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101 Facts about The Incredibles

101 Facts about The Incredibles

greetings mother factors my name is Sam
and today I’ve got a cold yet again so sorry about all this but I am going to
be talking to you all about one of the greatest animated films ever rendered
The Incredibles yep today’s topic is gonna be superpowers intrigue and
references out the wazoo seriously it’s so full of Easter eggs amazed well B
Easter Bloody Sunday but where exactly is syndromes island lair located how
does the Incredibles pay tribute to the world of James Bond and do you think mr.
incredible and Elastigirl may have used their powers in other situations oh come
on don’t look at me like that I can’t be the only person who thought it admit it
you coward you need to be more anyway to utter through those questions are going
to be answered so put on your super suit strap on your utility belt and remember
no capes now then prepare yourself from 101 fact
about The Incredibles number one The Incredibles is an American
computer-animated superhero film and is one of the greatest movies ever made end
of discussion it was written and directed by Brad Bird
produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2004 number 2 the
film follows the story of not so average family headed by two x superheroes who
are forced to hide their super abilities and live a quiet life in suburbia all
been there however the families ultimately drawn into a conflict with a
former fan who now wants to kill all superheroes its tale as old as time
really number 3 Brad Bird originally conceived the film way back in the early
90s and was inspired by his own experiences of trying to balance his
career with family although presumably not the same career because otherwise
right that’s a lot you should have saved us from by now number 4 as a result the
Incredibles is also the only Pixar film to have been written by only one person
number 5 much of birds inspiration for The Incredibles came from a childhood
spent reading 1960s comic books and watching spy movies sort of how I’m now
writing a horror film about my childhood an adult fear of mr. blobby Oh God look
at him like a blond Mons abomination number 6 bird has stated that the
Incredibles is partially inspired by the work of comic book writer and artist Jim
Steranko who went on the Nick Fury agent of shield Comics during the 1960’s
the comics were of a similar spy and espionage genre and clearly had an
effect on Burt during his childhood before he flew the nest number 7 bird
had originally conceived of the Incredibles as a conventional sell
animated film when he pitched it but it was ultimately turned into the 3d
animation that we all know and love today the cel animated sequences that
appear in the film’s credit I’m representative of birds original concept
in fact number 8 additionally the original title of the
Incredibles was the Invincibles Wow dodged a bullet there number 9
not only that the code title used for the film during production was
incredibly tights there’s no joke here that is the joke number 10 much of the
story takes place in a city called metro Ville a name that you may notice it’s
like mixing together metropolis and smallville well that’s because
metropolis is the city in which Superman lives and Smallville is the town where
he was raised and they’ve been smashed together
number 11 interestingly The Incredibles was the very first Pixar film to feature
human protagonists all the studio’s previous main characters were non-human
entities including toys monsters insects and marine animals number 12 mr.
Incredibles non superhero name was originally going to be Bob Smith but
apparently that was too boring even for a boring secret identity no offense to
any Bob Smith’s out there number 13 in the film mr. Incredibles non-superhero
surname and the surname shared by the rest of family is pas this is actually a
play on the word pas which means average get it the opposite of incredible number
14 initially the American comic book publisher DC Comics objected to the use
of the name and last a girl due to the fact that they had already created a
character with that name back in the early 60s eventually a compromise was
reached that guarantee the nil all promotional materials outside the film
the character will be known as mrs. incredible number 15 family in life the
film’s evil yet somehow very likable villain syndrome wasn’t originally going
to be the main antagonist of the movie and was only going to appear in the
opening scene the original body was named a Zarek like derek but with an ex
weird but eventually the team decided that Syndrome was the superior villain
number 16 visually syndrome is inspired for the
headhunter himself Brad Bird his facial features smile and gingery hair are all
modeled on bird which is interesting big cars number 17 bird didn’t actually
realize that the look of syndrome was based on him until it was too late to
change it although he didn’t seem to mind too much he has stated that if he
notice the resemblance earlier on he would have asked for the character to be
