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3 Basketball Moves To Break Ankles! How To: Best Crossover Moves

3 Basketball Moves To Break Ankles! How To: Best Crossover Moves

3 Basketball Moves To Break Ankles! How To: Best Crossover Moves | Snake what’s up guys close just eventually get handles I constant got three more of the best basketball moves you can use to break ankles so we’re talking about breaking ankles there’s two things you always want to keep in mind with pretty much all these and it’s one for the most part the third one is going to kind of break this rule but for the most part you want to get momentum going with your defenders because that’s how they trip over your own feet or get contact with you and then start to get off balance and then to you are makes you close to your defender ok a lot of times they get off balance is when they get too close to you and they try to make that last-second you know make a real quick change direction they trip over their own theater they get that contact with you or whatever the case may be okay or even sometimes we’ll get them reaching and that’ll put them off balance okay so you want to be close to your defender for all so the first one is going to be called the stop cross and basically all is going to be as you’re going to come up to the center with a lot of momentum get up real tight to him and you’re just going to stop with a behind-the-back dribble okay pounding that dribble heart because a lot of times you get closer defender they might try to reach it might be body contact you will be stronger with the basketball your body your legs good a good stable stance ready for the contact and just stop on a dime ok he is that you make them think that the last second that you’re about to go past him and then you just stopped dead so either a you’ll get them to go flying or be you’ll get that contact that will make them fall or see if you get them to reach a lot of time that will put them off balance okay see point though is again get to them get some momentum going before you get to him and then Paul natural heart be strong with your body and the basketball get the next one is called the sprinter start because basically you’re going to come back load up like a sprinter on the sprinters black blocks from a step back and then you’re going to explode out of that again you want to get tight to your defender whichever hand on the basketball so if i had the left hand of the bottom step with his right foot across the body for the left side keep me protected over the basketball for my defender try to get even with their foot the foot that’s closest on this side or past it ok so you don’t want to be here you want to get here or here from they’re just gonna go between the legs come back ok that’ll give you some contact or the very least get them to think you’re gonna go pass them by getting this flirty but there’s and they’re going to go flying this way and if you don’t get a little you know falling to the ground the very least we’re gonna go flying and then you pull the ball back here ok so coming back into a step-back slight breeze blow it up step forward with the between the legs and then the final one this is one that you’re not always going to get people to fall but you a lot of times you get them to reach and get them off balance and then from there you can go buy them all you’re going to do is just do low dribble combinations what i recommend you do for this is make sure their combinations that you’re pretty comfortable with already so you don’t know what your level of ability is if you’re comfortable with you know it inside out and crossover put that into here if you’re comfortable just a regular trouble and across do that and just work on different put lo combinations real low down here and what you’re trying to do here is get your defender to reach and if they reach like this that gets them off balance right from there if you make any contact they’re going to fall even if they’re here and they try to move back it’s gonna be hard for the movie so the very least be able to buy them but a lot of instances you can get them to fall from that as well and if they’re reaching and trying to get their arms into tight there’s a good chance is going to be contacted again you’ll get them to fall just by dribbling low-heeled to set up but at all times being ready to move and explode past them with a strong heart dribble so once you see them starting to come in and reach that’s what you want to give a hard snap heart pound dribble then make sure you move those feet quick to explode to the basket leave a comment down below there’s anything else you want to see you learn from my channel that’s the place to let me know if you found this video helpful you want some even better ways to improve your ball handling make sure you click this link in the top right hand corner screen that’s a free workout the serial thousands of players it’s probably gonna help you too i have to do is click that link pop in your email and i’ll send that workout you right away for free also if you found this video helpful make sure you hit that subscribe button and get on that notification squat because i have videos coming every week to help you improve your game every single video is going to help you get better thanks for watching stay tuned for more and get after your goals today 3 Basketball Moves To Break Ankles! How To: Best Crossover Moves | Snake

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  2. I used thease on my friends at school some of them almost fell and that gave me the oppurtunity to go by them without contact,most of them fell to make an open baket! Buckets all day!$$$😎

  3. Can anybody tell me how to deal with toxic teammates, i got 2 of em in my school and when u do a single mistake they just yell at others smh… I just look at em like dude chill down and keep playing but i want to teach em lessons (one is behaving like dat coz hes jelaous of others) and idk for another one, i guess hes just a pussy

  4. I always have trouble like okay 5 on 5 im trying to go straight to hole pass the defender lets say i try to drive pass my defender with my left hand on my left side every time its a dude on the wing playing off they're defender to try and go for a steal on me like they will try to close up my driving lane or force me to pass it to someone else how i can get pass defense like that like im running up court normal speed and i try to go on my left side with my left hand but it's a defender on the left wing guarding a man already he then sags off to try and see if he can get a steal off me

  5. Ty, I broke all my friends ankles with this video ( I literally used the phone to break my friends ankles

  6. I may be a year or 2 late but bro! These tips helped me out a lot! We had to 1v1 as part of the team tryouts for my school and I literally put this dude on his face! And I made the team!💯🔥

  7. What I do is let them grab the ball a bit then instantly move in a direction away from them, so they are still reaching while I’m driving already

  8. I did a different move where I quickly went one way and quickly went the other way and my opponent fell

  9. Ok so I'm tryna beat my pops who was a McDonalds all American an all star a 4 time scoring champion a 3 time player of the year he went all state for offense and first defense he averaged 15 rebounds and 30 point . We live in ohio and if you come to Youngstown and ask any old person who poindexter is they'll tell you , but my whole point is that he's a amazing defender and of course I'm only 13 5'3 and I only gotta jump shot and mediocre handles and the ability to sorta finish but I need help taking my handles to the next level so i can blow by him or make him fall when hes trying. Can you help i need a better hesitation moves , a better crossover, and i just need some all around better dribble moves.

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