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$30 Dollar Makeup Challenge FAIL w/ Tiffany Ma!

$30 Dollar Makeup Challenge FAIL w/ Tiffany Ma!

Hey guys, it’s Jeanine Amapola and I’m here with Tiffany so today We’re doing a collab a long-overdue collab the last one we did was last summer, over a freaking year That’s that’s like Unacceptable Tiffany like we need to make this had your oh you should do this at least twice a year from now I totally agree Tiffany, and I have been friends for a long time you have been like my og youtube friends So I’m here in LA and I was like we got a collab so today on my channel I’m going to be doing the $30 makeup challenge So we tried to get as much makeup as possible under $30 and we’re gonna see like who did better and you guys to be the judge isn’t it be nice because Yo This challenge was hard like it really was Student by makeup for under $30 like a full face of it is so difficult Not even specially if you like the cake on your face like I do. Yeah, we buddies that day, so you know I’m saying Anyway, so tell the what you’re doing on your channel now. I would severe my channel. We’re doing the $30 outfit challenge They’ll both, Jeannine, and I went to forever 21, but two outfits for one another I’m so excited to see you I know you and the clothes I bought you well. I’m pumped We haven’t filmed her portion yet, so I’m like we haven’t even seen the outfits yet, so make sure you subscribe yeah Yeah Me yeah, double subscriber Tiffany her video will be linked down below all our social medias And hope you guys like this video cuz we thought it was fun. I really have this video mmm noise How are you silence this okay? Guys so give us a big thumbs up if you enjoy this video and let’s get right into it whoa All right guys we’re at Target now, okay, Larry. Oh, this is my section pal Alec was like three dollars Help is so freakin cheap, but we can’t only do well and also if we don’t find all the makeup at Target We’ll probably check Walgreens and stuff too, so just FYI. Oh just making products brushes are excluded from that Yeah, okay All right guys so first thing in our nation Tiffany what money? Did you get so I got Maybelline fit me in the color 235 pure beige? And I got the cover girl health elixir foundation in a 725 so my life 689 Which is actually really good for a foundation looks like that is mine was $8.99 so target for the win yells Yeah, it hooked us up like Dynasty has oh nice target was like doing some work. I’m not gonna lie though I take those 70 cents over so and I went 20 cents over so sue me yeah So let’s try this bad boy out unfortunately we don’t have primer because that wasn’t in the budget Oh, this color is so dark for me I think this is too light or maybe it’s not I don’t know I’ve gotten a tan out here guys beating our faces Oh my gosh in this camera. I look so like why do you see that so pale? Oh my gosh? This is now Oh God I mean honestly it’s kind of questioning you earlier in your life, though. This is my color Maybe because there’s my comment beginning of the year, but then I went to the beach every day and good Sun It’s like we should’ve switched on a switch all right well You know what this is as good as gonna get do I look this pale like in real life like I got the NYX HD concealer fair do and I got this one for 374 oh it’s so good that is such a good idea like for next to you’re reading it and I’ve heard this like to do Is actually really good? But I look like this might be a little bit too light for me like this looks a little too wide I don’t know what I was thinking This is very pigmented boba break Right when I came over tipping’s I was like Tiffany we need to get boba I think that’s like a big piece and what we’re gonna do it after we film that we’re like math really Let’s do it now Pretty better moves all right so you throw myself a Rimmel London one highlighter one contour and one blush palette this is 79 one of the more expensive things that got it is but thinking about getting three in one I know so you can’t beat that Those thoughts on this concealer is it’s too late I think it’s not blending out very well. Yeah, it’s definitely on it, so I mean this concealer was good I just think it needs if it were my shade It’d be good, but this is not my shade since I don’t have any powder Did you have her? No no I have nothing to say I keep All my games are just start creasing like two seconds here so for my contour and blush I got the elf blush and bronzing powder palette and this was 399 It’s really pretty and elephants they like I’ve got some good stuff We’re also sharing person 4080, and I forgot my brushes. Yeah, and my brushes are discuss each. I’m so sorry Oh my lord. Is it the same color of my skin. No. It’s not let me see. I don’t know can you see it? No, I don’t see it. I can hear difference. Yeah, honestly the color camp, but this um I’m pretty impressed to like that’s pretty big. Oh my god Yours is so much better than my lo L coming through okay? So this contour thing is actually really good like I’m not mad about it. It’s a very peak blush I think it’s my color. It’s kind of pretty