.) (Just now, there was someone who borrowed
from Seunghwan too?) – Seunghwan hyung~
(That time on the midday) (Thanks to him, Sungwon was able to
enter the pool) (Hyung, thank you.) (He become cosmetics fairy to Yongha) (Seunghwan spraying generously) (Until where this man bundle pro) (During the relay mission) – I will surrender the wet tissue. – Band-aid – Scissors.
(Why is he carrying a scissors around?) (Q.There is nothing lacking in your bag…?)
– I’m very…. (Wanting to say something) – What do you call someone who brings
everything…? – I have a personality where I just bring everything – I tend to bring just everything – You’ll never know when you need it. – It might come in handy. So my bag becomes really heavy. – My bag is like my personality. (Seunghwan’s next item) – Anyone wants vitamin?
– Me. (1THE9’s sharing fairy) (Acknowledge this man’s preparation skills) (Taking care of the members’ health) (The energy comes after eat the vitamin) (Yongha the big brother who hugs Jinsung) – Ah, what are you doing hyung~? (Members who are enjoying the night) (Junseo entering Doyum’s room who is
about to sleep.)
– Why did you come? – I want a massage from Junseo-hyung.
(Translation Please give me a massage) – Turn over. (The body feels the refreshing(?) feels) – I’m going to hospital… – It’s like a disease for dancers. Can’t help it. (My body’s like my mom’s) (Even a scalp massage. Delivering you a
full course, dear customer) – Done! Get up! – Thank you.
(Junseo’s massage for doyum ends) ( A message for 1THE9 arrived) – Now it’s the time to recommend leader candidates you want. – Please come to 1THE ROOM and give your recommendation. – Leader? (Members who concern about it seriously) – The leader… – Will lead us for 17 months. Don’t play with who you will choose!
– Yes~ – I have thought about it lately. – What should I do… – Our precious 1THE9 leader… (Members come in order to organize their thoughts) (What kind of leader that members want?) – Application for 1THE9 leader candidate. – I’m… – usually thought want to do it. – Because… – compared to the members, I’ve been a bit long as a trainee. – I have the mental, – I thought I can help them… (Indeed Yechan will support the leader?) – I… come to give a recommendation. (Taekhyeon’s recommendation is?) – We kept have conversation since UNDER19 – So… If this hyung debuting, – I thought a lot that it’s good if this hyung become the team leader. – I… definitely recommend him. – He has the leadership, – He takes care of the younger well. – Also, because we’re in the comfortable zone now, – we have talk about it and I thought he can take that role… – I recommend him. – Who is your recommendation? – I will not say it.
– Why don’t you say it~? – Hyung, what do you think if one of the maknae line become the leader? – For me, among the 9 members, as long I can trust and follow him… – Even he is the maknae, I’ll follow him. – You right… – To the future 1THE9 leader, – First, It will be good if he don’t suspend the meal time. – We should practice, but because of meal we can get the energy… -Dancing or singing? -When we practice we do it properly and when we play we rest well – Doing things and playing at the correct time
(Leader who does things at the correct place and time) -Being serious when supposed to be serious and having fun together when it is fun… – It would be good to have a leader like that -I really like our team
-Me too -Anyway we have to show a good image of us -I hope he won’t have to take all the responsibility and shoulder all the burden himself (Promise to be a reliable member next to the leader because 9 people are together in this) (Who will be the leader to lead 1THE9?) (The recommendation process to select the leader is over) -Goodnight bye
(Goodnight camera) (Sungwon is the 1st to wake up (Feat. attached doll) (What time is it now?) (Yes, he is maknae Taekhyun)
(Who… is this?) (Let me sleep a little more)
(Back to the dream world with the doll) (5 minutes more~) (What is the message?)
(Quickly waking Junseo up) -Wake Sungwon -Jinsung is missing -We need to quickly find Jinsung -Everybody wasn’t getting the situation well because we just woke up -If we have handphones we… -Could quickly find him but we have no handphones -It was confusing -Let’s go find Jinsung quickly because he’s not here (Everyone, Jung Jinsung disappeared 30 minutes ago) (From now on, split into teams figure out the clues and fiind Jung Jinsung) -Apple or watermelon -Depending on which team you choose the difficulties of the missions can be very different) -For now let’s split into 2 teams -Ok, who wants to join watermelon team -My hand is up -I think there will be something if we go outside so let’s quickly go out (The first team to depart is?) (Watermelon team)
(We can’t lose!) -Where did Jinsung go, Jinsung! -Jinsung ah
(The name Jinsung that we call out together) -Where could this place be?
