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2020 Las Vegas Challenge, Innova Factory Store Course

2020 Las Vegas Challenge, Innova Factory Store Course

Greetings again everyone and welcome to
the course preview for the 2020 Las Vegas Challenge brought to you by Innova
Champion Discs and the Innova Factory Store. We’re gonna look at the Factory
Store course today. This is the longest of the courses coming in at 9,069 feet. It’s a par 62. This is happily named the Factory Store cause
this one is gonna work you. Let’s get started. Hole one of the Factory Course is a par
three coming in at 415 feet. This is a deceptively easy
looking hole; the basket just sits right there in the middle. However, it was the
fifth hardest hole last year on this course. Basket does sit in the slope so
any hyzers coming in that hit near the basket are gonna run forty to fifty
feet away. Distance control is needed and having a disc that’s gonna stop fairly
close. Hole two on the Factory Store Course is
a par-4 that comes in at 649 feet. Now this was the easiest hole in the course
last year so there has been a pin position change. We’ve added almost 100
feet to the distance which is going to push this basket back in the trees. You
want to throw out to the right-hand side near this lone tree that’s gonna give
you an easy up and over shot to get close for a birdie putt, with added the
distance and should add to difficulty. Factory Store hole three is a par-3
that’s coming in at 389 feet. You tee off below the
fairway so it’s gonna cause you to throw up. You got to get up the basket by going
up and around these trees. There’s a lefty and a righty route. There’s a rule
variation on this where this cart path is in bounds for this hole. Throw
something up and over, it’s gonna land softly. Hole four on the Factory Store’s a par-3
coming in at 309 feet. It’s a straightforward shot. Basket sits on a
raised platform between these two trees. Go straight over the green and avoid
this hidden sand trap that plays the hazard coming into view right now. Don’t
go too far as it goes downhill steeply behind the basket. Factory Store Hole five is the hardest
hole in the course. Last year played well above par. This 407 foot par-3 requires a
throw of at least 500 because it plays uphill the whole way. You can lay it up
or you can go for it. Just don’t go too far,
drops off steeply behind the basket yet again. Hole six on the Factory Course is a
par-4 coming in at 770 feet and was the fourth hardest hole last year on the
course. Big drive’s gonna put you out past this dirt area near this temp tee pad
right here. That’s gonna leave you a straight shot at the basket. Basket does
sit in a small mound under these trees, putting can be treacherous. Hole seven on the Factory Course is a
par-3 coming in at 453 feet. It’s a straight forward drive with one
exception: you get close to the basket, it drops down a tear so if you throw it too
hard you’re gonna end up in those palm trees behind the basket. Just get over
this rise, nestle it softly down by the basket. Go too far, you’ll find yourself
in trouble Hole 8 in the Factory Store Course is a
technical par-3 coming in at 350 feet, You’ve got to shoot out of this gap get
the disc up high enough to cross over the OB green but then keep it low
enough to go under the trees that are behind the green. Basket sits under this
crooked pine tree. Don’t throw it too far, there’s OB not 20 feet from the back of
the basket. Hole nine came in as one of the easiest
holes in the course last year, so the pin position has been moved. This par-3 339
foot hole brought the basket to the left hand side. This is gonna bring the palm
trees on the right in more. Don’t turn it over, you’ll have a blind shot and you won’t
be able to get out of there. Something straight and neutral will get you right
there for the birdie. Hole ten in the Factory Store is a 378
foot par-3. Hidden danger is the water you’re gonna see right now. If you carry the
water you’re gonna have a good chance at a birdie if you can get past this lone
pine tree. It’s a tough hole. I still can’t believe
it Andrew Presnell aced it last year. You might have seen that one. The Factory Store hole 11 is a 565 foot
par-4. This par 4 gives you choices. Big arms can go for it clear in the
green and land on this gap that’s gonna give you access to the pin. Most people are
gonna wanna lay up. Too far left too far right you’ll find yourself in
trouble. This one though is a must get. Factory Store hole twelve is the big
one. It’s the 987 foot par-5 that plays
mostly uphill. There is a change this year though, the pin position has been
tucked further to the right. Now you want your second shot out here by
this sand trap. That’s gonna give you a shot, be comfortable to get up and down
and maybe it’s your shot at a birdie. However the basket being tucked more to
the right and up a small hill is gonna take most of the Eagle opportunities
away. Factory Store hole thirteen is a big
uphill 453 foot par-3 that plays closer to 500 feet. This was the second
hardest hole in the course last year because it’s so well protected by the OB
green and the hazard sand trap. Choose the layup or choose to go for it
because if you get a birdie here you’ll gain a stroke on the field. Right after
you play the second hardest hole in the course here comes the third hardest hole
in the course. Hole 14 is a par-3 that comes in 441 feet. You’re gonna want to
drive through this gap, stay right at this pine tree and turn something over
or if your lefty throw a big hyzer out there.
The basket sits just next to the green under a protected tree. Easy thing to do
is to throw here layup take your par but again if you get too
aggressive you can hyzer up across the car path or land on that green. It’s
not a lot of danger to the right so a big turnover is a shot to go with. Hole fifteen Factory Store’s the 367
foot downhill par 3. This hole plays much much shorter than 367 feet. You can
see most people take a mid-range off here. Car path and beyond on the
right-hand side is OB, the rock wall behind the basket is OB as well and
there’ll be rope on the left. Just want to control a mid down there,
crash into these two trees, it’s gonna give you a shot at birdie. Hole 16 is a 723 foot par-4. Play off the tee is a big drive. Get something turned over to land
out here in the center of the green just where this curve happens. Don’t wanna
hyzer out and go left, that’s OB be on the car path and there’s
a hazard sand trap there. If you can land in this area you’ll be able to see
the basket on top of the hill behind the green. Throw there, end up short.
However the basket is just on the back side of that hill, that makes rollaways a
definite possibility. Hole17 has two big changes this year on
Factory Store. First is this triple mando. You’re gonna have to go through this gap
under the triple mando and through the trees. Once you get through here, this is
now no longer a par 3, it’s a par 4 that comes into 429 feet. The landing area is
down by these two trees which then will give you two options.
You can go up over the top or you can shoot the tunnel below the palm trees.
This is gonna allow you to land to the basket. Again cart path and beyond on the
left hand side is OB and the net and beyond on the right is OB. Hole18 on the Factory Store Course is a
par 4 coming in at only 582 feet. This is the second easiest hole in the course, so a
birdie here is a must. Throw your drive long and through the center gap. Don’t go
to the right, past that car path is OB. Don’t go to the left because beyond the
fence and beyond the rope is also OB. You’re gonna want to land just in the
open area. That’s gonna leave you an easy up shot to get your birdie. The basket
sits on a hill that’ll slow everything down as it comes in. Big arms can go for
it. There were a couple of Eagles last year,
not everybody can get there. I hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of Course
Factory Store at the Las Vegas Challenge.

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