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10 Things Tyson Fury Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports

10 Things Tyson Fury Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports

100 thoughts on “10 Things Tyson Fury Can’t Live Without | GQ Sports”

  1. I'm convinced he's a black guy underneath because he has too much swagger/game for a white guy. Or he grew up in the hood like Eminem or something like that. Most white guys are stale or goofballs.

  2. SNAP!!! I invented a game like snap and its way better!!! And then years later snap came out. It's the only physical card game on earth!!

  3. Ok, I almost believed the "masturbation 7 times a day" thing. He is really believeble. But then I went do a little research I came to the conclusion he is a big troll. But turns out "The sun", an english tabloid believed it LOL

  4. One thing Tyson can’t live without is stuffing his gloves to cheat.. Smh I had respect for him at first,,but now meee take it allll back ..

  5. How bout next time give the homeless guy some useful handout. Wtf is he going to do with a pair of shoes that don’t fit?

  6. Rather be an hour early? Than 5 minutes late ? What about the klitschko press conference when he showed up in a Batman costume and a Lamborghini

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