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2018 NCAA Cheerleading Competition Reaction Video | Part 3

2018 NCAA Cheerleading Competition Reaction Video | Part 3

hi Cheerios my name is Cherita I’m the
most positive person you’ll ever meet I guarantee it today I’m doing part 3 of
my reaction series to the NCAA 2018 cheer and dance competition in today’s
video I will be reacting to San bata red corps and au chiefs squad so those
are the two teams that I will be reacting to today if you guys are
interested in this video go ahead and keep watching before I get started make
sure you click the subscribe button to join the cheerio squad I post videos
almost every Tuesday and Friday and then I like to throw in some random videos
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box so let’s get started okay so the first video team is going to be San beda
beda probably beda san beda red corps come on sumo wrestlers they doing some moves I never seen before
ooh those stretches are beautiful kick doubles S-B-U hey standing fulls a little bit of a timing issue but
that’s alright they’re pretty clean his little pose in the front he’s
living for that alright pyramid yessssss san beda are they saying one word san beda good flexibility back tuck dismount was that like a one and a half ish x outs yes pyramid that reminded me of a swing rewind up I did like how they did a full down one side did a full down off instead of everybody popping down at the same time yes break dancer the guys at the end all right so that
routine in my opinion was a very clean level six routine it hit all the elements
they’re tumbling wasn’t crazy out of control it didn’t look like they were
trying to do anything out of their element there are only like two there
was a fall and then like another mistake with like a pyramid trying to get up or
something like that but it wasn’t anything drastic that was an impressive
routine it was a very clean that’s what I really enjoyed about that routine it
was clean and then on the other hand it wasn’t jam-packed full of like wow
factors but it did have all of the necessary elements at least what I think
are the necessary elements from what I’ve been watching through these
routines so it was a good clean safe routine so good job – san beda san beda
SBU you go SBU now for the next routine I am going to be watching au chief
squad come on au come on robots here comes a basket that was cool that was like a side sumi okay tow tow backs in the front okay there you go looks like they’re going to do hands up to the top nice round off rewinds maybe yes one little fall but straight up to a
full up to heel stretch round off back handspring tucks that was all
squad right good for them yesssss like how do they make toss toe touches
and then like toss to extension look really good that was a really good
visual that was a really good visual Wow rewind fulls up to the top Wow
oh then right up to shoulder sit they know they did that beautiful double full baskets kick fulls okay nice bow and arrows showing off their
flexibility and back up she better work in the middle their scales
that was a really good dismount I really like that dismount
he better work in the front beautiful tumbling okay had a couple girls do a full beautiful full nice hey there’s that front flip again I love
that think I’m a fran of the fan a Fran a fan of the front flips rather
than the the rewind back Wow you guys and they still have so much
energy how come on Madonna wow wow wow wow
faint a million faints holy my I don’t even know what to say that was
incredible that was just I mean from beginning to
end they opened up with sharp motions they had difficult elements their
elements were clean their I mean they did like what 52 different basket tosses
level six basket tosses oh my goodness like that was beautiful that was such a
well executed routine like I’m shook like maybe my arms are just cold I think
I have goose bumps mmm I’m speechless like I fit I want to see something like
that at Worlds you know I’m just I don’t know what to say anymore
all I’m saying is that was amazing and I don’t know what they won and I still
have like two more teams to watch but that right there
just like literally just like like mind blown like just jaw drop just everything
under the Sun that you could think of that was good
and not to mention their tumbling the guys and the girls that were like
throwing the harder the more difficult skills they had some beautiful
technique expecially eww especially like the last tumbling pass
his full toes pointed legs together no piking like it was just it just gave me
all the feels so yeah that was au go you au and I’m gonna wrap up my
video there if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs
up that helps me out a lot and also do not forget to share this video we are on
the road to 5,000 subscribers by the world’s I will be attending thank you
guys so much for watching have a positive and love-filled today bye

23 thoughts on “2018 NCAA Cheerleading Competition Reaction Video | Part 3”

  1. Should I say first? Hahaha. Thanks. Waiting for the part 4 πŸ™‚ hope you gonna react also to Adamson University ACIC 2018, And Lanao Wildcats NCC finals 2018(champion)

  2. Thank you for your reactions cherita.. those teams are really good specially to arellano chiefsquad.. wow! Awesome team πŸ™‚
    -bes yan ha..😘😘

  3. AU gives me life! I love when you said "they still have energy?!? How?!?" They finished as if they could do it again right away! That stamina is crazy! Woooo!

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