changed skill number 18 syndromes distinctive
gait was apparently inspired by Pixar employee with a very strange walk when
their silly walk was pointed out to the person their attempts to correct it
became the basis for syndromes purposeful marching see bullying does
have its uses number 19 throws own speed skating movements are
clearly modeled after American Olympic gold medal-winning speed skater Shani
Davis on one occasion Davis jokingly feigned anger over the tribute as he was
never paid for his pseudo appearance in the film and remarked yeah it’s me who
else swings his arms like that number 20 when creating one of the film’s most
beloved characters the half fashionista half scientist Aetna mode
bird drew inspiration from a variety of sources the most obvious being the
award-winning American costume designer Edith Head as mode shares heads
distinctive glasses and Bob he must have shouted at the design team give me head
and they must have all been very confused and disgusted for a few seconds
number 21 bird decided to make mode half German and half Japanese as a symbolic
fusion of each nations lofty reputations for engineering and design this is the
source of her unique accent which has been described as a mid European
complicated by an Asian touch number 22 bird clearly wanted to inject some of
his own life into the story and so did in a number of ways the school that
violet Parr attends Western view junior high is the same as the now-defunct high
school that Brad Bird attended in Corvallis Oregon number 23 additionally
the name of the past infant son Jack Jack is also the nickname bird and his
wife had for one of their sons is that nepotism that feels like nepotism number
24 if you watch the film really closely you’ll notice that all of the powers
exhibited by the Parr family and Frozone reflect their personalities and general
feelings on life mr. incredible wants to be strong enough for everyone mrs.
incredible has a hectic family life as a stretching barrister
– is a precocious ten-year-old boy who’s full of energy but bored with his
humdrum life and so exhibit SuperSpeed violet as a self-conscious – spent a
teenager and so for its forcefields imma turn invisible and all Frozone wants to
do is cheer jack jack on the other hand is a baby with an underdeveloped
personality so he has multiple powers emphasizing the endless possibilities
number 25 the intricate textures and stitching of clothing makes it
notoriously difficult to convincingly replicate in computer animation given
that there are almost 100 different outfits war mother films various
characters the studio brought in an actual tailor to act as a consultant
number 26 this was the first film made by Pixar with a lighting effect called
the pics or LP ICS a design technology developed in-house the technology
allowed lighting designers to view and edit lighting effects with changes
taking about a tenth of a second to appear on screen with previous
technology that same action took over half an hour number 27 the voice of body
in syndrome is provided by actor and former professional skateboarder Jason
Lee yep that’s right the gun from My Name Is Earl used to be a pro skater
Harley did number 28 Lee was cast a syndrome on the strength
of his performances the evil demon Azrael in Kevin Smith’s 1999
sacrilegious comedy Dogma number 29 however Lee wasn’t the only choice to
voice syndrome’ other actors were considered including of all people
Joaquin Phoenix that would have been a very different
film indeed number 30 the American writer Anna story and Sarah Vowell was
cast as the voice of violet after bird heard her on this American Life a radio
program on our podcast created by Ira Glass despite having never acted before
bird felt that vowels voice was perfect for the role and convinced her to take
on the job by creating animations from one of her segments on this American
life in which she and her father made a homemade cannon yes apparently Jennifer
Lawrence was – undiscovered and completely unknown to the film industry
for this role but she would have been perfect
number 31 bird cast samuel l.jackson as the voice of Frozone simply because he
wanted the character to have the coolest voice which is by far the smoothest and
coolest around baby number 32 froze Owens wife who viewers will remember
somebody as a voice shouting at her husband from another room was voiced by
Kimberly Adair Clarke who weren’t in Pixar’s human
is Department number 33 the voice of Aetna mode essentially provided by the
film’s director Brad Bird although this was not the original plan bird had
originally voiced the character as a temp track but his betrayal was so
perfect he ended up doing the voice of her himself
number 34 it wasn’t like they were starved for talent either Lily Tomlin
was considered for the voice of mode but the veteran actress turned it down when
she heard Birds version saying what do you need me for you got it already high
praise indeed his voice was so good an actor literally turned down a paycheck
number 35 the voice of the little boy in the tricycle who witnesses mr.
