2017-18 Elmira College Men’s Basketball Season Preview

Preseason is going really well for us. We’ve really bought into the system. We’ve been working on developing habits that is gonna help us in games. It’s just getting together, working hard and
everyone’s really just buying into the system. It’s going really well, I’m
really excited for the season. We’ve had a really good start to our season as far as our practices are concerned. Great energy, their efforts been very good 99% of the time and I’ll take that. They’re competing and we’re getting better every time we take the floor and I’m excited where we’re at right now. We’ve got a great head start with our trip to Montreal and a couple extra weeks of practice in there and I think that’s benefiting us
right now and it put us in a good spot to to be ready
to start our season next week. For the most part I think we’ve been stressing defense, boxing out and our close outs. I think those are the two main things because we know we’re gonna be able to score the way we’re playing. We’re going to be playing fast so, if we can stop guys on the other end. I think we can get some wins. The experience in Montreal was amazing, it was an incredible, unbelievable experience. I thank everybody that contributed to it a lot for allowing us to do that because I do believe that
helped us, because that Montreal trip helped us with team chemistry, it helped
us get an early start on practicing and getting to find ourselves within our new
new offense and defense. Those three games went really great. We played three great, great teams from Canada. They’re all D1 athletes, they all knew how to play together, they were all very experienced teams. I believe us getting that extra hump, playing those extra three games rather than every other team in the conference. It helps us build more of a team chemistry and it helps us get our bodies in shape and it helps us work on the things we need
to so that way we can make a big push this year. I think we have a talented freshman class. We have a bunch of guys that do fit into our style play and I think coach realized that. That’s another reason to put that into
our style. The energy from the freshmen is awesome and that’s that’s gonna be a big help for us. I think they all have potential at some point this year to make a big impact. I believe we can make
E8s, thats simply something for me It all comes down to how hard we box out,
how hard we run the court, how many shots we make, how many good defensive possessions we have and if we get those four things rolling, I think that it will
turn out to be a great year. This is gonna be a really good year for
us. It’s gonna be definitely very competitive. Our team’s very deep, we have
a very good junior class, sophomores are playing well and we have very
competitive freshmen like I said before. If we can bring it all together you know the sky’s the limit for us. I could really see us competing
in our conference and making the conference tournament really making a
good run for it.

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