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15 Types Of Girls You Will Meet In High School

15 Types Of Girls You Will Meet In High School

15 Types Of Girls You Will Meet In High School Hey there, we saw you making out with a junior
outside your high school last week! That was a joke but now that we have your
attention, shall we talk about this wonderland called high school? Well, it is a place where you meet tons of
new people with varied personalities and even though we hate to typecast people, you’d
find them fitting into certain molds. That’s exactly what we will be discussing
today, only that we’ll restrict this to the lovely girls of high school! Come on, don’t even act like you’d rather
not know about the different varieties the female species of high schools. So let’s begin our list with a resolve that
we’ll place the girls in our class in these categories and laugh our guts out! Number 1. The Athlete
Always in her jersey and trainers, this girl is the one to watch out for while in the ground! She practically plays every sport, handball
to basketball to tennis, you name it and she plays it! You’ll always find her talking about sports
and getting fiercely competitive in the gym class. If you can’t manage 100 reps of push-ups,
maybe don’t challenge her! Number 2. The gum holder
Whenever you see a swarm of people around a girl after lunch, you have to know that
it’s her. She is the caring girl who cannot say no to
anyone and performs her duty of handing out gum to practically everybody! Before she is done with the first one, she
pops up another piece of gum in her ever active mouth and thus always carries a stack of it! Number 3. The brainiac
This is probably the girl you don’t know by her face even though you meet her every
day! Well, that’s because her face is always
hidden behind one book or the other! She is the brainy kid on campus who not only
attends the lectures but also pays attention in class. The only time you’ve seen her face is while
she was participating in a spelling bee contest, oh and she won it as well! Number 4. The still stuck
During your days at the high school, you’d definitely come across this one girl who refuses
to let go. She has graduated from high school but still
hangs around with her juniors at least once a week. She would also most likely be present at the
events of the school, be it prom night or basketball matches, this girl has her seat
reserved somehow! Number 5. The gothic girl
This is not much of a personality, rather a phase that hits the peak during high school
years. You’d find a girl who loves black to the
extent that her wardrobe has no clue about the existence of yellow, red, green, orange
or any other color apart from the gothic black! You saw that girl in black combat boots, a
band tee and everything black in her ensemble? Yes, she is the one! Number 6. The teacher’s pet
This one is the most hated of the lot! She is every teacher’s favorite but that’s
not because she is intelligent or talented, no chance! The only reason teachers adore her is because
of her sucking up to them. She is the one who will remind the teacher
of the test she had planned to conduct but had forgotten, much to the annoyance of the
class or will complain about 2 “innocent” students passing chits around! Number 7. The party animal
This is the girl you wanna be around but can’t because she is too intense! She is always ready to party, wait, not the
sweet birthday parties that our parents plan for us, you know the ones with a huge cake,
some fries, fast food and return gifts! That’s too childish for her, she’d rather
sneak into parties for adults where the booze is flowing. Maybe that’s not right but at least she’s
got stories to share! Number 8. The over achiever
Attending every class, finishing assignments, signing up for extra seminars, getting involved
in community service, trying a hand at sports, dedicatedly participating in school clubs,
woah, there’s nothing that this girl is not doing! She is doing so much and with so much ease
that you will feel stupid in front of this over achiever! Number 9. The future artist
You’ve definitely seen a girl who could most likely date a canvas! Jokes apart, she walks around school with
her artwork in one hand and paint brushes in other. Every free minute that she has on her timetable
is dedicated to the art room because that’s where her life is! There is little doubt that this paint-covered
girl will be a future artist! Number 10. The cheerleader
Did you notice the girl who wore her boyfriend’s football jersey on game day to school? Didn’t she remind you of a typical cheerleader? She is skinny and peppy, has a love for pom-poms
and knows how to do splits. We’ll just wait and see if she gets selected
to cheer the school team in the next match! Number 11. The “always in relationship”
We are talking about the girl who has no clue what it is like to be single! There hasn’t been a single day when she
went out with her girlfriends because hello, her boyfriend has to tag along. You’ve seen her kissing her man in the hallway,
practically every day! Number 12. The wannabe queen
This one’s for the girl who will strive the hardest to be the queen. The highest heels, the best outfit, make-up
on point, not a hair out of place- that’s her! She may win or she may not but you cannot
overlook the effort she puts in. Even if she didn’t win homecoming queen,
she’ll be competing for the prom queen and you’ll notice her easily! Number 13. The gossip monger
The early you spot this one, the safer you are! This is the girl who would “harmlessly”
strike up a conversation with you about the person you fancy the most in class. Now even though you want to wiggle out, their
persistence forces you to answer them. The moment the name leaves your mouth, your
innocent secret is plastered on every notice board across the school because you spilt
it in front of a gossip monger, congrats! Number 14. The brat
We hope you never have to deal with a bratty girl who thinks that she lives in a real-life
version of the show Mean Girls! We aren’t exaggerating people, this girl
is self-centered, badly behaved and spoilt. In short, you don’t want to be in her vicinity
because dealing with her will make your blood boil! Number 15. The trouble maker
Who said that making trouble is a boy’s domain? Watch out for that girl in school who has
the guts to fly paper planes during class, spill marbles on the floor, write nasty notes
and tape them on your back! Yes, that annoying trouble maker who somehow
manages to make you laugh with her antics but don’t give in unless you want to be
suspended with her! Which of these high school girls have you
already met? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
video. And while you’re here, check out our other
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30 thoughts on “15 Types Of Girls You Will Meet In High School”