incredible lifting his car over his head was provided by Brad bird’s son Nicholas
this child’s name in case you were wondering is rusty which is only
revealed in the film’s credit and in a comic published by Disney Adventures
magazine number 36 the voice of mr. incredible Craig teen Nelson recorded
his vocal to the span of two whole years whereas Jason Lee recorded his vocals
for Syndrome across for voice-over sessions number 37 in order to make sure
– had a realistic out of breath voice following intensive sprinting Byrd made
his voice actor Spencer Fox literally run laps around the studio method number
38 in the film’s opening chase scene the dispatch of states that the bank robbers
are fleeing from the San Pablo Avenue this is actually the name of a real
street in Emeryville California near to where Pixar studios are located number
39 when the robber is going through the
stolen purse on the roof of a building at the very start of the movie one of
the various items that can be seen scattered on the floor is a mr.
incredible PEZ dispenser number 40 bon voyage which is a brilliant pun brother
both exhale well done is the Ganic klepto who mr. incredible encounters at
the very start of the film he was originally named BOM her ignore as in
after the famous champagne however that produces a famous search champagne
refused to give the legal rights for the use of the name so the name had to be
changed number 41 when body first appears in mr.
Incredibles car the flosser superhero status over the name of his future
nemesis he initially miss names buddy as Brody which is also the name of a
recurring character the Jason Lee portrayed in several Kevin Smith movies
originally in the 1995 film mole-rats eyes the name of the character who sues
mr. of all in the film’s early plot setup
it’s called mr. Sam sweet this is a slightly weirder Marsh to Steve sansweet
a former Lucasfilm employee and the chairman and president of Rancho obi-wan
a museum that houses the world’s largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia
number forty-three the stained glass window which can be seen above the
entrance of the church where Bob and Helen get married contains a distinctive
eye symbol that was featured on mr. Incredibles original blue costume number
44 four of the superheroes that can be seen attending Bob and Helen’s wedding
diner guy Strutter Gale Thunder head and mitr man are all later seen in
flashbacks in Edna’s iconic no capes monologue the superhero database that is
found on the film’s DVD confirms the fate of all four died in action suit
malfunction at number 45 when mr. incredible and Frozone has sat in a
parked car at night two of the buildings that can be seen behind them are the
muxo cafe and andy store these are references to previous Pixar productions
luxo jr. and the 1995 animated classic Toy Story number 46
when mr. incredible arrives home from his hard day’s work of saving civilians
from burning buildings with Frozone he can be heard humming The Incredibles
theme song which is well you know bit arrogant but number 47
weirdly all four clocks in mr. Huff’s office are set to the same time clonked
mounted in this manner usually set to show the time in various cities in
different time zones this odd quirk along with his irritating clock
metaphors suggests he’s a fan of clocks what a clock head number 48 not only
that the lettering on if the Huff’s for students the arranged pencil reads
rather and certainly your life is in our hands number 49 the piece of paper that
mr. Hoffa lines on his table it’s actually a memo that if examined closely
informs all ensure eclair employees that due to financial cutbacks they will now
be expected to buy all of their office supplies themselves it also states that
they will even be charged for parking and electricity usage before concluding
with a thank you for helping the company attain its highest profits in years
those absolute number 50 just over half an hour into the film just after mirages
video message to mr. incredible ends the Rock’em Sock’em robots from the 1999
film Toy Story 2 can be seen on the far left of his middle shelf in his home
office number 51 seconds after the tablet which displays ma Rogers motors
produces her card printed on the card is the number
eight six six seven eight seven seven four seven six which was an unregistered
phone number at the time the film’s release when compared to the letters on
the typical phone pad the last seven digits spell out the word superhero very
clever indeed number 52 not only that the phone number was active at the time
of the film’s DVD release viewers who called the number would hear a message
from Mirage directing them to the movies websites we’re entering the phone number
would grant them access to secret information which turned out to be
including a deleted scene not included on the DVD sadly though the phone number
no longer works number 53 the name of the island on which Syndrome is
established is basis nor man is an island this is a reference to the common
phrase in English that originates in devotions upon emergent occasions a 1624
