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?Father encourages suicide! * 106yr-old bride! * Cheerleader sues NFL! * Trump Vs Arnold! * #DDWN

?Father encourages suicide! * 106yr-old bride! * Cheerleader sues NFL! * Trump Vs Arnold! * #DDWN

I’m Darren Marlar from,
and this is your Daily Dose of Weird News! Police in Atlantic City say two local residents
stuffed toll baskets on the Atlantic City Expressway with material designed to keep
coins from going in, then came back later to steal the money that accumulated. Problem was, they kind of forgot about the
security cameras that filmed their every move! So, police arrested 54-year-old Angela Freeman-Poles
and 57-year-old Aljah Reaves and charged them with theft for tampering with the tolls and
stealing the money. ***Gee, I hope they collected enough for a
good lawyer.  During his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast
on Thursday, President Trump attacked Arnold Schwarzenegger, who replaced him on “The Apprentice.” Trump said: “They hired a big, big movie star
Arnold Schwarzenegger to take my place, and we know how that turned out. The ratings went right down the tubes, it’s
been a total disaster.”  ***Why not just have Trump do both?  Lead the free world… and fire Snooki?   
 Scientists have discovered a long-lost continent under the Indian Ocean. ***The most surprising part had to be the
ruins of an ancient Starbucks.  
Hillary Clinton will be the 2017 commencement speaker at Wellesley College.  ***”Hello graduates… I’m here to inspire you. I went to tell you how I, Hillary Rodham Clinton
ran for President of the United States… twice… and lost both times!” In Brazil, the ‘world’s oldest fiancée got
engaged at the age of 106 to her 66-year-old boyfriend after they fell in love at first
sight at a Brazilian retirement home.  ***A 106-year-old cougar!  She’s forty years older than her groom!  Do these winter-winter romances ever last?  
The pastor of a largely immigrant Catholic Church in Queens, New York, has a suggestion
for his anti-Trump parishioners: take a flying leap off the nearest building. Father Philip Pizzo posted a meme just hours
after celebrating Mass this week that read: “Show your hate for Trump. Do it for social justice. #JumpAgainstTrump.” The message included an illustration of a
man plummeting from a skyscraper. Pizzo says he just thought the “Jump Against
Trump’’ meme was “funny,” adding: “I do not promote suicide.”  ***Well, except for Hillary voters.  
Sarah Silverman is calling for the military to overthrow Donald Trump. ***Because, as we all know, if the military
respects the opinions of anyone, it’s not-quite-famous unfunny comedians.  A former San Francisco 49ers cheerleader filed
a federal lawsuit alleging NFL executives and team owners conspired to suppress wages
for cheerleaders.  ***But let’s be honest – as a 49ers cheerleader,
her actual time cheering was fairly limited.  
A survey released by Public Policy Polling the finds that 40% of voters want to impeach
President Trump. That number is up from 35% last week.  ***Dear America… you can’t impeach a president
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3 thoughts on “?Father encourages suicide! * 106yr-old bride! * Cheerleader sues NFL! * Trump Vs Arnold! * #DDWN”

  1. I'm with you in regards to sarah silverman.  one of the least funny "comics" I've ever heard.  and seriously — these people should really keep their mouths shut about important things.  they're not very well-informed on these topics and they come off sounding stupid.

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