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#10 Mathare Nairobi – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

#10 Mathare Nairobi – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

[heavy beats, techno music, upbeat] ♪ [slow music, uplifting tribal beats] We are now in Nairobi, in the ghetto. The conditions are… the conditions are terrible. I didn’t expect to see this. ♪ [slow music, uplifting tribal beats] Dju Dju: We arrived at the school, where children just
want to get a education, with sport, they want to get something to… be successful in, you know? Ndjichu Ng’Ethe: MYSA stands for
Mathare Youth Sports Association. Madare is the name of Kenya’s –
one of Africa’s largest slums. Which is where MYSA
began its work, back in 1970. MYSA is a sports-for-development organization. We organize football leagues
in 16 different communities in the East slums of Nairobi. Together with that we have various
community development projects. First of all, we didn’t have
any recreational facilities. So MYSA has organized that, as well as the community cleanups, have reduced diseases
within the community. You know it promotes kids
to go back to school. That I would say is the most important thing. And also right now almost
a quarter of the players that are playing in the Kenyan
premiere league are MYSA graduates. So creates also employment. But more importantly for me is
that MYSA gives hope for people who would otherwise see no-
no give up on life. [soft, soothing voices] Orry: Hi. How are you. Hi, my name’s Orry. Hi, my name’s Orry. So you now have a lesson today? Student: Yes… Teacher: Music. Orry: Music. Wasinho: What kind of instrument do you learn. Stuent: Drums? Orry: Okay, good. Wasinho: You sing also? Students: Yes. Orry: All of you? Students: Yes. Wasinho: You can sing together
a nice song for us. Students: ♪ If you can play a song ♪ ♪ if you can feel a joy in the music ♪ ♪ you can join with us ♪ ♪ you can join with us ♪♪ [The Street Legends applaud] Wasinho: That’s nice, nice, nice, nice. Very good, good choice, good choice. Orry: Alright. ♪ [music] Ndjichu Ng’Ethe: MYSA wants
to invest in the future of young people in the community, so the something that you’re required
to do is join a team, and for most outstanding volunteers, they get scholarship which is
worth 10,000 Kenyan Shillings, that goes directly to pay for your schooling. So that you can earn a living, and also, you know,
become a responsible adult. Pinto: I think place like this are very,
are very important because, it there’s a lot of street kids
and this is school for soccer, and school for learning. And if they do the combination good, they could have a good future. And it’s an encouragement and inspiration. ♪ [music lifts, swells, then fades]

29 thoughts on “#10 Mathare Nairobi – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010”

  1. You give them a hope…and history shows that's Priceless! Respect for Edgar Davids and whole crew! Peace!

  2. why are these pussies going to places that have never seen a football before? id like to see them in brazil or argentina, a bunch of 10yo'olds would own them

  3. @millsy20 wow where did that rant come from? i know what football is about you noob i was just saying that this edgar davids team are so childish and incredibly arrogant needlessly, bragging they are the best street team are theye opposition are well, retarded. im sure you got that impression too? if not you dont know anything about football lol

  4. @SoloMze i know im just saying they are pussies caue they brag about how good they are and they are playing against noobs

  5. @sailoveshanna i dont think that is bling if you look at the white bit, its one of those plastic necklace things with the cross on the end.. so no more than £1.99 lol

  6. @aimenissa10 thats exatlly my point you knob jockey, its more than just football and bragging rights but they are bragging arrogantly, thats what i was saying, if you cant see that then your dumb

  7. @SoloMze your a confused guy. how did you come to the conclusion that i said africans are retarded? you are retarded for saying that. i said the opposition they were playing are retarded. Also your telling me theres more to football? umm yes thats the point of my initial comment which you failed to understand, the team should be humble upon victory not arrogant. Yes it does matter who they play against when they are bragging to be the best, and yes i will say noob cause your a noob

  8. @SoloMze 'who gives a shit about arrogance?' that statement alone shows your ignorance. Yes they have the right to brag cause they won, but my point is, they shouldnt be bragging when they are all star footballers playing some ghetto lads. If I were to follow your sporting logic, I would go around beating easy opposition and call myself the best. Everyone else understands its only you who doesnt. but i dont blame you because your obviously not smart enough to see it, lol your such a noob

  9. @SoloMze oppostion is retarded cause they are crap at football. Me ignorant? Did i say guys from ghetto cant be good? nope, thats just the current issues that are troubling you thats why your linking your messed up views with my comments, you somehow keep pulling out garbage fom my comments and ive shut you down each time. I see you failed to mention anything about theyre arrogance in winning, maybe you understand that a little now? oh and dont swear it just shows you have no argument, noob!

  10. @SoloMze also about your 'superior logic', now you say if u beat a team your better, duhh no shit sherlock. what you said before is when a team wins they have the right to brag, which is correct, but, what i am saying and what you repeatedly fail to understand is that one should be humble upon victory and not brag, considering the fact thet they are an all star team playing against ppl in a ghetto. its pure LOL that u said 'im not ignorant', ofcourse your gnna say that cause your ignorant LOL!

  11. @SoloMze i apologise for calling them retarded, i didnt meanlike downsyndrome i meant they are not pro. These starts were flaunting that they are the best team so i was expecting to see strong opposition. Thats all. I just didnt like the way davids says 'yea im the best' after he beats beginners xD

  12. Молодцы ребята! Огромный респект, )) за пропаганду футбола!

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