#3 France – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

♪ [piano playing] ♪ [rhythmic music playing] Edgar Davids: Today, the students land in Paris Dju Dju: We now are in Paris. We’re gonna have fun again. Rocky: Yeah. Some of the boys are a little
bit more tired because they went out Wasinho: Wasinho is in London, partying. Terror: “Humpa dunka.” [Wasinho speaking in native language] ♪ [rhythmic music playing] Edgar Davids: Street Legends in San Martin. male: I need some wins today, yeah? Vanntje: We are the best street
soccer team in the whole world. And if you disagree with that,
try to test us. ♪ [rhythmic music playing] Edgar Davids: We’re on tour
from the Netherlands to South Africa. Every city we visit on the way,
we invite any team to take us on to play with us. ♪ [rhythmic music playing] ♪ [rhythmic music playing]
[players hollering] French opponent: Today, we’re going
to play against Street Legends. ♪ [rhythmic music playing] Edgar Davids: We’ve come to play
a couple of games here in France. And they can play and I like that. French opponent: I think we can win
beause we’re French and we are the best. ♪ [rhythmic music playing] Edgar Davids: Hey, Terror! Terror: We got one. ♪ [rhythmic music playing] Terror: One.
[laughing] ♪ [rhythmic music playing] ♪ [rhythmic music playing]
[cheering and applauding] team member: Next, next, next, next. ♪ [rhythmic music playing] ♪ [rhythmic music playing]
[cheering and applauding] ♪ [rhythmic music playing] Vanntje: I think that we’re the best team because we always win and
we win with style, with class. ♪ [rhythmic music playing] ♪ [rhythmic music playing]
[cheering and applauding] Vanntje: I’m in my zone.
I’m in my zone. Terror: We win all the four games in style
and lot of sweat, so– now, look at this clown behind me. ♪ [rhythmic music playing]

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