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10 Athletes You Won’t Believe Exist

10 Athletes You Won’t Believe Exist

• What famous athlete literally drinks his
own pee for health reasons? What professional prizefighter won a knockout
victory while on his deathbed from a terminal kidney disease? From bizarre personalities to unlikely success
stories, here are 10 of the most unusual professional athletes you’ll ever hear about. 10 –Manute Bol
• Manute Bol was a Sudanese basketball player who played in the NBA from 1985 to 1996. • He is best remembered for being the tallest
player in NBA history, standing 7 feet, 7 inches tall, but weighing only 200 pounds. • That stick-figure-like frame was unusual,
but even more unusual is his backstory. The college coach who recruited Bol, Kevin
Mackey of Cleveland State, asked Bol how old he was. Bol had no idea. • So Mackey gave him a birthdate – just
made it up on the spot, making him 23 years old. • Years later, after Bol died in 2010, Mackey
admitted that Bol’s birthdate was made up. According to Mackey, he may have actually
been in his 40s and 50s when he played in college and the NBA, making him by far the
oldest player in history. 9 –Clinton Portis
• Clinton Portis was a very good NFL running back for nine seasons, and if you never saw
him off the field, you’d assume he was just another athlete. • But if you DID see him off the field…
you might not even know who you were looking at. • Portis was well-known for making up bombastic
alter-egos for interviews. • Some of those personalities include: “Choo-Choo,”
his team’s dance instructor, “Dolemite Jenkins,” an obvious Napoleon Dynamite parody,
and “Prime Minister Yah Mon,” a supposed 2008 Presidential hopeful. 8 –John Urschel
• John Urschel was an NFL center who faced a tough choice – he could continue his highly
successful NFL career, or he could pursue his TRUE passion. • See, Urschel wasn’t just a dumb jock. He’s actually a genius. • Between football seasons, he co-wrote
a graduate-level paper on mathematics called “A Cascadic Multigrid Algorithm for Computing
the Fiedler Vector,” and had that paper published in the Journal of Computational
Mathematics. • And then he went back to football, where
he pushed a bunch of people around. • Or at least he did until 2017, when he
retired at the age of 26. With fears about concussions surrounding the
NFL, he didn’t want to jeopardize his future in mathematics, and retired to continue pursuing
his Ph.D from MIT. 7 –Francis Ouimet
• In 1913, golf was a rich man’s game – even more than it is now. • The relatively new European sport was
a hobby of the world’s mega-elite, and the very idea that a COMMONER would play the game
was absurd. • That was until the 1913 U.S. Open, when
20-year-old Francis Ouimet showed up at the Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. • The amateur golfer had initially intended
to be someone else’s caddy, but was instead asked to participate as a player. • The Open went to an 18-hole playoff between
Ouimet and golf legends Harry Vardon and Ted Ray, and Ouimet ended up winning, in one of
the biggest upsets in sports history. • After Ouimet’s victory, the number of
amateur golfers in the United States went from about 350 thousand to over 2 million
over the next decade. 6 –Vince Papale
• Vince Papale is the only person to make an NFL roster after graduating from a college
with no football program. • He was a high-school football coach and
part-time semi-professional wide receiver in the World Football League. • But his standout play got him a tryout
with the Philadelphia Eagles as a special teams player, and he ended up playing three
seasons with them before a shoulder injury ended his career. • The 2006 movie “Invincible” is loosely
about his story. 5 –Lyoto Machida
• Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida isn’t a particularly unusual athlete for the most
part. He’s a fairly standard MMA fighter with
a impressive resume of fights. • But Machida has a fairly unusual habit…
or superstition, perhaps? A health regimen? • Whatever you want to call it, he drinks
his own pee. • Every day. On purpose. He has made Youtube videos of him doing it. He says it’s good for him, but medical evidence
is… inconclusive at best. 4 –Kurt Warner
• Kurt Warner’s rise to stardom is as unlikely as they come. • After being overlooked by every single
top-level college football program in the country, he ended up landing at the University
of Northern Iowa… where he sat on the bench for 3 years before getting one season to play. • Afterwards, he went unselected in the
NFL draft, and took a minimum-wage job stocking shelves at a supermarket at night so he could
spend his daysstaying in shape for when an NFL team came calling. • Eventually, Warner caught on with a semi-pro
team, and then as a backup with the NFL’s Saint Louis Rams. It took him five years to go from grocery
bagger to NFL champion. 3 –Billy Miske
• Billy Miske was a heavyweight prize fighter who fought 105 times despite only living to
the age of 29. • But Miske isn’t notable because he fought
a lot. He’s notable because he was dying for much
of his boxing career. • In 1918, doctors told a 24-year-old Miske
that his kidneys were deteriorating and that he had five years left to live. Obviously, they also told him to stop boxing,
as damage from the fights could make that five years a lot shorter. • Unfortunately, Miske had accumulated about
100 thousand dollars in debts from some bad business deals. Determined not to saddle his family with his
debts, he fought 30 more times, eventually paying back his entire death. • The fight he is best-known for was one
he lined up on November 7th, 1923, his last one. Miske was too sick to train, work out, or
even to get out of bed. But he needed one last fight check to make
sure his family had a good Christmas. • Miske somehow showed up to the ring on
his feet, won the fight in a knockout, showered his family with gifts on Christmas, and died
of kidney failure a week later, on New Years’ Day. 2 –Bill “Spaceman” Lee
• Bill Lee wasn’t called “Spaceman” because he was an astronaut. But as some point, he might have thought he
was. • Spaceman is one of the most bizarre people
ever to play professional baseball, but his weirdness pretty much carried right through
into retirement. • What makes him weird? He was one of the first pro athletes to openly
talk about smoking marijuana, way back in the 1970s. • When asked about what he thinks about
mandatory drug testing, he responded, “I’ve tried just about all of them, but I wouldn’t
want to make it mandatory.” • Afterwards, he continued smoking… and
playing baseball into his 60s. He also ran for president in 1988 on the “Rhinoceros
Party” ticket. And in 2016, he received 2.78% of the vote
as the Liberty Union Party representative running for governor of Vermont. 1 -Dennis Rodman
• If you’ve heard about NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman lately, it’s probably because
he’s one of the only people in the world to make regular trips to North Korea to pal
around with Kim Jong-Un. • But Rodman was into some weird stuff way
before that. He spent much of his career with a constantly-shifting
rainbow for hair. • He famously wore a wedding dress to promote
his book… by announcing he was bisexual and was planning to marry himself. • He later had an affair with Madonna, and
then was married to actress Carmen Electra for about four months. After his basketball career, he went into
professional wrestling for a few years, which kind of made perfect sense. • Knowing the kind of bizarre, impulsive
person Rodman had always been, the North Korea visits are almost sort of mundane by comparison.

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