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2018 NCAA Cheerleading Competition Reaction Video | Part 1

2018 NCAA Cheerleading Competition Reaction Video | Part 1

hi Cheerios my name is Cherita I’m the
most positive person you’ll ever meet I guarantee it for the past couple of
weeks I have had quite a few people on my comments asking me to do another
reaction video and not just any reaction video but a reaction to the NCAA 2018
competition this is a competition that is held in the Philippines and I’ve had
a ton of people asking me to react to it and I’ve actually had some people say
that they have missed some of my reaction videos I’m so sorry I have not
been doing that but today I am going to be bringing you guys a reaction video if
you guys are interested in this video go ahead and keep watching before I get
started make sure you guys click subscribe to be part of the cheerio
squad I post videos almost every Tuesday and every Friday and also do not forget
to link up with me on my social media all that information will be down below
in the description box so let’s get started if you guys have not watched any
of my other reaction videos specifically any of my reaction videos from teams
that compete in the Philippines you guys know that these routines are quite
lengthy there are eight teams that competed at this competition so I’m not
gonna do all eight teams because each each routine is literally like five
minutes long so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to be breaking this series into
four parts I’m gonna be doing two routines per video this first video is
going to be CSB Blazers Pep Squad and jru bombers Pep Squad so I’m gonna go
ahead and get started with CSB Blazers Pep Squad I wish I knew what they were seeing so this is like the University or
College style because they’re doing a cheer and they’re using pop in this pyramid oh I like those signs beautiful basket nice toss front walkovers full of backed up just now nice that takes a lot of strength from
the Flyers to hold themselves up like that folder sense I’m loving these pyramids that was a good visual that was real
cute I really like that speed lay out rewind Oh girls get up nice excess oh she threw a fall I hope
she’s okay it’s not okay they’re not even stopping the routine
loud fools no no I know that can’t feel good on her
leg they do I want to know I don’t know
their score she looks like I feel like somebody had sent it to me but because I have slid you so many pyramids
okay so that routine is what I would call just like a very basic level six
routine it had a level six elements as far as stunting and their dis notes and
their baskets went but it looks like they just need more work on their
stamina because it looked like they were kind of tired and also they just need to
make sure that they perfect all of their skills with good technique before they
move on to harder skills because with a lot of their pyramid entrances they
didn’t do like full up to two ones like they just kind of did like straight toe
pitches up which is fine which is something I’d rather see than them try
to do something more difficult and them not be safe about it so that was CSV
Blazers Pep Squad and I really hope that girl is okay the next team I will be
reacting to is Jay are you bombers Pep Squad and I don’t know the results but
I’m assuming I might be going in order from last place to first place but who
could know who could OH so next up is Jay are you Bombers of Pep Squad yes basket don’t they look like the East
celebrity elite uniforms from a while back the side thing blow mold beautiful laptop just about not bad shake that hair crap nice dismount they can work on their basket technique
a little bit yes I like that that was really cute I love you guys I live for these
pyramids yes ladies and gents hey that’s the dancer the SIL favorite
part of the whole routine the favorite part
hey Paul let’s come through bow and arrow switch up Kutta looking with body
positions they should making sure those lids like our balloon to the knee yes let us dis Mouse oh wow okay they went all the way over they’re like get up Vicki like the
timings are off but there’s that one guy down there and he’s
like finally get up dead floor not even mad at last some
bleep ass yes I’m a spotter another pyramid like I want to know if
there and they have to do like two separate pyramids or something like that
get up girl Wow Wow okay so that routine was really good
they did have you know a few technique errors in there you know and they’re
sending their basket tosses you know whatever but that was a good routine and
I like I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with these pyramids I
would love to see that transfer over to pyramids at Worlds but obviously I would
like them to be pyramids that they could hit all the time those routines are just
oh those pyramids I love it so much and the fact that they can do routines for
five minutes I mean I’m out of breath just watching them so anyways that is my
video for today if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs
up that helps me out a lot also do not forget to share this video
we are on the road to 5000 subscribers by the worlds I will be attending and
you guys it is world month world’s month world’s month let that sink in the month
of Worlds whew that means I have a lot of subscribers TV but that’s okay thank
you guys so much for watching have a positive and love-filled day bye

29 thoughts on “2018 NCAA Cheerleading Competition Reaction Video | Part 1”

  1. You don't have nearly as many views as you deserve. Your cheer knowledge is amazing and I've learned so much about our sport through you! Thank you 😊

  2. react to Team Cheer Open Coed Premier #6 Adamson Pep Squad plsss

  3. Love you so much Cherita! I'm trying to help you get to 5,000 subscribers by telling all of my cheerleader fanatic friends about you, LOL. Loved it when you said "Shake that hair, brat!" LOL!

  4. hiii i know im like irrelevant as hell but i posted my teams cheer routine from last years national championships that we placed first at and i was wondering if you could watch it or even react to it?? i loveeee your channel and ive been watching your videos for ever!! love you heaps xx

  5. Found the scores and placements for this year you scroll down to you see results then scrolll down to the year 2017-2018 and the scores are shown from 1st to 8th

  6. I am really liking your reaction videos because you are simple, clean and clear cut about your reaction. Some people either prance on with a thesaurus of terms that people outside that will understand. Or some who are dull as mud and make me pounder going back to the thesaurus people. Then some act like they took liquid cocaine and are acting so wild that I think I'm better off watching the mud people. Then there is you. Keep up the reaction videos please.

  7. React to uca or react to worlds tglc when it’s time also summit teams matter react to Midwest cheer elite j.crew thx

  8. The scoring sheet is if the pyramids are dont have spotters they could have infractions that could be deduction of 10 points then in stunts if there is set of stunts that have fall or the flyer wobble and touches the floor its may be have deducted as 2points i think? Im not sure. Then if the difficulty of the routine it will base on overall performance or if they pull out nice or good then the score of the judges may give a high score. And also one thing, Clean routine or clean performance is much more highlighted. Correct me if im wrong 😂

  9. Love your vids! where are your uaap reaction videos though? can't seem to find them, can you please reupload them? 😀

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