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10 tiny robot cheerleaders have been unveiled in Japan

10 tiny robot cheerleaders have been unveiled in Japan

A group of 10 tiny robot cheerleaders. A Japanese electronics company has unveiled
the self-balancing miniatures – who move using gyroscopes to balance on a ball and roll about. Synchronized to their own music, the robots
do little more than dance to the beat. They use four infrared sensors and five ultrasonic
microphones to detect objects even in a completely dark room. The company behind the little guys, Japan’s
Murata Electronics, says that while they put over two years of development into the robots
they don’t plan to actually sell them or use them for anything more than display.

9 thoughts on “10 tiny robot cheerleaders have been unveiled in Japan”

  1. Ok, so they develop all these awesome technologies to be used in a product together…
    WHY, of all the things you could use it for, would you use it to make this! I dont get it!
    Were they not able to think of anything remotely useful to show off this technology?

  2. I always hear about how the future is robots but all I ever see is robots doing pre-programmed tasks poorly. It's getting stale.

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