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1v1 Defending ~ Learn Basic & Advanced Techniques! + Online Soccer Academy

1v1 Defending ~ Learn Basic & Advanced Techniques! + Online Soccer Academy

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soccer football, soccer world, soccer video, soccer training, soccer videos What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared
Montz former pro and founder of Today we are learning how to defend in a 1
vs 1 situation. Defending is not about being big, fast and
strong. Yes, those things help but the best defenders are the smartest and don’t just
relay on their athleticism to win tackles; they use their minds. In this OSA video I
will show you basic key points and advanced key points. This OSA video is sponsored by our parent
company Believe in it®. Believe in it® is apparel that inspires you to reach your goal.
It’s for motivated athletes; all sports, all ages. is launching
in early 2014; enter your email to be alerted when you can buy a Believe in it® shirt! 1. Close down space and be 1-2 steps away
from the attacker. If you are to far away that gives them time to get their head up
and look around. Get close to force their head down. 2. Jockey, be patient and don’t dive in. The best attackers want you to dive in on
them because they will just touch it around you and go. So we want to jockey them. I’m not sure where
the term jockey came from but basically it means to be patient and move your body backwards
as the attacker is dribbling the ball. 3. Force the attacker onto their weak foot.
Let’s say you are the attacker, which way am I forcing you right now? I’m not forcing
you any direction. Based off my body position you can go right or left. This is why I want
to stand sideways at an angle to force you one direction. Typically you force an attacker
towards their weak foot. How do you know which foot is their weak foot?
Good question. You certainly don’t ask them when you are about to tackle them… “excuse
me buddy, what is your weak foot?”. You know the answer by being observant in the game
and knowing what foot they use to pass the ball. 4. Be on your toes! Don’t be back on your
heels. 5. Keep your feet moving, don’t stand like
a statue. 6. Keep your eye on the ball! Do not look
at the attackers feet, hips or shoulders. Focus on the ball. If the ball isn’t going
to the right, the attacker is not going to the right. 7. Win the ball with confidence when the time
is right. When that attacker takes their touch to far ahead of them like so what are they?
Off balance, that is a good time to step in and win it. When the attacker has one leg
up in the air doing a scissors what are they? Off balance, that is a good time to step in
and win it. When you do step in get your body behind you.
Don’t just reach and lunge for the ball with your foot. Equipment Needed:
You will need a few balls, one will work if that’s all you got, 10 cones and a partner.
If you don’t have a partner then hang tight and I’ll show you an exercise how to practice
1v1 defending on your own. Exercise Player Can Do:
Set up two cone goals and a small field around the goals. This is your 1v1 field. Don’t make
it to tiny because you want enough room to work on your defending technique. If you don’t
have enough cones to make a sideline then don’t have sidelines and you be the judge
when it goes out. One goal will be the defending goal, the other
the attacking goal. Behind the defender goal is all the balls. The defender will pass the
ball to the attacker, then sprint and close the space down, set your feet and start defending.
The attacker tries to beat the defender and score through the cone goals. If the defender
wins it they try to score or kick the ball out. After the defender goes 5 times then switch
with your partner. Repeat this process until you are mastering it or get tired. Starting out I’d advise just doing a few jockeying
reps. So the attacker doesn’t try to beat you and you don’t try to win it. You just
practice jockeying and being patient. Advanced Key Points: Now for some advance key points. 1. DO NOT take giant steps! Keep your feet
underneath your body by taking smaller steps and moving your feet fast. Versus taking big
giant steps and getting off balance and not being able to react as fast. 2. Get your arm out, use your body and be
physical. I am NOT saying foul or hurt anyone, not at all. But when that attacker goes to
take a touch by you because you have your body angled correctly when you turn to take
your step you will be a step ahead of them. At that moment get your arm out and put it
into their chest/abs as you are in your running stride. This will push them back a bit and
push you forward. This should like part of your running stride.
Do not just run side by side with each other and not make contact. Be careful not to foul. If it looks like this,
you will probably be called for a foul. If it looks like this you will be a great
1v1 defender. 3. Use the sideline as a 2nd defender when
you can. If you are near the sideline force your attacker to the sideline so they only
have a limited amount of room to try and dribble around you. This way if they try to beat you
down the sideline and dribble out of bounds, little dap to you, you did a great job! 4. Let the attacker make the mistake, then
win it. Lots of attackers try to do to much, this is when they take that touch to far in
front of them or have a bad touch, that is when you win it. Be patient, let them make
the mistake. What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:
Some things that could be going wrong. If the attacker is just running by you and
you are frozen in place for a second or two you are diving in. Don’t dive in. Be patient.
They need to get past you to be successful, if they are standing there with the ball not
getting behind you and not doing anything dangerous you are doing your job; don’t dive
in and give them a chance. If you feel like the attacker passes the ball
back but you didn’t do a good job because you didn’t win it from them, don’t think you
have to win every ball. If your attacker passes backwards or sideways you are doing your job. Exercise to Practice on your Own
To practice on your own set up a start cone and an attacker cone 15 yards ahead of you.
Set a ball next to the attacker cone. Sprint from the start cone, close down the imaginary
attacker, then jockey back to the start cone. Do this 5 times, then rest and repeat. Just
pretend there is an attacker making moves on you. Bonus Tip!
Be confident. Mentally believe you will win the ball every time, don’t hope to win it.
You won’t win the ball every time, but have the mindset that you will. If the attacker
gets behind you, that’s okay, it’s going to happen. Just hustle back on defense and react
positive. I’ll applaud you every time if you react positive; none of us are perfect. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
training video. Like, favorite and share this video if you did and don’t forget to Subscribe
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Players all over the world use it and you can do game reviews and track your progress!
Post a comment; let me know what you think and how it worked for you? My name is Jared
Montz and Remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything
in life is possible! Believe in it®!

100 thoughts on “1v1 Defending ~ Learn Basic & Advanced Techniques! + Online Soccer Academy”

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    but I did take away a few things from this video, like putting your body behind you while tackling

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  20. palo maldini once said reason why he was the best was because he didnt waste time dancing tip toeing and "jockeying" he put his leg in where you lease expected he made you fear him and made you feel uncomfortable. am Argentinean they teach you to have a mind set where if the ball passes you the player doesn't do what ever you can do but he doesnt pass you

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