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2019 Spring Makeup Tutorial | Testing New Makeup | Ashley Bond Beauty

2019 Spring Makeup Tutorial | Testing New Makeup | Ashley Bond Beauty

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I am going to be doing it this glowy
springtime makeup look for you guys. Now this makeup look with kind of a struggle
in parts. I tried to new products and they didn’t all
work the best together, but I liked how this makeup look eventually it turned out. So if you want to see how I achieved this
glowing spring makeup look then just keep on watching. Any of you guys are new here, don’t forget
to hit that subscribe button down below so you can join the fam bam. And follow me on Instagram so you can keep
up with me between videos and I’m doing a giveaway over there, so definitely head over
and check it out. Now enough talking. Let’s jump right into the video. All right, so I’m going to jump right in. So I started off by moisturizing my face using
the … this is the, I do care, straight radiants moisturizing gold and gel cream. I have it on my right now and as you can see
I’m just kind of glowing. I don’t know if you can see that. Yeah, she dripping, drip, drip. So I’m going to prime my face using the Too
Faced Hangover RX primer. I really like this primer. I haven’t used it for awhile. I recently just found it in my drawer. I love a good primer spray. For foundation I’m going to be using the L’Oreal
Infallible 24 hour Fresh Wear foundation. I’ve been loving this recently. I am in the shade 490. I mentioned this in my, what’s my travel bag
and I’ve just been obsessed. This is the only foundation I’ve been using
recently. This is amazing. I can’t wait to do a full review on this foundation
for you guys, but I’ve really, really been liking it and I’m going to be using that on
a beauty blender. This beauty blender is dirty because I just
used it so don’t judge it too hard, but I usually just use two pumps all over my face. So one pump on the side of my face. And I like to use a beauty blender literally
just because it’s more convenient. I really even liking these ELF beauty blenders. You can get them in a pack of two and I bought
the Morphe beauty blenders awhile back and I was loving them and then I found them finally
in stores because they were sold out everywhere and when I finally how and them they were
a completely different consistency than the ones that I had purchased before, so I was
really annoyed by that so I haven’t even been using them. They were hard as a rock so I’ve been using
these ELF ones cause I like a soft beauty blender. Now that the foundation is done I’m going
to move on to concealer and I’m going to be using two concealers today. I’m going to be using the Too Faced Born This
Way concealer and the Fenty Beauty concealer. This one is great just for my under eyes. I use every day and this is later so it’s
just going to give my under eyes and more highlighted look because we’re looking for
a fresh, dewy, glowy look today because it’s spring time. Then I’m going to go on top with the Fenty,
just really right in the corner and I am going to take my beauty sponge again and just blend
that out. I’m going to use the other end. I’m also going to place this on my eyelids
as a base for my eye shadow. Okay, now that I look like Casper the friendly
ghost, we are going to set everything in place using the Laura Mercier translucent setting
powder and my Real Techniques brush. My uni-brow is getting a little out of hand
here. It’s about time for me to pluck that. Okay, now that we have that done, I go in
with more powder and I’ve really been liking this powder from Laura Mercier. It’s the Secret Blurring powder for your under
eyes. Mine’s kind of dirty because this is a white
powder, but I just take it on and my Real Techniques brush, really get it in there,
and I just pat it in the hollows of my eyes. Really just in this triangle area and as you
can see it just really brightens that up. I don’t drag, I just pat it right in the inner
part of the eye. Now that I have set my under eyes, I’m going
to go in with a cream contour and I’m going to be using the Born This Way concealer in
the shade Mahogany. I used this before but I think I was too dark
for it. It is more of a reddish shade, so I’m not
really sure how this is going to turn out, but we’re going to give it a go. Actually that shade is not too bad. I feel like a lot of the times I use my darker
shades all year round when really I shouldn’t be doing that. It’s just a little harsher and this is a lot
lighter and more subtle. Except when you do that. Whoa. It’s more for the hairline
Okay, now I’m going to go in and powder it my whole face and for all over powder. I love to use the Maybelline Fit Me loose
powder. This isn’t in the shade and medium deep and
this will forever be one of my favorite powders. It just is amazing. It works so well. It’s just a great powder. And I like to put my face powder on on top
of my cream contour. I Dunno if people do it any other way, but
it’s a lot easier to blend out liquids on liquids. If you put powder on beforehand, it’s going
to be harder to blend. It’s probably going to drag the product and
pull it up and I like a lot of coverage so I don’t like to do that. Now that the face is done, I’m going to move
onto bronzer and the bronzer that I had been obsessed with recently is the new Hoola bronzer. If I can get this little thing out … is
the new Hoola bronzer in the shade at Carmel. This stuff is amazeballs. I’ve been using this every day for the past
couple of weeks and I’ve been really liking it. I use it with this little brush and I just
lightly blend it and you get a nice sharp line. See, isn’t that just so pretty? And I also take it right down my nose because
we’re looking to be bronze today. My nose just looks a little sun kissed. It looks like if my knows where to get the
sun, that’s how my nose would look. Obviously I’m not gonna leave my nose like
this, but the shade, it’s just sun kissed at. They got it really right. This is how my face would look if I were tanned. So great job Hoola bronzer I really, really
been liking yet. I’m going to be trying out the Kevyn Aucoin,
these are the Emphasize Eye Design palates. They’re very pretty. I heard Tati talk about them and I have two
in the shade on Blinking and Focused. And focused is this very pretty coppery, you
have this cream foil eyeshadow in here and then on the Blinking … No, look at the shadow. I must be living right if that didn’t crack. And then you have, this is Unblinking, very