prose work by English poet John Donne some suggest that the name has a
symbolic meaning to referring to the lesson that mr. incredible learns there
that he cannot work alone and needs help to succeed number fifty-four
interestingly the shape of nor manners in Island resembles that of never land
from the 1953 Disney classic Peter Pan another reference there not sure if
you’ve noticed number 55 according to the tracking device that Edna plants on
Bob’s new suit no Madison Island is located in the South Pacific in roughly
the same area as Easter Island this is further corroborated by the large
distinctive stone heads known as the Maui that can be seen in syndromes lair
one of which mr. incredible picks up in an attempt to break through the lava
curtain number 56 The Incredibles is actually fairly bloody by Pixar
standards it’s only the second Pixar film to depict actual blood which
happens when Bob is injured during his first battle with the omnijoin
oddly enough the first Pixar film to show blood was Finding Nemo which was
released a year before in 2003 number 57 the license plate of mr. incredible
sports car reads LRO for15 this is a reference at the film’s art director Lou
Romano LR are obviously his initials and don’t for15 marks his birthday the 15th
of April but in the weird American system which doesn’t ever make sense to
me incidentally Romano is also the voice of Dash’s long-suffering teacher
Bernie crop number 58 speaking of Dash’s long-suffering teacher Bernie crop –
long-suffering teacher Bernie crop was inspired by a real-life sixth-grade
teacher bird school in Oregon it was also named
Bernie crop coincidence I think not but I’m surprised that
avoided a lawsuit number 59 the name of the principal of dashes school is John
Walker as can be seen on the plaques of the walls of his office during the scene
with dashes long-suffering teacher Bernie crop this is a nice neat little
reference to the film’s producer John Walker number 60
one of the film’s most memorable lines is spoken by syndrome’ who after being
momentarily attracted by mr. incredible says in 2007 this was ranked as the 15th
greatest movie line by premiere magazine and accolade but it rightly deserves
number 61 the name of syndrome’s plot to kill all supers is operator and Chronos
a reference of the ancient Greek myth of Chronos the legend goes that the titan
Chronos ate all of his children to ensure that he would remain the only
king similarly syndrome’ plans to murder all the supers on the planet so he can
become the only superhero number 62 interestingly syndromes computer bears a
striking resemblance to cerebro Charles Xavier
mutant fighting supercomputer from the x-men comics films and TV shows number
63 rather than just spouting out random officials having plain lingo Elastigirl
actually uses real military radio protocol which is flying the jet to the
island Holly Hunter insisted on learning the lingo and its meaning for her
performance in the film and accurately uses phrases like VFR on top vectors to
the initial and beefy on the Chum flap yep all real terms Nintendo 64
originally the jet was going to be piloted by snog her old sidekick the
Jets would have been shot down with snark inside but the film’s animators
convinced Burt to have Helen fly the plane herself rather and spend extra
effort screen time and money creating another character who’d only be singing
for a few minutes number 65 however the underwater shot of Elastigirl watching
the destroyed plane sink into the depths is apparently created before smoke was
removed this explains why Elastigirl spent so
long looking at the sinking wreckage because at the time the shot was made
she was watching the body of her friend disappear forever
number 66 and one point in the film mr. incredible has a meeting in the
conference room a 1 1 3 and he’s later held in syndromes Ireland layer of level
a1 cellblocks these are both references to a113 the
famous classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where bird studied
graphic design and character animation number 67
the sound of the flying saucers driven by syndromes henchmen on the island it’s
actually the sound of a formula bond bring sync are there’s been variously
muffled and played backwards for if T number 68 the art to shave that can be
seen on fro zones dresser just before the final battle with the on Detroit is
hai karate a real brand of art ashay from the late 60s and early 70s
interestingly the product was very introduced to the UK 2014 so our British
viewers could actually go and cram nacelles bottle frozen’s aftershave we
just sold it’s all good retailers I assume hashtag no spawn number 60 during
the final battle with the Omni Droid when unless the girl tells – and violent
stay here ok there’s a sign in the background that reads those are no
records this is a reference to Albert’s Lassa know a character artist who worked
on the film number 70 similarly another building that can be seen shortly after
is labeled Arriaga & KO after a Pixar production assistant called Daniel
Arriaga – non-stop reference Bonanza guys number