-Ppang Ppang duck~
(Where are you Ppang Ppang Duck?) -Jinsung ah, I have brought you chocolate, come out quickly
-Will he really come out? -Because he wants to eat chocolate
-It is possible because it’s Jinsung -What could apples mean?
(Apple team in the midst of discussing) -But now we can’t grow apples
-But if we go there… -There’s a green house
(The greenhouse that’s in Yechan’s radar) -Maybe they are growing apples in there
(Meaning apples can be grown in the greenhouse) -But there’s nothing here? -Everybody, I’m sorry -Really?
-Then it must be around here (Going long distances to find Jinsung…) -Here, here -It’s here!
(Sungwon who found a map) -The apple house is here
-That means the apple house is nearby (What did the Ace discover again) -There’s the Snow White book here -Oh what
-I found it -Is it okay if we have only 1 book?
-But the apple comes out in Snow White -Maybe there’s something in here?
(shakes) -Let’s go first, Jinsung ah…
(There’s no time to waste, lets go in) -What, what there’s something here
(What did they find again?) – 78? Just by seeing it it’s obvious we have to solve this -So there should be something here
-There’s something here too
(Nice catch, Sungwon who has a good feeling today) -What? Bring it here.
(Korean vowels and consonants written on a piece of paper) (What is written on this item?) -Give me
-Ganadalamabasa (Reciting korean alphabets)
-So we.. -Let’s match the numbers together… -and combine them, I think a clue will come out
(Combine these clues) -But the paper is torn… we have to
(Meaning you have to open the bag to find Jinsung?) -We need to find the torn paper
(Yechan’s reasoning that’s shining today) -Page 78?
(The torn paper in page 78 of Snow White?) -Oh page 78
(If it is not that…) (Resenting)
-Why is this torn too? -Ah but why is this here?
(Will they find out the meaning of the number on the torn paper?) -Is there a place like this?
-Where are we going? -Are they going to kidnap us? -Do you really think that we are coming to this place for them to kidnap us? -It’s over
(Watermelon team on the road with many questions) -Hey this
-Watermelon book? -Watermelon book
-We found a watermelon book
(Why is there a book here?) -Does Jinsung like watermelon?
-Jinsung… -Likes everything -We chose watermelon, and there’s a watermelon book here -I think this is right
-There must be some sort of evidence in here -There should be something if we go inside
(The clue that would help to find Jinsung) -Let’s take this with us and go inside -Quickly, we need to find Jinsung
(Where exactly could Jinsung be?) -What is this place? -I don’t know, in here…
(There should be clues in here) -The clues we can find here…
-Jinsung ah…
(Let’s find Jinsung first) -Are you sleeping somewhere? (Junseo searches from the 2nd floor) -Hey guys, there’s something here (Taewoo who has been searching in the living room) (Found a locked bag) -Hey guys, there’s something here (and) -This is sudoku?
(Sudoku) -We need to solve this… ah
(The 3 yellow empty spaces is the password for the lock) -The password is 3 numbers -Like this and like that… -Ah we just need to find the numbers
(Seems like they know how to play sudoku) (1 column fits numbers 1-9)
(1 box fits numbers 1-9) -2…3 (Checking from the missing numbers) (The hand that doesn’t know what to do) -But there’s 9 here
-Ah, so 9 is here -No, but it could be here too… -Look here, it’s not here (Sudoku is more difficult than we thought) -We can’t put this here -This is orignally difficult
(We are really bad at this) -This mission would be easy if we have Yechan
(Suddenly we miss you… Yechan) (Yechan is also having a headache over the torn paper) -Why are we doing this in the morning?
-Wow, really difficult
(When apple team is stuck in a maze) -If I have 11500won…
(The answer must be inside here) (There’s a number here) -What
-Let me see -There’s another 2 numbers in front -Wow you’re really smart – Actually in the movies, I…
(Colouring over the hint Sungwon passed over using a pencil) -It’s 6478 -It’s opened!
(Finally the bag opened) (The tablet that is in the bag) -That… tablet
(Please enter the answer) -Please enter the answer
-6478~ -No, because this is already 6478 and we have that -We need to find the answer using that (Watermelon team who are in the hell of numbers) -It could be here…
(Solved 2 numbers in 20 minutes…) -Look here look here
-But it is not here -We might not be able to save Jinsung
(We are okay like this) -If we keep this up we can’t save him -I’ll enter 6478
-It is not -Why -We enter 6478 in here
(6478 is only the password, the answer is somewhere else) -There’s something like a clock for the answer
(I think we should do something with this) (Taekyeon who is finding more clues around him) -What could we use?
