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3 Easy HALLOWEEN Hairstyles | DIY Hairstyles Compilation 2019

3 Easy HALLOWEEN Hairstyles | DIY Hairstyles Compilation 2019

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, I’m Mindy
from Cute Girls Hairstyles, and today I’m going to show
you three of my favorite Halloween Hairstyles Spooktorials. So the first one we’re gonna do today is the Harlequin pigtails. Now if you guys remember,
we put the pigtails in and then we colored her hair blue, so she became the perfect Harlequin. Okay, to begin this hairstyle, all I did was put some soft, really
soft curls in the end, and I parted her hair
straight down the middle into two sections. Now before I do anything else
as far as hairstyling goes, I’m gonna spray her hair pink
and blue to match her eyes. So we’re gonna do that. (upbeat music) Okay, and when you’re all
done spraying the hair, it should look something like this. I’m gonna take this off now. It’s dry and ready to go. And we’re gonna start the hairstyle. Now the first thing we’re gonna do before the actual hairstyle,
is pull each section of hair up into pigtails, just a
few inches above the ear. I’m gonna start on this left side. And make sure that you leave
some hair out in front. Harley had quite a bit of hair just kind of randomly falling right
in front of her face. And then pull it up into a ponytail. You can use some hairspray if you want to. But don’t slick it to
much, like she was fighting in the, you know, movie,
so her hair looked a little rough and ragged,
and that’s totally Harley. (upbeat music) And you can see that that
shifts the pink a little bit, which is kinda what we want,
we just want a ragged-looking ponytail like she’s been fighting. I am gonna take a piece now, and make sure that it has some pink at the ends. And I’m gonna take it and wrap it around until this pink shows, like this. And then you can just use a bobby pin to secure it into place. (upbeat music) And then, just for a little
added bonus at the top, I’m gonna go back and just
backcomb a little bit, right at the top. And make sure we get lots
of pink showing through. And this ponytail kinda
just looks ratchet. And there you go. Now, you’re gonna just
repeat on the opposite side. ♪ Because you know that I’m coming ♪ ♪ A take down, a take down ♪ ♪ Well next round’s a
take down, take down ♪ ♪ A take down, a take down ♪ And there you have Harlequin through the majority of the movie, woo hoo! The Harlequin piggy tails. Okay, let’s do the final
spin for Harlequin. That rhymed. She is one tough, crazy cookie. (upbeat music) The second tutorial today
is the Unicorn half-ups. So if you guys remember, we took braids. We twisted them around, we left some of the hair hanging down. We added a unicorn horn, and
it was the perfect unicorn. To begin our unicorn
tutorial, we parted her hair down the middle and pulled both sides up into high ponytails. I’m gonna take this ponytail
and I’m gonna divide off about a fourth of
her hair, and so about, well maybe two thirds and
one third of her hair. And you can see, I’ve already
done this and straightened this piece ’cause I
wanted it super straight. The piece on top, I’m going to just run a little bit of dry wax through, just to add a little texture to it. And I’m going to braid it. And we don’t want this
to be a super tight braid because we want this bun on
the top to be nice and full. Okay, when you get your braid done, secure it with an elastic
and then you’re just gonna go back and really puff and
pancake and fluff the braid so that it looks big and
really full, lots of volume. Don’t be afraid to just really tug. (upbeat music) And then take the braid, and we’re going to wrap it and create a bun shape
right here at the top. And of course, hide this end. And then what I’m gonna do is take this, make sure the straight
hair is just falling straight down next to her ear. Might even tuck that just underneath. Like this, and then you’re
going to bobby pin the bun in place, down as tight
against the head right here as you can, so that it covers
the elastic completely. (upbeat music) When you get it pinned and
secure, then just go back, make sure that you like the
way it looks from the front, and if you don’t, just fluff and pull, making the adjustments
necessary until you like the way that the bun is sitting,
and where it’s positioned. When you’re all done with
that, you’re just gonna repeat the same thing on the other side. ♪ Now the fairytale has started ♪ ♪ Happy endings I will share with you ♪ (upbeat music) And you are all done. (twinkling) Now just for fun and just to make her look a little more majestic,
we’re going to spray a little bit of white through her hair and make it even more fun and glittery. (upbeat music) Okay, when you get the hair all
colored the way you want it, you’re finished. Now to finish Brooklyn off,
we’re going to just add, a unicorn isn’t a unicorn without a horn, so we have this darling
little jeweled headpiece that I found, and then
a pretty white cape. And we’re ready to go (twinkling), okay, let’s do the final spin
on our unicorn hair tutorial. I did some glitter down the center part. If you guys want a tutorial on that, be sure to leave a comment below. And yay, here it is. (upbeat music) The third Spooktorial we’re doing today is the zombie cheerleader. This one’s one of my personal favorites because Shaun and Bailey
together made the best football and zombie
cheerleader I’ve ever seen. But we took hairpins, twisted
the hair around the hairpins to create a crazy,
dynamic, like really nutso zombie hairstyle, which is awesome. So what I’ve done is I’ve
