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2018 Elmira College Competition Cheerleading Season Preview

2018 Elmira College Competition Cheerleading Season Preview

Preseason practice is actually going
really well, we’re seeing a lot of talent from the girls day in and day out, it’s a
lot of work that we are practicing and it is a lot of effort that we are doing
but it is actually worth it. I believe this team is really strong and can
actually take it to Nationals and win a potential national championship and I’m
just really hoping for that. I feel like practices have been going
really well we’re in a little bit of a time crunch just because we’ve had some
injuries at the beginning of the term that caused us to have to hold back on
choreography for a little bit so they’re going really well given the constraints
that we’ve had, I’m happy with what I’m seeing at practice, we’re taking baby
steps moving forward and getting ready to be able to go full out and hit the
routine. So this team is definitely different than last year, we’re a lot
stronger of a team, mentally and physically, we can do skills now that we
used to have to work up to as a warm up, so this team is definitely stronger as a
whole. So we do have a pretty big class of freshmen this year and most
importantly three of those freshmen are actually flying in the air, which is a
really difficult position, especially the transition from high school and all-star
flyer to college flyer. I’m really excited for the future of EC cheer, with
them, I feel like there’s so much potential there, they’ve already improved
so much from when they started. So to me Senior Day was extremely important, and
it really showed the recognition that I think that our six seniors actually
deserve, and I think that we, each of us, leave a legacy that is going to be
brought among the rest of the team and we leave a team dynamic that’s really
gonna help the team push forward. Yeah, so my class of seniors this year truly are
so special, the bond that I have with the six of them and just some of the things
that we’ve been through together over the last four years, I mean their class
that I’ll never forget. I’m really sad to see them leave, I feel like I truly
believe that if I’ve ever had a senior class that has been deserving of a
national championship, or at least hitting on the bandshell, and going out
with a hit, it’s this senior class. They’ve worked hard, they’ve dedicated everything
to the program, I’m thankful for them, I’m thankful for their parents, and I just
hope that we can get it done for them this year. Well obviously you want to end
your season as a senior with the national championship, however hitting on the
bandshell, we did last year, is something that you
never have a same feeling ever again, so the only goal that the senior class, I think
we have, is hitting on that bandshell and we know that we gave it all we can.

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