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13 Tips For Dressing Kawaii

13 Tips For Dressing Kawaii

~sparkle sounds~ Hey guys, it’s Mikan, and today I’m going to be showing you how I choose my outfits and what factors go into me deciding what to wear, what to buy. And generally tips for how to “Dress Kawaii~” I guess! Um! I know a lot of people really cringe when you say the word “kawaii” in English. But, the reason I was saying it is just because I feel like there’s not really an english word to describe this particular kind of style that I wear. This is just, like, a basics video for people who don’t know where to start. Because, I do get a lot of people who message me asking me for tips, and… asking me how I choose my outfits and things like that because they want to dress like this but they just don’t know where to start so, that’s what this video is going to be. It’s like a basics, how-to-dress kawaii, kind of video This style is actually not that popular in Japan or at least not as popular as people thiiink, I think? Usually what you see around here is people wearing long skirts and kind of more simple styles and not really so frilly and dressed up. But this is my style and this is how I’ve liked to dress for a really long time. It’s just that I’ve been requested to show people how I choose my outfits. I wanna start this off by saying that you don’t have to worry about being a particular “look” to dress this way. You can be dark, you can be light. You can be big, you can be small. It doesn’t matter. You just have to be confident and happy in what you’re wearing and that’s all that matters. Thick thighs can be kawaii and slim legs can also be kawaii. Everything in between, also Kawaii. Anything can be kawaii! So don’t worry, cause I know I get a lot of people who message me like “Hi, I’m new to this, I’m, y’know, I’m a size this or I’m this kind of race or I’m I’m this or this.” And I’m like girl, calm, it’s cool, we’re good, you’ve got this, you can do this. Anyone can do it. I don’t see a lot of middle eastern girls who are very popular in this style, but I’m a middle eastern girl who dresses in this style. So don’t worry, you can be any…thing, any person, anyone and you can dress this way. It’s cool. All that aside, let’s get to the tips! My first tip is about dresses and pinafores. They are just so easy to make into such cute outfits. Dresses are basically a whole outfit on their own, but me, personally, I’m such a sucker for pinafores because you can really make it your own and you can match it differently to completely change the style. So while the last outfit was more like a cute cheerleader type of thing, this next look is kinda more of a dark themed one. This red pinafore, I got from H&M quite a while ago and it’s so easy to use with so many different styles. You can wear something plain, maybe like a white turtleneck under to make it really really simple. Or you can do what I did and kind of make it into a scene kid style. This next pink pinafore is definitely one you could easily make into an overly sweet kind of style. But I like to mix pink with black! I just really like that kind of contrast. I was more into this overly sweet style when I was a bit younger but it’s definitely still a style that I find adorable to this day. This next one is definitely one you’ve seen before. In particular, I wear it with schoolgirl outfits. It’s an old favourite of mine from Bobon21 which I got quite a long time ago. And I still wear it now, just because it’s so easy to match it and make different styles with it. Can really dress it up or dress it down. I think because it’s grey, so that’s definitely something worth looking into. Looking into getting neutral colours that you can easily match with other things to change the vibe. The exact same goes for this black one from Honey Cinnamon. Because it’s black, it’s really easy to match with different colours and change up the vibe. (So if the other?) colour is really simple it’s still really cutesy and ruffly, which is what makes it so easy to match with other things to make it into like a kawaii kind of style. This one’s pretty recent. I got it while I was filming my winter lookbook video and in that video I wore it with like this this pastel purple turtleneck. Which kind of had a totally different vibe. And here is an example of a dress! As you can see the dress is just one piece of clothing which easily makes a super super cute outfit! Though, honestly, I kind of tend to avoid dresses. Just because, I, personally like to dress in different outfits like everyday! So, for me, if I have too many dresses I end up not really being able to mix up my style that much. This kumamon is a great example of a character-themed one. There are definitely many of those. Characters are definitely an easy way to make things just that extra bit cute. So if you can, definitely incorporate them into your outfits. The next tip is to wear pleated skirts. Trust me, once you start buying them you’re not going to be able to stop. You might have noticed that I actually don’t wear trousers that often. And that’s just because pleated skirts have pretty much replaced them They’re so easy to match That they’ve kind of become my new jeans if that makes sense. There’s just such a big variety of pleated skirts that you can buy. And they definitely add more of a cute touch compared to jeans. So they’re kind of my preference. A really, really easy, simple go-to outfit would be just a t-shirt tucked into a pleated skirt. And maybe some thigh-high socks, or something like that. That’s just such an easy outfit that you can change up. For example, with a pastel top or with a darker style. It’s just my absolute most basic outfit. So, if you don’t know where to start definitely give that a try. Even these schoolgirl themed pleated skirts can really easily be matched with other styles. So, they’re really versatile. I would definitely recommend making them a staple of your wardrobe. You definitely see me wearing them all the time. The next one is to just to make sure you always wear these shorts under your skirts. Especially if you wear short ones like me. