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18 Things You Didn’t Know About Kendall Jenner!

18 Things You Didn’t Know About Kendall Jenner!

Hi, everybody! It’s Samantha! From her hidden talents and tattoos to her
greatest fears, these are 18 Things You Didn’t Know About Kendall Jenner. #18 Trypophobia
Kendall Jenner may be able to brave the paparazzi day in and day out, but the model and reality
star can’t help but grimace when faced with the likes of honeycombs and pancakes. Jenner is afflicted with trypophobia and suffers
from the fear of small hole clusters in irregular patterns. She claims lotus seed heads to be the worst,
saying she “can’t even look at little holes — it gives me the worst anxiety.” #17 Bird Mimicry
A common expectancy of the mostly slender modeling industry is that to maintain such
a picture-perfect physique, one must eat like a bird. But Jenner’s taken her avian likeness to
another level with the ability to mimic bird calls! Jenner first demonstrated her hidden talent
in an Instagram posted by friend and fellow model Cara Delevigne , but has since gone
on to perform her uncanny chirping in numerous interviews, including an appearance on the
Late Late Show with James Corden. #16 Girl Squad
Consistently featured in celebrity gossip news, Jenner rarely makes it to the headlines
of TMZ or tabloid magazines alone. Her close-knit group of friends is composed
of Cara Delevigne, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, and herself, and they refer to themselves
as the Super Natural Friend Group. The reason for the title, they state, is to
represent the success they’ve all achieved in living out their dream lives. They’ve even consecrated their bond in body
ink with multiple matching tattoos, including one of a broken heart on their fingers. #15 Gigi Hadid Bond
Jenner keeps a close friendship with all of her Super Natural Friend Group cohorts. But some bonds run deeper than friendship,
as is the case with Gigi Hadid. Hadid’s stepfather is Canadian record producer
and musician David Foster. Before marrying Gigi’s mother Yolanda in
2011, he was once married to actress Linda Thompson. Thompson, who didn’t marry Foster until
2005, spent her first marriage with then-husband Caitlyn Jenner where they had two children! So while not related by blood, the two girls
might as well be sisters…as if their friendship didn’t already suggest as much. #14 Athletic Genes
At 5 feet and 10 inches tall, Kendall towers over most of her family with siblings Khloe
Kardashian, Brody Jenner and Rob Jenner being the only ones to match her eye level. But that height isn’t just an asset on the
runway as her father’s track-ready genetics seemed to pass down to the 23 year old model. In high school, Jenner was a high jumper on
the track and field team and even received coaching from her Olympian parent Caitlyn. She said Caitlyn was “like the main coach
for the high jump” and helped her with “more like technical stuff.” This led to her becoming “the number one
high jumper in [her] entire school.” In addition, Kendall was also a cheerleader
in High School with her sister Kylie where her cheer coach claims she was “the most
hilarious cheerleader [she has] ever coached.” #13 Middle Name
Kendall’s mother, Kris Jenner, was good friends with Nicole Brown Simpson. Kris once mentioned in an interview with Ellen
Degeneres that the two were scheduled to have lunch the day after she was murdered, where
she said they were to discuss private matters having to do with items Nicole kept in her
safe. Kris then said she felt guilt for not having
paid more attention. Devastated by the loss of her friend, the
late wife of ex-football player and convicted felon O.J. Simpson, Jenner decided to name
her daughter after her in an ode to the memory of her fallen friend. As a result, Kendall’s full name became
Kendall Nicole Jenner. #12 Paparazzi Prebirth
Whether out with her gal pals or wrapped up with a new beau, Kendall Jenner is most always
under the watchful eye of the media’s gaze. The young entrepreneur didn’t need to wait
until she was fully grown…or really even developed…before she was bombarded by the
paparazzi. Thanks to the world-watched trial of O.J.
Simpson, of which her mother was in attendance for, the population of the 1990s got its first
peek at the model-to-be while she was still in the womb! Kris’ ex-husband Robert Kardashian was on
the famed Dream Team defence council, seeking justice for her friend’s tragic death. Under the scrutiny of the world, most if not
all who attended or participated in this notorious trial went on to become household names for
years to come. #11 Diva in Paris
While a large amount of this list adds to Jenner’s charm with hints at some of her
lesser-known traits, not everything on this list behooves the young belle. In 2015, Jenner attended Paris Fashion week
and made a superstar appearance that turned heads in the dressing room…that is, to say,
she showed up rather late. So late in fact that she was said to have
been shaving her legs in the taxi en route to the event! To avoid the peer-led guilt she was sure to
endure, she buried her eyes in her phone for the rest of the fashion show to ignore the
designers and other models in attendance. Rumors then spread to gossip media that Jenner
had exhibited diva-like behavior and caused drama at the French fashion event of the year. #10 Secret Tattoo
As this list might allude, Kendall Jenner has a whole bunch of secrets she stashes behind
closed lips, but few are as surprising as the one inked on them! The story goes that Jenner found herself at
a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles with JonBoy, tattoo artist to the stars. Self-admittedly under the influence, she went
on to make the decision to get the word “Meow” tattooed on the inside of her lower lip. When pressed during an interview with Ellen
Degeneres as to why should we get such a strange piece of inkwork, Jenner exclaimed, “I was
drunk! I was not thinking clearly. It was literally the first thing that came
to my mind.” #9 Safety Issues
The glitz and glamour of being a celebrity isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be,
and the difficulties only intensify for women as Jenner has unfortunately learned. She revealed in a 2017 episode of Keeping
Up With The Kardashians that numerous times she’s had her share of run-ins with creeps,
weirdos, and stalkers. From being followed in public to finding her
house broken into, the anxiety-inducing criminal behavior has plagued Jenner for some time. It’s gotten to the point where she’s pressed
