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2018 NCAA Cheerleading Competition Reaction Video | Part 2

2018 NCAA Cheerleading Competition Reaction Video | Part 2

hi Cheerios my name is Cherita I’m the
most positive person you’ll ever meet I guarantee it so I guess you guys really
did miss my reaction videos I have a lot of people asking me when part two three
four and five what two three and four are coming out for my NCAA cheerleading
reaction videos so today I will be doing part two and if things go as planned I
will post a video tomorrow and the next day what that being said this video is a
reaction video if you guys are interested go ahead and keep watching
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down below in the description box so let’s get started so this is part 2 of
the NCAA cheerleading and dance competition reaction video and in
today’s video I will be reacting to EAC generals Pep Squad and mapua cheer
ping Cardinals they don’t laugh at me I probably butchered that completely soo
I’m gonna start with EAC generals Pep Squad beautiful X out basket bird front pretty alright here comes a pyramid oh my gosh this cameraman all right let’s go beautiful x full baskets those are such
pretty baskets when executed well like that one
oh yeah Uh oh heel stretch roundoff tucks it’s like an Arabian half they were clean good level six discounts okay so one
thing that I’m gonna comment on is I it’s just not aesthetically pleasing to
see people cross Center when they’re transitioning bow-n-arrow basket doubles they
launched the mess out of her okay so much strength behind those pyramids
but I really like that front through oh that was like a tuck open umm full x out nice high toe touch that’s okay you’re on dead floor y’all just
did like 18 hours worth of cheerleading scorp
Wow I like that dismount it would be a really good dismount if everybody
perfected it that was really nice yes double full baskets Wow pretty those shoulders are becoming
really popular oh wow come on muscle man heyyyy so EAC that was a really good routine it
was fun the only thing is I feel like a lot of their skills were rushed and
there are a lot of skills that not everybody had perfected but they were
still like hey it’s difficult so let’s just kind of throw it in there another
thing is to work on stamina working on making sure that everybody can go
through the routine without being fatigued without being tired it was a
really fun and entertaining routine I loved their dance they had a lot of
personality it was a good routine that was a lot of fun they just need to work
on cleaning up those skills and making sure that everybody has them down
perfect before they try to execute them in a 5 minute routine but once again
amazing routine their dismounts I think I was really impressed with their level
6 dismount that they did it was it was good routine
good job EAC so the next team is Mapua mapua cheer
ping cardinals M-A-P-U-A they said mapua mapua so i think that’s
I think that’s what I heard mapua go mapua go go mapua yes for those basket was that like a kick
quadruple yes I’m loving this sign action and in
the pyramids ya better switch it change it rearrange it pretty as simple as that transition is I love
it so much ball up to stretch that back basket was kind of
slow but the rest of those double fulls were beautiful Wow I don’t think I’ve ever seen that
like a front-flip up like you always like back rewinds like that but that
front flip wow mapua Wow so what I really liked about that
pyramid is that it was like a like an all-star the level 5 pyramid it had a
lot of elements going on but obviously there are level six College elements I guess I could have said all-star elite
club not just level five wow rewind to stretch dub they say back walkovers are the hardest
skill but this team just did them punch front kick full beautiful basket in
the back she just kind of opened up a little she she didn’t quite oh no they just twist it too early in those fulls nice double up nice layouts Wow I was not expecting that pretty see it just lots of elements just a
lot of things going on I really like that uh oh that’s okay all right mapua
that was a very well-constructed routine the only thing is their tumbling
elements so I don’t know like I said I don’t know what the score sheet says or
whatever but I know at worlds um using the IASF score sheet tumbling does not
count for a lot of points so I think if they would have just kept basic skills
and they would have been clean it would have been more appealing and more
pleasing to the eye and we wouldn’t have had so many like crashes or whatever but
their pyramids and their stunting was amazing like I there are a lot of things
that I just wasn’t ready for because a lot of the times when it comes to level
six or college they get prepped for their pyramid you know it’s like okay
they get their knee up for their 2-2-1 or you know their one one one or
whatever it is their a frame whatever it is that they’re going to do they prep
for it but with this routine it was like s kill after skill after skill and
during the like during the ooh my tummy me during the reaction I said you know
these are like level five pyramids but I didn’t mean level five pyramids I meant
like all star pyramids in general like you know from from level one all the way
up to level five there’s a lot of like just elements that are going during
pyramids and it’s not just waiting and prepping like a lot of level six teams
do that was exciting thank you guys for putting me on to this NCAA thing
because I would have never found it so that is my video for today if you guys
enjoyed it make sure you give it a big thumbs up that helps me out a lot and
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you guys I Oh also if you guys think I should hold
a meet-and-greet at Worlds let me know because like I said before
like I said I want to meet all of you guys every single one of you guys thank
you guys so thank you guys so much for watching have a positive and love-filled
today bye

8 thoughts on “2018 NCAA Cheerleading Competition Reaction Video | Part 2”

  1. Mapua's dance was so entertaining and I loved how creative their pyramids were! I live for the energy of the guys dancing in the two back corners! They know there were issues in the performance but you see the passion for what they're doing. ❤️

  2. Christa your comment on the guy ob the First Team busting made my day ? `It's ok, you just did like 10h worth of Cheerleading`

  3. Hey! please react this group stunt ? (TCU VARSITY PEP SQUAD TEAM A 2017 & 2018) that's from Philippines and i sure that you will amaze this stunts and most amazing group stunt you will ever seen. ?☝?️

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