(No wonder) (Suspicious) -We can use that
(Taekhyun going to the clock like he’s possessed) -Let’s see (Why suddenly the clock?) -I think it has something to do with the clock -Clock…
(I came with confidence)
(Is this the hint?) -What is this? Is there no battery in it? If there’s no battery does it mean the clue is where the time stops?
(Seunghwan’s sharp reasoning) -Don’t you think we need to put these together?
(Match the time with the clock with korean alphabets) -36… 37 minutes -usually how do we tell time? -The hours, the minutes and the seconds right? -Then a word will come out
(Hours minutes seconds=1 word) -It looks like it’s a jieut -Jieut -Jat? Jat or jap? -Jap is a job and… -Jat is grain, right?
(For now let’s enter Jat first) – Wow, Gapyeongup
(The address sent to apple team)
(We actually solved it…) -Gaypeongup! (Let’s go to Jinsung!) -If we go there we will be able to see Jinsung
-We should do like this
(We are 1THE9’s brain) -To be honest, they won’t be able to solve it without me really, so really…
(Happy) -I am the ace -Let’s go quickly x2 -Ah there’s a car over there
(We can’t lose to watermelon team) -We need to arrive earlier than watermelon team
-Don’t you think watermelon team already there? (Meanwhile) -2 doesn’t work, 3 doesn’t work (After 40 minutes, they are losing their last bit of focus) -Because of Jinsung, we are using our brains for a long time – 1,7,9 is left -If there is 7 here, then 7 can’t fit here
(Doyum’s reasoning) -If there’s 7 here, 7 can’t fit here (Correct?) (Yongha who is looking closely) -7 belongs here, right? -This is 7, 7 is here
(Yongha who knows that the yellow box is 7) – You.Did.Well.Yong.Ha
-Oh yes
(smiles after receiving compliments) -I’ll try opening the box
(Shall stop using the brain) -You think it won’t work?
(Can’t find Jinsung who left and believed only you) -1,3,8? 1,3,8.
(Starting on the road of luck) (I am going to try all the combinations that works with 7) (The trio that decided to use their brains)
(We still have a long way to go) -This is confusing
(Is the number me~ or am I the number~) -What’s left? 1.
(Actually the team’s hope is…) (Gave up on using brains, battling with the lock 1 on 1) (My hands are faster than my brain)
(Watermelon team doing their best in their various aspects) – 8 doesn’t fit here (Anyone, win me) -Oh, I opened it -What?
(Surprised) (Real?) -What how did you open this
(Yongha overcomes this difficult road) (Hands faster than brain)
(Doyum’s hand stops in vain) -When we… -are using our brains, Yongha… -Opened the lock with his body
(Like this, watermelon team proves that they are good at using their bodies) -What?
(The bag is finally opened after an hour) -We show people our ability using our bodies
-Let’s not use our brains
-How did you do it? -I tried all the combinations… -Using the number 7
-So what’s the password? -I don’t know -247. It is 247.
(The password that is not even known by the person who solved it is 247) -So what do we have to do now?
(The korean alphabets board that comes with the tablet inside the box) -This -Don’t we have to put these together? (Watermelon team is getting more relaxed after the crisis) -If you see this…
-it looks like Jat (Watermelon team makes a correct deduction too) -Let’s enter Jat…
(Watermelon team enters “Jat” into the tablet) -into the tablet
-I think the answer will be out (Wondermaker’s answer is here!) (Reading the address)
-Will there be Mr Jat if we go there?
(The answer for the question arrives) -Ok let’s go
(What connection does Jinsung have with the address and “jat”?) -It would be nice if there’s no more missions that will make us use our brains -But how did Yongha hyung solve it? I thought you would take a long time to solve it. -I just used my body to open it
-Then from now on let’s use our body to do all our missions (The question at this moment is where is Jinsung?) -Where could he be, that we have to do all this? (Apple team in the midst of celebrating) -I think everyone contributed to the success of the mission
– I contributed a lot -Yes, you contributed a lot
-Sungwon contributed a lot too -I was shocked by Sungwon
-Without 6478, we will be…
(Hyungs are surprised by Sungwon’s contribution) -not able to open the bag
(Hoot ~ it’s me) -What did I do
-Hyung didn’t do anything -Ah hyung did something! -You go around with the tablet right? -Ah this…
-A porter a porter
(Yechan=A porter) -I sent the answer
-But why is “Jat” the right answer?)
(I sent the message at the end) -Can “Jat” suddenly appear?
-I know right
(Somehow there’s a reason for this) -Do we use “Jat” in the next misson?