charges and gotten restraining orders against a trespasser that squeezed past her driveway
gate and even purchased a firearm for self defense! #8 Spelling Bumble
Perhaps one of the more embarrassing bits of trivia on this list for Kendall Jenner
comes from her fifth grade spelling bee. Hardly a pre-teen at the time, Jenner recalled
the moment she received the word “swimming” and was positive she nailed the spelling. But, as she revealed, she missed the mark
a bit when she spelled the seemingly simple word “S-M-I-W-W-I-N-G.” Her peers would go on to make fun of her for
days after the competition, but it would be years before she publicly unveiled the truth
that she battles daily with being dyslexic. While fan reaction has been supportive, many
still take after her grade-school peers and continue to give Jenner grief over her disability
when she makes spelling and grammar mistakes via social media. #7 Fashion Victim
When you are part of one of the most famous families in celebrity news, the chances of
staying, or even starting, on everyone’s good side are slim as it is. But when combined with the disastrous results
of some of the ad campaigns she’s worked with throughout her career, it might be easier
to swallow that Jenner isn’t widely accepted in the fashion industry. As the target of pranks and supposed bullying,
Kendall has had a hellacious time pursuing a life as a model. In addition, controversial campaigns with
Fendi and Pepsi and a failed foray into fashion with her sister Kylie using the unlicensed
photos of musicians earned her a bad rap. She’s been told to her face by other models
to find another career and press reviews of her runway walk at the 2016 Victoria’s Secret
Fashion show tore her to shreds. Still, Jenner keeps her chin held high as
she proceeds with her career and takes extra steps not to use and abuse her family name
by keeping them, and the reality TV cameras that follow, away from her events. #6 Sci-Fi Writer
Jenner may battle with dyslexia, but that didn’t stop her from writing her own young
adult, sci-fi novel with her sister Kylie and publishing it in 2014. Sporting the compound title of Rebels: City
of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia, this novel would tell of a dystopian future, the
struggle of two girls from opposite ends of the poverty line and their lives inside a
giant bubble city known as Indra. The main protagonists of the story, Lex and
Livia, were said to be modeled after the two authoring sisters in terms of personality
traits. Receiving fairly mixed reviews, the novel
was followed up two years later with a sequel called Time of the Twins: The Story of Lex
and Livia. #5 Auto Love
Life isn’t all runways and partying for Kendall Jenner as the model harnesses a hidden
love for cars and driving. Having grown up with ATVs and go-carts at
a young age, Jenner has said she took to these often as a child. So often, in fact, she gives credit to this
time with these off-road vehicles as to why she’s such a good driver today. And she would have to be to maintain her rides. One of her vehicles is a 1957 Corvette Stingray
with a manual drive stick shift that she’s had fully restored, including the engine and
the original paint! Another car she’s owned includes a 250 thousand
dollar Rolls-Royce that she received as a gift on her 21st birthday…from a total stranger! Well, that’s what Khloe Kardashian told
Jimmy Kimmel, but in reality the luxury vehicle was a gift from family friend and millionaire
CEO of, the top car-buying site in the Middle East. #4 Tomboy Tendencies
It might come as a surprise with her iconic good looks but Kendall Jenner is the self-admitted
tomboy of the Kardashian-Jenner clan! Jenner claims to have always been the different
one among her sisters and that while she likes — quote unquote being a girl — she’s
just never been into it the way her sisters have. “I was a huge tomboy,” she said, “ I
had a phase where I wore boys’ clothes. I was always hanging out with guys. I’ve always connected with guys more.” While her sisters, specifically the Kardashians,
tend to enjoy dressing up daily and living up the glamorous lifestyle, Kendall has said
she equally loves to dress down and enjoy her privacy. #3 Fear of Public Speaking
Though fearlessly bold on the runway, having worn sheer and revealing outfits at various
fashion events, that same courage seems to vanish for Jenner when asked to speak. One famous example of her fear of public speaking
came from the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. While given the task of reading a teleprompter
live on camera, Jenner flubbed the introduction meant for a breakout performance from Australian
band Five Seconds of Summer. Stage fright struck and she began to flounder
on live television, even admitting at one point, “Guys, I’m the worst reader.” But between her issues with dyslexia and her
battles with anxiety, things could probably go much worse! #2 Photo Friendly
Rather than be the subject of photography, Jenner has been known to grab the camera herself…and
not just for the ‘Gram! Always opting for the freedom to observe rather
than be observed, Jenner turned to photography to satisfy the want to fully experience the
majesty of her surroundings and capture moments. She’s not half bad, either. Kendall has landed jobs as a photographer,
including when she was hired by Love Magazine to shoot their cover photos. Here she got to experience the other side
of a fashion shoot with cover model Kaia Gerber, the daughter of one of Jenner’s idols: Cindy
Crawford. In recent years, Jenner’s invested more
into this new career by purchasing some of the best equipment on the market, showing
her devotion to her potential new life as a model/photographer. #1 Net Worth
Only a few years into her 20s and at the very beginning of her career, Kendall Jenner has
built up quite a fortune for herself. Jenner currently has an estimated net worth
of about 18 million dollars. She’s worked with top fashion names such
as Marc Jacobs, Adidas, and Estee Lauder. In 2017, Jenner became the highest paid model
in the world earning $22 million, knocking supermodel Gisele Bundchen off the top spot
for the first time since 2002! Time will only tell how high this rising star
soars as things continue to look up for Kendall heading into 2019. Today’s featured comment comes from Holistic
Empath and our 18 Top Signs You’re A HIGHLY Sensitive Person video! Thanks for your comment Holistic Empath, be
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