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hi Cheerios my name is Cherita the
most positive person you’ll ever meet I guarantee it so since it is worlds
month I have to do a world’s predictions video so that is what this video is
going to be for this video I’ve actually partnered up with Flo cheer I will give
you guys all of the details as soon as I can
about what they are going to be doing with my portion of this video so thank
you to Flo cheer for reaching out to me so that we could do this video together
per usual I will be breaking this up into two different videos because my
videos tend to be a little bit lengthy so I’m going to be doing an all girl
world’s predictions and then a co-ed predictions video if you are interested
in this video go ahead and keep watching before I get started make sure you join
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get started so for this video I’m going to be doing the all-girl portion and I’m
going to start with the International divisions so for international open
level 5 I’m will said co-ed this is an all-girl video international open
all-girl level 5 I have cheers for great whites winning and another contender is
Flyers knockout those are the reigning world champions flyers I really just see
great whites coming in and hitting an amazing routine
they’ve been flawless all year long and I’m really excited to see them at Worlds
and I’m pretty sure they have a great great shot at winning so that is my
prediction for international open all girls for international open all girl
level 6 I think that gymtyme Golden Girls will be winning any time I see gym
time in level 6 I automatically think Louisville so I’m like oh that’s a good
chance that a lot of Louisville athletes are on gym time level 6 teams
so therefore I am going with gymtyme Golden Girls and they also are the
reigning world champions from last year so those are the only two international
all-girl divisions there are now moving on to the senior portion I’m gonna start
with extra small I’m just gonna start from little to big little to big
extra small senior um I have cheer Express miss silver winning their
routine is jam-packed with so much difficulty and even though they are an
extra small team they utilize that floor as if they are a small team and so they
they do a really good job with that routine I like everything about the
routine the tumbling the scenting the routine composition it’s just a really
good routine and it’s also very very clean I enjoy watching them and I
believe they were a triple crown winner sure yeah they were a triple crown
winner they just won at UCA so number one congratulations to them there and
number two I do believe that they will be winning and another team that I see
doing a really good job in that division is Green Bay elite lime
they’ve been small for like the previous years but they’ve always truly been like
an extra small team so I I see them doing really well in this division now
on to small seniors so as you know ice lady lightning are your reigning world
champs and I think they’re going to do great they’ve actually they always do
this thing where like they start off the season kind of slow and then all of a
sudden they come and they do really well at like these last big competitions
which is fine then you have generals who has hardcore stunting hardcore tumbling
they are always like first second third at every competition they go to they’re
very consistent in their placing and how well they do at competitions and then
you’ve got smallest senior X and we all know what happened at UCA
they got second place and I know a lot of people were saying that they did
deserve it which I don’t like to say nobody deserved didn’t deserve anything
because everybody works just as hard as everybody else but I think because of
what happened at UCA they are hungry and they are thirsty and they are coming for
blood and I think small senior X is going to win worlds I know they’ve done
some upgrades which left everybody with like their jaw to the floor at their
last competition and so I’m ready to see them kill it at Worlds on two mediums
senior so I do this every single prediction video I always talk about you
celebrity elite but I don’t ever put them down as a winner and I feel like
I’ve I feel like I got to the point where like if I say they’re going to win
then they won’t win and so I I don’t I don’t know I’m really conflicted because
they’ve done this so many times where they go in as an underdog in the end up
winning so I don’t know why I’d never say hey you celebrity Lee is probably
going to win but I don’t want to jinx it because I don’t I just don’t I want to
say I have them as winning but I don’t and another team that I want to say that
I have winning is Lady Jags but I don’t my prediction for mediums senior are the
a Fame I think this is gonna be the year for famous super seniors I really do
and for a large all girl oh my goodness a lot of people have senior elite
winning and I can see why and I would love to say that senior Lee is gonna win
I would love to say World Cup is gonna land I would love to say that f5 is
going I would love to say that there’s gonna be a tie for everybody but an even
with and there’s some speculation about f5 I’m wearing old school uniforms or
something maybe like their full top or their velvet I don’t know but there’s
speculation going around and I don’t like when people do that because
makes my anxiety peak because I’m like just tell me already what you guys
didn’t do at Worlds or whatever so there’s speculation so even though
like fi was probably gonna come out and blow the cheer world away I have to say
that I think this year is going to go to Panthers they’ve been quiet this year
but I know they’ve been working hard I know they have not better not that
anybody else hasn’t even though they’ve been quiet I know that they’ve been
putting in the work so let’s recap international open all
girl level five cheer sport great whites international open all girl level six
gym time Golden Girls extra small senior cheer Express in a
silver smell senior SS X medium senior Fame super seniors and large all girl
so let me know what you guys think of these predictions as you guys know
anything can happen at Worlds and going into Worlds I just want to wish
everybody good luck and just please please please please be safe and also
show us great cheerleading because that’s what we all want to see so that
is my video for today make sure you guys um keep a watch out for the flow to your
podcast when they start talking about Worlds predictions and do not forget to
share this video remember we are on the road to 5000 subscribers by the worlds I
will be attending thank you so much for watching have a positive and love-filled
day bye

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