#14 Alexandra Johannesburg – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

[heavy beat, techno music, upbeat] Edgar Davids: Today we are at
Alexandra Township in Johannesburg. Announcer: Five a side. Rocky: Five against five. Who scores the first three goals is the winner. Announcer: This is Edgar Davids
and Street Legends from Holland. They are unbeaten. ♪ [rhythmic music] Thapelo Leshabale: I’m part of
the dream team – Alex’s Dream Team. Norman Kekana: We got a good team. We are fast, we are skillful. Edgar Davids: They have assured that today
is going to be our first match of the tour. Thapelo Leshabale: They are good
but we’re going to give them our all. Pinto: We didn’t come here to lose. We came here to win. Norman Kekana: Today the Street Legends
are going to lose. [music begins playing in background] Sibuso Zwane: They have everything to lose. We have nothing to lose
so we are underdogs so you know underdogs can surprise you. ♪ [rhythmic music] Rocky: We really got to step it up. ♪ [rhythmic music] 2, 2; 2, 2. Now the next goal is the winner
so it’s really, really exciting right now.>>Two, two. Let’s go. ♪ [rhythmic music] Vanntje: You see how they’re playing? They play like rough
but we are the team to win.>>Foul. [audience cheering] Rocky: We really got to score
because we got to win. We can’t lose. Norman Kekana: Anyone can lose. Let the football do the talking. Rocky: We are missing a lot
of chances right now. ♪ [music playing] [audience cheering] Whoa. Fair enough.
They just beat us. It’s 3, 2.>>Yes. We beat Street Legends. Thapelo Leshabale: They are good. They gave us a good run, yeah, but lucky for us we wanted
to beat them, eh? The first team to beat them
[laughing] Orry: We lost today. Our first match of the whole tour but then again we’ve played
lots of matches, maybe 60, as much as 70
and we’ve only lost one match.>>These guys are just good. They just played like us
but they’re playing with their head. I’m telling you, I’m impressed, man. Norman Kekana:
I feel awesome. I can feel it. It is great. That’s how I feel like now, I feel awesome. Thapelo Leshabale: We beat the best, right? They beat everyone all over the world, right? We feel like the best now.
[laughs] Norman Kekana: Even if they’re
Mexican or Columbian, we can beat them
[laughs] ♪ [rhythmic music]

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