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3 Ninjas (5/10) Movie CLIP – Ninja Basketball (1992) HD

3 Ninjas (5/10) Movie CLIP – Ninja Basketball (1992) HD

Give us the ball back. Oh, does the baby
want his ball back? – You’re gonna have to play us for it.
– Fight! – Fight, everybody!
– Fight! – Fight!
– Fight! What’s the matter? You deaf?
You wanna play or not? Yeah, we’ll play you. Two on two. For how much? How much? We’re not
supposed to gamble. What am I hearing? “We’re not supposed to gamble.” I wouldn’t wanna do anything to make
your mommy or daddy spank you. – What do you wanna bet?
– Colt! Colt? What a name! Yeah, little horsey,
how about some hay? Laugh. Colt, don’t. Well, punks, I seem to be collecting
quite a few bikes today. – How ’bout we play for yours?
– When we win, what do we get? Well, if you win,
me and my buddies… …will let you walk outta here
with your girlfriend’s bike. – Ooh!
– Ooh! – How many points to a game?
– Ten, duh! Fine, we’ll spot you nine.
You take first out. – Nine-point lead?
– Cake! Colt, no matter what, no fighting. – Oh, come on.
– No fighting. With a nine-point lead, they’re dead. Let’s whip their butts. – Can you hold my hat?
– Why are you showing off? I’m not showing off.
I’m playing basketball. One! Two! Three! Four! Five, six, seven! – Rocky, are you okay?
– Back off. I’m fine. – Rocky, are you all right?
– Hey! Nooo! – Colt.
– Shut up. Go ahead. – Nine.
– Chicken. – Come on, one more basket.
– You’re goin’ down. You can do it, man. Yeah! – Psych!
– Thank you, thank you.

100 thoughts on “3 Ninjas (5/10) Movie CLIP – Ninja Basketball (1992) HD”

  1. in the original version, Rocky's dunk is the 6th point, they lose the game and their bikes and then at the end of the movie they walk to the school and the bullies show up with the bikes and the fat one irritates Rocky, who gets Emily's approval to "show off" and kicks the fat bully's butt, the whole gang runs away and they get their bikes back. You can search for this final scene.

  2. Bullied kids: Bully the Bully

    Bully: Do I LoOk LiKe A JoKe To YoU?

    Bullied kids: Your Basket Ball skills are a joke though.

  3. These guys are trash the bully and his gang a trashier so basically its trash vs trashier don't mean to be a hater but that dunk is so fake you jumped from near the free throw not even a pro can do that this movie got me f'd up

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