  1. Im the wanna be queen to be honest I get dressed for noing if I don't have my hair my make up or a nice outfit or shoes I won't go

  2. yes i am a male and spotted at least 90% of them in my highschool tbh now i have to be extra careful knowing these interesting fax

  3. My crush is the no. 11 type. I don't know why she is like that. Monday she ask me out, Wednesday she is kissing someone else 😭😭😭😢🤒

  4. I was slightly gothic, the party animal and mainly the troublemaker. Along wit the class clown (which wasn’t up there) and I frankly still am these things 😂

  5. These are the girls you'll find in my high school (I'm in England so secondary)
    1. Girl who is always in a relationship
    2.Sporty girls
    3.Girls who are geeky, but still fun to hang around
    4.Popular girls
    5.Girls who have friends that are mostly guys (so probably a tomboy
    6. (Yes of course :p) The regulars, so like there not in this category
    7.Musician and artist
    8. (Finally) The girls who don't give a shit about what the teachers say

    Tbh Idk which one I am….. I kinda think I'm all of them, apart from 3,6,1 and 8

  6. My school

    1 furrys
    2 gamers
    3 artist
    4 sport boys
    5 basic scrunchy girls
    6 gay lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 kids idk if I spelt wrong
    7 the black girls who think there all that (also wanna fight ever one and are super mean not trying to be racist)
    8 annoying kids
    9 the kid every one who knows them hates

  7. I’m the emo one that girl always listening to music will cry in the bathroom. Wears band tees. Well. Yeet.

  8. I'm that one tomboy and has like 5 guy friends and 3 girl friends who are close and if you talk to me I most likely won't hear you cause I have my earbuds in as I'm drawing

  9. Something I find interesting in my 40's is running into women from high school who were in a completely different class of people, we didn't know each other then, we knew of each other, there was no animosity, and there's a few of them out there I see. I am very different than I was in high school. I'm not going to say they have feelings for me or anything but they know who I am too but it's interesting the way we interact. These women 1 of them anyway is married to her high school sweetheart, with grown kids, and she's a cute woman. And my interaction with these woman is effortless and comfortable. I know for a fact, I'm comfortable but I also know I'm thinking "man, she's a cute woman…" and we'll be chatting and I'll ask her something about something the other day it was about a person not related to us, like not a mutual friend but I asked her "you know them, right? Yeah, I'll just leave it at that…" and she gave me this wink that was so cute. I think the thing about me is it's true if you are looking at someone pleasant to you, she's an attractive woman and shes nice, I am comfortable enough to be looking her in the face/eyes because she's easy on the eyes, Im probablly more looking at her pretty than in the eye, Im looking at her thinking "shes a pretty woman", my eyes might show it. It just surprises me thinking about how it was in high school. She wasn't unpleasant, she was probably just more interested in the jock with a job and a car then so we never communicated. I didn't

    I like me now better.

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