(Does it have a connection to the next hint?) -Let’s just keep this in mind first
-Yes, we need to think about this -Yes, we have to take this seriously
-Oh wait… -Following what we chose, the…
(The difficulty of the questions is different by what is chosen) -difficulty is different
-It’s obvious we got the more difficult question -No, actually I think we got an easy question
-Don’t you think it’s too easy? -Over there, there’s Taewoo hyung
(In the midst of analyzing the other team) -Junseo… -Doyum
-Yongha hyung
-From what I see… -They are not the kind of people who uses their brains well -Wow we are really bad at this
(Self frustration) -They work with their bodies
(Watermelon team whose brains are bad) -If they get a similar question than us… -They are definitely behind us (Of course our team is the brain) -Seriously don’t you think the apple team has already done 2 or 3 missions? -If the game involves using our bodies, we will be better at it -Taewoo and Junseo is here and Doyum
(We are stronger in doing physical stuff than using our brains) -is good at using his body
-For me… -I’m somewhat like a cheerleader (aigo) (Where ever we go let’s find Jinsung first) -Okay, fighting -You have arrived at the location
(Jisung who disappeared has appeared) (Moving somewhere in secret) -Who does all this early in the morning? -The rest of the 8 members… -are probably sleeping right?
(Where’s Jinsung going after leaving a pointless remark?) -He’s there
(The questionable man wearing a mask?) -Hello! (Attempting to walk over carefully in secret) -But I got a mission in the morning… (Where) -We arrived
(Is this place?) -Where is Jinsung?
(As expected, the watermelon team arrives second) -Where?
(Finally Jinsung is discovered?) (Jinsung’s secret mission) (And the future that is about to unfold for the 2 teams) -I think our next mission is here
(Is this the place Jinsung is at?) -Ah wait… -And…
(aaaaaaaaaaak) -I didn’t think that we were going to ride on that -I thought I was going crazy really – I have a serious fear of heights -My legs went weak -I just sat there helpless
-Everyone, in this place… -there are clues about Jinsung -About Jinsung?
-To get the hint…
(Clues about Jinsung who disappeared?) -You have to go up there (Oh my god)
-What is this? Why are you doing this? -If you don’t go up… -you’ll have to give up on Jinsung
-Let’s give up then! (You will not be forgotten, Jinsung) -For now let’s go up to see first – We will give up only if we have to ride on it -Ah, I’m really sorry
-For now let’s go up first
(Apologizing first?) -Let’s go and see let’s go now and see
-Yes -Ah, I’m really scared of that
(We will be okay right?) (Wearing equipment for their first bungee jump) (1 equipment 1 sigh) (shaking)
-Jinsung ah, for you, we are doing this… -You should be really thankful hyung
-For you, we are doing this…
(To Jinsung who disappeared) -We are going through… -tough times -When we are together, please be nice to us… -Okay…?
-Please listen to us well (The elevator that goes up to the bungee jumping area) (Welcome to bungee hell) -Bye… -Wait… I I I, wait seriously wait -Are you crying? Don’t cry
(On the verge of crying) -Close your eyes
(I really have a serious fear of heights…) -I really have a serious fear for heights
(Arrived) (The young boys) (are you ready for the thrill…) (The 50m height that makes people dizzy) (The extreme thrill that can be felt over here) -Wow wait
-Seriously so scary
(The coldhearted elevator that’s going down) (The situation where they can’t backout) -JUNG JINSUNG! -What do I have to do to receive the clue? -The clue is below (2 keywords will be shown for 5 second when doing the bungee jump) -Who is going to save Jinsung?
(Who is the first member to take a challenge?) -The oldest goes first -Who is the oldest? It’s not me! -I’ll do it
(Yechan musters up courage and moves forward) (The firm resolution falls apart in 3 seconds) – Ah really really I feel like my heart is going to explode
(50 meters high) -Ah… I want to see my mum… (Mum…) (Is the world originally like this…) (My soul has ran away) -Let me rearrange my thoughts for awhile (Yechan keeping calm) (The little brothers who are supporting Yechan)
-Hyung, thank you for all the time spent together (Be well)
-I’m thankful to you too
– Yes, hyung leave well -We, as 1THE8(?) (Cant hear anything you’re saying)
(Serious mode) -Come here -This is the first time I have seen Yechan so serious
(But a while later) -Please let me prepare emotionally
-You really cannot push me please -You really can’t push me okay?
(Sungwon is also standing at the bungee jump talking…) -JUNG JINSUNG!!!
(I’m going to hate you Jinsung hyung) (Yechan who came up to the foothold for bungee jumping) -We can’t do anything about this, Yechan fighting! -Look far away
(Stay strong)
(The anxiousness that is heart stopping) (Can Yechan succeed at the bungee jump?) (Following today, the maknae who misses Jinsung hyung and…) (Why, it’s fun) -It’s Jung Jinsung
(Who will be the team that finds Jinsung first?)

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