16 thoughts on “[한글자막] Playing Volleyball in Korea: Tournament #3!”

  1. Just because some of these were mentioned a lot in my previous volleyball tournament video:

    -We are all full-time teachers (ATV = Andong Teachers Volleyball) that get together twice a week to practice and play for fun.
    -Yes, women (amateur?) teams play with a lowered net.
    -Yes, we play with more people than usual – it actually went down from 9 to now 7 players.
    -Yes, we also have no libero.
    *The purpose of this video is to celebrate the fun and good times, so of course I edited it to include mostly our scoring plays. I have a separately edited video for our members that include all of our mistakes so we can learn from them and improve. If I included every single shot, this video would've been 20+ minutes long!

  2. I like the music in this one with the soda can opening sound effect lol. Your soju eonni is a beast pounding two shot glasses at once, damn! Good luck in future tourneys, I'm sure with more practice you guys will be up there with the best of them!

  3. You should do an IRL stream one day! Would be nice to see a live experience of a day in your life. Great video by the way, looked like high spirits and good fun, made me smile. Hehe

  4. The World Cup final; the final of Wimbledon AND a video of ATV all on the same afternoon? What a time to be alive 😉

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  6. Hello Abby!! I know this is a random question but I’m really curious:) when’s your bday? It would be nice if you’d answer it’s ok if u can’t too:) have a great day l!!

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