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10 Best Boxing Gloves of 2015

10 Best Boxing Gloves of 2015

Hello and welcome to Today we are going to be counting down 2015’s
top 10 boxing gloves As rated by our boxing gloves reviews community.
Ranked at its 10th are TOP Kings Superstar Air gloves
Top King’s “AIR” gloves are a true workhorse made for punishing the heavy bag, focus mitts,
or heavy sparring while giving you the peace of mind that your hands and sparring partners
are nice and protected. Due to the padding, these would be great for those practicing
Muay Thai or Western boxing alike. At number 9 we have the Rival RS2V High Performance
sparring gloves. If you’re willing to spend a little more than
you normally would on the average pair of sparring gloves, you’ll be more than glad that you
did. The Rival RS2Vs are trusty pair of gloves and it bound to be your most reliable pair. They will
stick with you throughout the years without breaking down or falling to pieces. At number 8 are the Fairtex BVG1 boxing gloves. The quality and the vibrancy of the leather
is outstanding, it can easily rival the top brands. As a Thai glove these are great especially
for the cheap price point. At number 7 are the Ringside IMF Tech boxing
gloves. If you prefer softer, broken in gloves, it
would be best to skip these. They have great performance, quality, and a very good price point. And you really won’t be disappointed if you try them out. At number 6 are the Boon boxing gloves. Boons work well as either a bag glove, for
pad work, or for sparring with enough padding and wrist support to keep you hitting for extended periods. We’ve received many positive comments about others who have tried we assure you will too if you give them a try. At number 5 we have the Ring to Cage C-17s.
Ring to Cage was very successful in making a cheaper Winning alternative. The overall performance and design truly do match the Winning and it’s great for someone on a budget. At number 4 are the Hayabusa Tokushu boxing gloves. These gloves have incredible performance but
a high price tag. Some areas of the glove feel as though they have low quality materials,
such as the thumb, mesh and logo. And the 3rd place are the Twins BGVL-3 gloves.
They have outstanding padding but maybe at the point being too bulky for some people.
They take time to brake in, and they are perfect for the heavy bag, pad work and the practice
drills with partner. In 2nd place are the Cleto Reyes training
gloves. The hand-made leather designs rival some of
the best brand-names that you can buy on the market. They have minimum front padding, but
are some of the best training gloves that you can buy. Claiming the number 1 spot are the Winning boxing gloves.
These gloves knock the others out of the ring. They have perfect design and performance.
And no other glove can rival its protection its comfort. For more reviews like this visit

20 thoughts on “10 Best Boxing Gloves of 2015”

  1. What do you think about the everlast fighter gloves ? A friend of mine has them so I asked if I could try them on and they feel really comfortable. I also have fairtex gloves they however feel perhaps too wide and sometimes even pains my hand when I try to clinch a fist. The everlasts were 16oz and mine are 14. It just feels like the glove is far too wide especially around the wrist. What are your thoughts on this ?

  2. Could you please include the price and information on the wrist design in future comparisons. For people who do kickboxing or Muay Thai the stiff wrist that gloves like the ones from Twins feature is an absolute must.

  3. Hi – If I'm after a glove that offers me the maximum wrist protection, which would you recommend (regardless of price)? I'm currently using 16oz Everlast Protek gloves and I'm about to throw them in the bin after 4 months.

  4. Lets get the Combat Corner Professional HMIT Champion Boxing gloves tested out and on this list for 2016.

  5. What do you think about Titan boxing gloves? I own a pair and it feels comfortable. pls give me your answr

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  7. Have any one tried Ultimatum Boxing Gloves yet ?

  8. Fairtex is the best glove for muay thai ! Top king and boon are toooooo giant pillowy. Fairtex is nice and compact doesnt feel retarded

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