started by separating her hair, and I’ve just pulled this section, like a small section at the
very back, I’ve left it out and I pulled the rest of
it up and out of the way. And we’re gonna be just dividing the sections up her head as we go along. Now I’m gonna go back and
take about a one inch section. And on her hair is about one inch. If you have fine hair,
or super thick hair, it may mean you need
to adjust the sections a little bit according to
the type of hair you have. I’m gonna take a hairpin, this
is what a hairpin looks like. It’s different than a bobby pin. And I’m gonna take the hairpin and put it right at the root of that strand. Like this, and then I’m
gonna begin wrapping the hair around the hairpin, kind of
in a figure eight motion. So it’s gonna weave in and
out of those two side prongs. In and out, in and out,
and we’re just gonna keep doing this, and you
can see that with my thumb, I’m kind of holding them
and pushing ’em upward, which allows the room at the bottom of the prongs to stay open and usable. And we’re gonna wrap until we
get to the end of her hair. You’re gonna take your flat iron, and you’re just gonna clamp
it, right here at the end. Try to hang on to that
end as best you can. Clamp it down, just for a few seconds. All the way up, like that. Wrap these ends, if you
see, it’ll pretty much stay on there by itself, now
that you’ve clamped it, but just for a little
added security if you want, do it this way if you can, there’s a couple of other options. One is to take a little
aligator clip like this and just secure that end in there, clip it on, so that it holds it tight while it’s cooling and setting. And a second option is to
take, and I like this one, to take a bobby pin, and just run a bobby
pin right up the middle. And that helps hold it in place. A second option, if you
don’t wanna use heat, is to wrap the hair on the
hairpins just like this, and when it’s a little
tiny bit damp still, and then let it air dry. You can let it air dry just by itself. You can air dry it over night, if you’d really wanna sleep in these. Or you can even pop ’em
under a hooded dryer for a few minutes, or using a
hair dryer on a cool setting, just kind of air dry some of that hair so that it tightens up those curls. Any of the above works just fine. So let me show you another… Curl to it, so we’re gonna take that hair, we’re gonna take our hairpin, again, put it right at the root and then begin wrapping the hair around the hairpin. So just remember, it’s
a figure eight motion, in and out, in and out, in and out, and you just push with your
thumb upward as you go along, (popping) to create room for yourself
with your hair all the way down. And then take your bobby
pin or your straight iron and go ahead and straighten it right now. And then, I’m gonna put on top of this, using the straightener. Just hold it for a few seconds, it really doesn’t take tons of time. And you have a nice curl. We’re gonna go ahead and
just do the rest of her hair going across, and then
we’re gonna begin going up until we have her whole head done. (upbeat music) Okay, and we are done. That took about an hour to do,
and I did it just by myself and we counted and there were 45 in Bailey’s hair, she
has pretty thick hair, and I did pretty thick sections even, but if you had a lot
finer hair, you could do smaller sections and it
may not take you as long. When you’re all done and you let the curls cool and set even a little
bit more, then the fun begins because you get to take it all out. So to take it out, you just release whatever’s holding it on the ends and just gently tug it off
of the hairpin, all the way. And then you can just remove the hairpin. At the top, it might be a little untwisty. And what you get is this
really fun zigzagged curl, as you can see, from the
little crimpies that we did. And it almost looks like rick
rack, like sewing rick rack, which is why they call
it the rick rack set, or rick rack curls or hairpin
curls, any of the above. And, what happens when
you get a bunch of ’em, take this one out, is that they just get,
when you start separating them with your fingers a little bit, they just get really full
because of the crimps, and it just creates tons and
tons of volume and texture. (upbeat music) Now I’m just gonna take ’em all out, and then I’ll show you
the finished product. (upbeat music) And the last one. And you have all of
your hairpin curls done. So at this point, what I’m gonna do is just very gently,
separate with my fingers. Now obviously, this is
gonna frizz it some more, which is what we’re looking for here. So, I don’t wanna run a
brush through it though, ’cause that will just completely
poof it out of control, and we don’t want it out of control. We just want it really, really
voluminous, lots of texture. (upbeat music) And we are finished, so
let’s do the final spin. Just look at all that curl
and volume, it’s awesome. And you can definitely
see how you could pull off a witch, or a lion, or
a zombie, or Hagrid. Yeah, it has a very
editorial feel to me even, something you might see on
“America’s Next Top Model”. Just tons–
– It’s very fluffy. – Of fluff, and I love it. (upbeat music) Thanks you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed all of
our Halloween hairstyles. They’re so much fun you guys, we have so many more Spooktorials. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel, be sure to do it by clicking here. And you can find all of
our other Spooktorials by clicking over here. We’ll see you guys next week, bye guys. (upbeat music)

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