pretty. As you can see, you have these foiled cream
foil shadows. They’re both very pretty. But I think I’m going to use the Focused palette
with the foiled shadow from the other Palette. So I’ll list them both down below. So I’m going to start off by using this shade
right here. And I’m just going to take that on a Morphe
M433 brush. Buff that into my crease. I Love Kevyn Aucoin products. I love the Contour Palette so I’m excited
to try this and I just realized that I haven’t done my brows yet so that’s not really ideal. These blend out really well, really, really
well. And I love how compact this is. Now I’m going to take the darkest shade right
here in the corner, pack that on the outer corner and in a V formation. Actually I’m going to pack this all over the
lid. It does have a good amount of fallout. Can you hear my washing machine? Now I am going to take this white shade right
here in the corner and I’m going to place that in the inner corner of my eye and I’m
going to be using a Mac … this is a Mac 217 brush. And I’m going to use this as the base for
a shimmery shadow. Now I’m going to take this cream shadow, this
and the shade 24 Karat Gold, which is exactly what it looks like and I am going to place
this all over the lid. This is so pretty. Now when I’m going to do is I’m going to go
over it with this beautiful gold shade in this Palette and I am just going to pack that
right on top. You definitely need to tap off the excess
with these. And now I’m going to go back in with that
transition shade that we originally started with and now I’m going to blend out the edges. I used my Benefit Brow wiz on the brows, my
favorite brow product all time and just to set everything in place, I’m going to be using
the Almay Brow Styler. I’ve never tried this before. That product’s not too bad. I’m very bushy. I’m going to take this dark shade and I’m
going to work it on my lower lash line. I’m going to make sure I keep it really close
to the lash line. I am going to take some Laura Mercier translucent
powder and brush away any fall out. I think this needs some liner. So I’m going to be using the Charlotte Tilbury
Feline Flick liner, which has been one of my favorites recently. Going to be undramatic wing, apparently. I think it’s the fact that the cream liner
is just catching because I have never had problems with this liner until today. Do see what’s happening? It’s like it’s catching on the shadow and
it’s not making a crisp line. I honestly think that that’s as good as it’s
going to get. Yeah, so learn from me. If you buy this Palette and have tried to
use eyeliner on it, you’re going to want to use something that’s more liquidity. So like a … Of course, I don’t know where
my Wet and Wild liquid liner is, but you’re gonna want to use something like that. If you use something that’s dryer like this,
it’s just going to tug and pull and you’re going to have a terrible time like I just
did. That took me so long to do. Now we are moving on from that. I am going to move on to lips and for lips
I’m going to start off by using the new Buxom Plumping Lip Stains. They just sent these to me. For lashes I am going to be using the Ardell
Feux Mink lashes. These are the Demi Whispies. Okay, that wasn’t too bad. Oh my gosh. This liner, it’s so bad. The lashes are on and in an attempt to try
to salvage this hot mess express, I am going to try to find a liquid liner. Okay, so I found a wet and wild mega liner
and I’m going to … Is this dried up? Wow. This had so much potential. So much potential, so much. So much fricking potential. We’re not giving up. We’re going to try the feline flicks liner. This seems to be a little juicier. That looks better. Okay, that is a little better. I will take it. Now for mascara to blend everything together
I’m going to be using the new Buxom … This is the Buxom Blackest Black Buxom Mascara. I will find it and link it down for you guys
if you’re interested. And because I’m feeling Sassy today I’m going
to take the … this is the Glossier air play color slide liquid. This isn’t liquid liner. I don’t want to see liquid liner for awhile. I’m going to take this on my lower lash line
and my waterline. Now for highlight, I’m going to take this
gold shade right here and pop it right on the corner of my lower lash line. Now for highlight, I’m going to be using the
Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette for blush and for highlight. And if you guys … This is limited edition
I believe, and if you guys can’t get your hands on it, I feel like a lot of the backup
pallets all look the same. They have similar shades, no shade. Okay. I’m not trying to throw shade, I’m just saying
they have a lot of similar palettes that come out in the Khloe Malika Palette and the Chrissy
Tiegen Palette I feel like all had very similar shades, so don’t feel like you can’t get this
palette. I’m just going to be taking the two deep this
shades and just really warming up the cheeks. Now for a highlight, I am going to be using
the same Palette and I’m going to be taking Champagne Pop and Perseco pop and just placing
that right the high points of the cheeks. I feel like I haven’t been like really greasing
my face up with highlight recently. I kind of gave that up for a minute, but now
I’m back. And because I’m feeling extra today I am going
to take the Hangover RX Primer that we used in the beginning, sprayed out my face and
then I’m going to add more highlight. And I’m going to take two of these shades. I’m going to take Razzle Rose and Nearly Nude
and I’m going to his place Razzle Rose all over and then in the center I’m going to please
this nude shade. And on top I’m going to be using the ELF Champagne
and Glam lip gloss. (silence)
All right guys, I think that that’s enough for me. I may or may not upload this. I’m not really sure because honestly this
was a struggle. If I do upload it. Thank you guys so much for watching and don’t
forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed the realness, the chaoticness of filming
this video. And don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
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out my one brand full … Check this hair video out. So don’t forget to subscribe right down here. And thank you guys so much for watching. I will see you guys in my next video. Bye guys.

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  2. Love this look!Your so pretty.And I love your hair.❤️?
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