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#2 London UK – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

#2 London UK – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

♪ [music playing]>>Edgar Davids: Today we’re going to London
to go into the second battle, second city. Still feel energized from yesterday. English soccer style is a bit physical
but you have to get used to that. ♪ [music playing]>>Terror: Now we’re in London. We’re the Street Legends. And we’re gonna take on anyone
who wants to challenge us.>>Rocky: Everybody who wants to play,
everybody can come. As long as you have a team of 5 players, you come, 3 goals,
you’re out.>>Michael: That’s our mentality. Go everywhere in the world, play on any street against any
opponents and get the job done. ♪ [music playing]>>Edgar Davids: The thing is with the street
on the weekend we can do a lot of things. We can give a show or
when we have to be clinical, we can be clinical. ♪ [music playing]>>Michael Essein: What’s up man?
I gotta leave.>>Edgar Davids: Okay man.
Thanks for comin’.>>Michael Essein: I’m here to support Edgar. ♪ [music playing]>>Michael Essein: It’s a pleasure
for me to be here.>>Kemar: We’re Hammersmith and Fulham Boys. We’re the best team in London
for the past two years and we’re going to take
on the Street Legends.>>Howard: We’re gonna play Edgar David’s team, the Street Legends
and we’re gonna thrash them. That’s what we do to everybody anyway.>>Dju Dju: We don’t care who plays
against us so long as we just win. We have to win. ♪ [music playing]>>Edgar Davids: It’s tough, tough. The players are very, very aggressive. ♪ [music playing]>>Michael: They want to win the game. That’s fair enough. ♪ [music playing]
[crowd cheers] ♪ [music playing]>>Rocky: Street Legends are
definitely gonna win today. ♪ [music playing] [crowd cheers] ♪ [music playing] [crowd cheers]>>Wasinho: Yeah, it was a really
tough day but we won.>>Howard: A little bit disappointed
but it was a good game experience>>Edgar Davids: They’re a pretty good team. We just outplayed them.>>Howard: They were legends. That’s all I can say about that. ♪ [music playing]

92 thoughts on “#2 London UK – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010”

  1. Juve's old midfield:
    Davids — Tacchinardi — Camoranesi

    Juve's current midfield:
    Vidal — Pirlo — Marchisio


  2. They are lucky we didn't send Dutch StreetTeam with Issy Hitman, E van Gils, Jeand Doest and few others that would have been a massacre

  3. …Eu football have VERY long history unlike American football. Ancient Greeks knew how to play it. But then came you, Americans. and started playing it with hands. GENIUS.

  4. Streetlegends are from Holland, Amsterdam. Brazil is number 1 in field football, but Holland is number 1 in street football. And England is a Joke in street football.

    You must see the level of street football in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. You wished you lived in Holland.

  5. i dont give a fuck which country is better and u can call it street soccer or street football it does not matter its the same

  6. yes it doesnt compare to goodison park, st james', upton park, anfield, old trafford, brittania, park head, ibrox or basically any premier league team or top european club

  7. u must live in USA or Australia where the beautifull game is called Soccer like me 🙁 i live in Australia people are so fucked up!

  8. Barcelona has played in only one year while the juve has become famous all over the world competing in three finals champions league!

  9. hey Edger David and crew, my name is baba, why not you guys come to The Gambia, in west Africa. and you were so close, because you came up to senegal which is a border to The Gambia.. we gambians are born playing street socccer and it what we kno, so if you fink you guys are the best, come to the gambia and prove your self, trust me. i my self am part of the game.. this my number 2203136785

  10. Sorry bro but Davids is not going to read yo message, he's not the kind of man to sit on youtube watching himself play street.

  11. I heard that Edgar Davids likes to keep his undies warm by heating them in the microwave during the Street Soccer Tour 2010.

  12. Great stuff guys! you are the real deal. Hello from the ADC Florianopolis team from Brazil (Tiger street football events in Asia).  All the best!

  13. They said everywhere they went it was like football vrs rugby. But when they went to it was football vrs football. Nuff said ghana

  14. I'm real fans off davids you making your fans satisfied you are not a fake ⭐️ star really you never hiding behind limousine car or bancy 🚗 and we know you have everything you wanted big respect ✊ for you god bless you

  15. Edgar David's legendary midfielder!!! Legs breaker with magnificent skills! complete centre midfielder! my favorite ever!!! to this day there's no one even close…

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