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why I wear them but I do wear them every single day and it’s definitely a tip for those who might be a little bit nervous when they walk up the stairs! There are also these frilly cute ones which kind of add to your outfit. But I would still recommend wearing the tight ones underneath. My next tip is to play around with socks. Socks are such a valuable piece of the outfit. I think they’re so underrated. They can really change up the vibe. For example, without the striped socks, this outfit might be a little bit plain. And of course, my personal favourite: fishnets. Which can add such an edgy vibe to an otherwise boring outfit. I actually like to wear socks with my fishnets like this! I just find that fishnets accentuate the shape of your legs which I think is so cute. And of course, then there’s knee-highs and thigh-highs… and patterned socks. Definitely just give them all a try. It’s so much fun. The next one is to get some of these bold shirts. That kind of have something on it that really pops! Just because this is such an easy thing to match. For example with pleated skirts or even (gasp) with jeans if that’s still where your comfort level is. You could, for example, get one like this which has a little character on it. This style is particularly easy to match. But if I had to give a personal recommendation, I would recommend W♥C. W♥C has so many of these really bold cute, pastel patterned shirts. For example this one, which has a milk theme. Plus, a great thing about W♥C is that it’s super cheap! So it’s super easy to stock up on them and use them as your day-to-day basic shirts. I also like this style, of having like this bold oversized jumper and kind of wearing it like a dress. I think it’s so cute. My next tip is to get things that have a lot of a lot of ruffles, a lot of lace, a lot of frills Those kinds of details really add to the outfit. For example, the lace here on the sleeves or the way this collar is kind of just frilly and ruffly. There’s also this little bow on the shoulder of the shirt. And the pinafore itself has little ruffles all over it. In general, I just think that these are some small details that you should be looking out for. You can look at the sleeves, you can look at the way it’s layered. As long as it’s ruffly and frilly, it’s great! My next tip is layers. You can really change one outfit into a whole different one, just by the way you layer it. In this outfit I layered thigh-high socks on top of fishnets. This kind of black stripe top is really good for layering. It’s so easy to just throw a t-shirt on top of it. Here’s another classic example of a vest which has been layered on top of a blouse. Then, on top of that I’ve also got the jacket. Then of course there’s fishnets and socks on top of the fishnets. The outfit turned out to be really colourful and there’s a lot to look at. Colours under a shirt are generally a really great way to layer. A more trendy version is to wear your fishnets under your jeans and have them stick out like this. It just makes black jeans a little bit more interesting. I also layered a crop top under the jumper. This is a good example of layering socks on top of fishnets. And the most simple one is just to throw a cardigan on top of your outfit. My next tip is the simple act of tucking in your shirt into your skirt. Now this might sound really simple but I do this on almost every single outfit. And the main reason really, is that I’m not particularly curvy and I find that this kind of accentuates the difference between my hips and my waist. To be completely honest. Also, wearing a skirt high on your waist makes your legs look longer because it looks like your legs start higher up, if that makes sense? So that’s how I end up looking like I have super long legs when I actually just have normal legs. These tips also work by pinching in, with, for example, a belt! My next thing is to make sure that you’re buying things that you can easily already match with things that you own. So for example, this skirt that I own, I can easily match with these two styles. What I’m trying to say is two things: The first thing is: don’t go buying a whole different outfit. Start by incorporating small pieces for example, pleated skirts with things that you already own, so that you don’t end up wasting your money and buying things that you end up not actually wearing. And the second thing is to make sure that you don’t end up buying things for the sake of future matches that you might be able to make and then you have to buy more things to match those things you bought. Make sure that when you buy something that you’re thinking about what’s already in your wardrobe that you can wear it with. My next point is shoes. Now I just wanted to mention that I did wash these shoes before wearing them in my room. Shoes can make all of the difference. I usually tend to go for platforms just because I think that they look really clunky? And somehow I really like that style. Most of it though, is just matching the style you want with the shoes. So if you want to be kind of a cool style then you would wear maybe these kinds of black shoes. And if you want to have a cutesy, kawaii kind of style then I would definitely maybe go for pink shoes. One of my favourites is definitely these strappy platforms I love how they look with pink socks. My next tip is accessories. Now this is actually one I’m not that good at. Mostly because I’m very, very sensitive to any metals. ): But some of my favourites include chokers… maybe bowties to wear with blouses…. I also think that charms and buttons can be a really cute accessory to add. There’s bracelets, necklaces, hair-ties wigs, all kinds of accessories! So definitely play around with this one a little bit. The next tip is your hairstyle and hair accessories. It can make a really, really big difference. First of all, wigs are a really great option if you want to have colourful hair but you don’t want the commitment of actually dying it. And then, if you want to look for hairstyles and things like that, japanese magazines, for example, ???? I think it’s pronounced. has some tutorials But generally just buying cute hair accessories can make even a plain hairstyle seem way more fun! And the last point, although it might seem cheesy is just to have fun. As long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right. Thank you guys so much for watching Please let me know which tips you found helpful. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe! Thank youuuuu~! Bye!!!

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