71 after the Omnitrix to mature gentleman has shown praising the PAR
family’s victory claiming their superhero performance was old-school these two men are modeled after and
voiced by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston two of Walt Disney’s nine old
men in case you’re wondering what they are the nine old men were Disney’s team
of core animators from the classic era of animation number 72 at the end of the
film Jack Jack can be seen transforming into fire metal and even a muscly demon
monster however bird average if you wanted chunk track to have an additional
transformation into goo bird repeatedly fought with the film’s technical
directors on the issue but they insisted that the work it would take to make this
happen would require two additional months in the production that they
didn’t have eventually bird was forced to give up on his dream for a GUI Jack
Jack number 73 on multiple occasions the movie plays a march of the films of
James Bond when a plane is first seen with Helen flying to rescue Bob the
music resembles the classic scores of the James Bond franchise number 74
incidentally bird had originally hired John Barry the composer on eleven Bond
films to work on The Incredibles but Barbara left
after recording only a few demo theme some of which were used in theatrical
trailers number 75 although John Perry ultimately ended up not working on the
film the first few notes of the theme June use in the trailers for the
Incredibles features the same rhythmic pattern as that of the 1969 Bond film on
Her Majesty’s Secret Service which Barry composed number 76 additionally at the
beginning of the movie mr. incredible uses an attempt to seek to eject body
out of his car which is kind of Chola piece really but there we are this is
yet another reference to James Bond who frequently used ejector seats to eject
falls out of his whip number 77 there were also a few nods at the Pixar
films that were in production of time the Incredibles was released after mr.
incredible and Frozone break out of the burning building and accidentally break
into a jewellers red the fire truck from Pixar’s 2006
disappointing film cars can be seen outside yes disappointing number 78
later on when mr. incredible is holding the Omni Lord severed claw in the final
climactic battle a car resembling the character of Doc Hudson from cars can be
seen in the far left corner behind him these characters were placed in the film
as a nod to Pixar’s next production number 79 one thing about The
Incredibles that’s never explicitly mentioned is when exactly the story
takes place you may have assumed that the film is set in the present day but
particularly observant viewers may have noted that the date on the newspaper Bob
is reading during the dinner scene reads Manor 16th 1962 meaning it takes place
in the early 60s in the beginning takes place in roughly 1947 number 80 however
however about half an hour into the film after mr. incredible watches mirages
video message we can see another frame newspaper that appears to bear the date
September the 16th 2002 what the heck is going on is there a secret theme of time
travel hidden in the film or is it just a simple easter egg or a mistake a grave
grave mistake let us know what you think in the poll up above number 81 the
american composer Michael Kaman was originally set to compose the score for
The Incredibles but he sadly passed away in the middle of production the job of
composing the score ultimately went to fellow American Michael Giacchino number
82 to record the film’s jazzy score Giacchino decided to forego modern
digital multitrack recording and utilized the old analog recording
methods used for chat requests of recordings in the 1960s number 83
interestingly The Incredibles was originally intended to be released in
2000 six after cars however as the film’s
production progressed faster than expected I was ahead of schedule its
release a bus brought forward to 2004 while the released out of cars which was
going to be in 2005 was moved to 2006 although really would all prefer 2000 an
ever because it’s the most disappointing franchise because ever made isn’t it
really number 84 in the teaser trailer for the film a small headline at the top
of the frame TV Guide on mr. Incredibles wall reads Kevin O’Brien first artist on
the moon Kevin O’Brien is a storyboard artist for the movie in case you were
wondering and was not the first artist in the moon well yet anyway number 85
The Incredibles was the very first Pixar film to show it’s titled Twice first at
the very beginning and later at the very end of the film before the credits the
next and only other Pixar film to do this was the 2007 rat based cookery
caper ratatouille in which rat makes it as a chef what was Hollywood thinking
there ratatouille was also written and directed by Brad Bird so maybe he just
loves two titles number 86 Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan wanted to top
his voice for the Hindi version of the film simply because his son ayan Khan
not the movie so much indeed his son ended up voicing – meaning the Hindi
