2019 Season Preview: GCU Men’s Soccer

– You know it was a historic year for us. To win the conference, the WAC conference, to qualify for the NCAA tournament. I thought we had a really good game and you know we unfortunately
lost to Cal Irvine I thought it put it us in a position where were making our program relevant. People across the country recognized Grand Canyon University soccer and we hope for continuation of that type of success. A lot of our team is back and
I think what we hope to find is that they’ll be better this year than they were last year. Like Hugo Logan is a player that we’ve got high excitement about. We were able to pick up Nick Barreiro. Nick is a player that’s transferred in from University of New Mexico where they dropped their program. And we expect people like Tosh Yasuda, who’s coming off an injury from
last year to step up for us. Justin Rasmussen has been outstanding for the last couple of days of preseason. Really has made tremendous steps forward so I think we’re just going
to be a good solid team. Our goal right now is not to give up soft goals and to create goals. We intend to go out of
conference to get good match ups. One of the early ones
for us is St. Mary’s. I think they have four players that are on the Hermann Watch List and that’s a heck of a lot of players from off of one team to be identified as the best player in the country. We also play Oregon State
at home who’s a good team. First team we’ve played
in the ACC, Virginia Tech. So those are going to be some
really good match ups for us. But then we’ve got of course a very, what I consider, a very strong conference. We will definitely be tested. Well first Tim McClements,
who has worked with me twice before at Southern
Methodist University. Tim was part of our coaching staff that took our team to the Final Four. I think we compliment
each other very well. Vlast is a volunteer coach last year and he impressed me so much
that I brought him on full time. So I think those two guys are
going to be great additions. We have Nate, Nate’s
our new strength coach. So really we have quite a few changes in our staff but sometimes
changes give you an opportunity to reevaluate fresh ideas
and then it puts you back into the excitement mode of winning games. – [Player] On three. One, two, three. – [Players] Loupes. (upbeat music playing)

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