version of the film had a father and son playing father and son number 87 many of
the film’s German viewers Rome used by the appearance of mr. Hoff who is
apparently the spitting image of Herbert first I’m the German actor and comedian
he provided the voice of huff in the movies German version according to first
een the character is not modeled after him and he was cast because he simply
looked the part number 88 The Incredibles were Samuel Jackson’s very
first animated film he clearly caught the animation bug because he later went
on to Boys org in 2009 s Astro Boy whiplash in 2013 snail based romp turbo
nope me neither and the lead role in Afro Samurai
number 89 The Incredibles is also the very first Pixar film to have its score
composed by Michael Giacchino he’d go on to compose the music for later Pixar
films like ratatouille up inside out and Coco number 90 The Incredibles is the
very first Pixar film to be rated PG by the MPAA owing to the increased levels
of violence that can be seen throughout the film people actually die in this
movie guys hey on that theme actually dot dot number 91 some nerdy nerd person
actually went ahead and counted up all the instances of violence that are shown
in the film pink reaches 35 explosions approximately 640
gunshots and 21 deaths grisly number 92 additionally the film shows 189 buttons
being pressed less violent but still nicer aesthetic my personal favorites
are the ones pressed by Edna using a cigarette holder to enter her lab
fabulous number 93 The Incredibles went on to win two Academy Awards for Best
Animated Feature Film and Best sound editing in doing so The Incredibles was
also the first Pixar film to win more than one Oscar number 94 The Incredibles
was also the first entirely animated film to win the prestigious Hugo Award
for Best dramatic presentation number 95 as the result of the film’s popularity a
number of Incredibles comic books have been produced before the film premiered
Dark Horse Comics announced that they would be publishing a limited series of
comic books based on the film in conjunction with this release of a
November 2004 in July 2008 it was announced that another series of
Incredibles comic books would be published by boon studios in
collaboration with Disney Publishing number 96 The Incredibles have also
appeared in a number of video games prominently in the 2004 game also called
The Incredibles which was available in variety of platforms including ps2 Xbox
GameCube game boy advance Microsoft Windows OS X and mobile phones The
Incredibles have appeared in two direct sequels to this game as well as several
games that feature a variety of Disney characters number 97 not sure if you
know about this but a sequel entitled Incredibles 2 is scheduled for release
on June the 15th 2018 it might be the entire reason we’re making this video
might be number 98 both Brad Bird and Pixar’s chief creative officer John
Lasseter have stated that the sequel would take place immediately after the
events of the first film Lasseter even quipped that only a minute will have
passed between the stories of the two movies number 99 the 14-year gap between
the first film on the upcoming sequel will be the longest ever length of time
between the release of a Disney Pixar film and that of its sequel I’ve been
waiting for this for years well blow me down if it isn’t number 100 looking as
fit as ever as a result of the considerable time difference between the
original film in the sequel there will be some changes to the cast of voice
actors – will now be voiced by American child actor Huck Milner as the original
voice actor Spencer Fox is now in his mid-20s it will also be unclear if
Mirage is making an appearance has her original voice actor Elizabeth Pena
sadly passed away in 2014 number 101 interestingly the film will
switch parental protagonists with Elastigirl taking the principal role
over her husband mr. incredible watch out of those falling shots guys cuz we
just broke through the glass ceiling baby that was 101 facts about The
Incredibles I hope you found it incredulous oh sorry I mean incredible
that’s the whole joke anyway let me know in the comments below what you want seen
next and be sure to LIKE and subscribe and click that little Bell thing so you
can actually see our videos cuz sometimes they make it difficult don’t
they in the meantime though watch one of these videos on screen now I look
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eardrum like a slug to your chest pack a vest for your Jimmy in the city of sex

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    Dates, measurements, and movies. Everything.

  18. The Incredibles should come down here to Springfield Oregon and meet TheSimpsons. I mean since Brad Bird is from Corvallis Oregon just 20 minutes north.

  19. Frozone is voiced by Samuel Leroy Jackson who also played the bad guy in Kings-men, Bodyguard for Hitman, Nicholas Nick Fury for Marvel Cinematic Universe (including Captain Marvel with Brie Larson) & Mace Windu from Star Wars Episodes 1 – 3.

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