okay. Yo this bronzer is like. I am you’re killing me, right I’m this is great. This is great stuff. Okay. Blush charms test out this blush I’m definitely gonna look so money after this video like I think I will – okay this blush is very light And I wish it was a little bit more pigmented it had more like a mob Ecola It’s very peachy and light, but it’s still pretty nothing I didn’t get is I didn’t get a highlighter, and I’m really bummed because that’s not I Know this is blush what yeah little bit more color And it doesn’t have any I frickin packing on this blush like show up what you look really like how washed out no like Kiki oh I’m still alive let’s be real. I’m just trying to get underneath right She should’ve went to competition. I’m not loving her eyebrows for eyebrows I got the elf eyebrow kit and dark so I didn’t actually use this in the past this was like my first eyebrow product I used back in the day, so this is a Oldie but a goodie for me this was three dollars so shadow to get a new target. It’s pretty cool Though because it comes with the Jamie Diana powder, and it comes a little brownie. I did well with four dollars Okay, so I got the Rimmel London brow this way. I can’t tell if it’s gel is it powder It is she’ll visit boom it looks like her yeah It’s just – jelly and her and this brush is so Small I’m like struggling so this is 399 mine comes with a little stool me, but she’s actually really cute Watch it’s a little baby Okay this broad product is really not that bad I just browser like my weakness like I suck it brows so probably regards to the product I’m just they’re gonna look bad. It won’t fill in this sparse area I shadow these brows are ready For I shot him I got the elf met I shut up for called Matt for plum all matte shade they tell you what steps To do it in I’m gonna follow their steps and see what happens two Dollars you can’t beat that I actually can tell us you guys might be two dollars Versus me I spent so much money on this one never give up some of your options I do I really wanted black to use oh my gosh. I thought I did black. That’s like dark blue glitter It is delivery. Oh my gosh. I am literally so young okay, so this was $7.99 This is the hunter girl – naked jewels. I’m really excited to see this So they gave me this brush which This is gonna do a lot not, but we’re gonna try it anyway. You know what get it e good We don’t even have our shuttle primer I mean, I haven’t used eyeshadow primer in so long. Oh, you’re supposed to do is concealer concealer. That’s smart apparently I don’t even have a matte brown color in here, so I’m going to use my eyeshadow powder But so smart I might do that to like a transition shade like your Sigma 2 is anything that’s right her hiccup is a Actually, I’m gonna go back in with this This color from the palette. I’m gonna you guys my hair. It says to put this gray color on the lid We’re gonna try it out, and oh shoot. I’m scared what? It’s so chunky looking. Oh my god. That looks real chunky. Oh a nice like to put this on the lid alright, whatever We’re doing it. We’re going for it. It’s not that bad. You know We’re not it’s like Super opaque. What can be using my beauty gurus? Oh sound like a real baby girl? I’m gonna do stuff backwards Cuz I just feel like my lips look so pale and my face is so pink I’m gonna put on lipstick now So I got this a wet and wild lipstick in the colour Smoking hot pink alone and this was two dollars two dollars in a twenty four cents Which is actually not that bad everything else that was lipstick was like seven dollars. I couldn’t find anything that was super cheap What am I doing with my eyeshadow like it’s falling? I’m falling what I have me to do okay my left. Eye is like way more pigmented than my right I don’t understand what what is going on it. Literally looks like I got punched in the eye And this is not blending out. Oh, this is so good. This look is so bad. It’s still like Like chunky. I can’t like smooth it on my lips Okay, y’all I don’t I don’t know how much better this can get I’m gonna go any smooth mascara and then come back to eyeshadow For mascara I got the Maybelline a great lash, and this was Three narrator at Target well your show looks good You said look let me go. She’s gonna win. She’s still gonna win. Oh? Yeah? Yeah, so our face looks like 1,000% better I look like pink pumpkin still This mascara is like not – because I want it – I have this eyeliner. This is from out This is liquid eyeliner This was almost $30 which is so inexpensive, but I’m very picky when it comes to my eyeliners my liquid liners Is that like your thing is our letter? Yeah? That’s so not my thing like lashes are my thing I’m just gonna do a cat liner I can’t I would like not talk or I’ll mess up so this is me talking there all right doing Our letter can sense your fear You know what I shadow has definitely seen better days I don’t have any pencil liner So I’m gonna use this like chunky black blue as my tightline and it’s probably gonna in my eyes I’m gonna do it anyways Which me alive. I’ve heard yours hope You don’t look as bad as you think you look. I think you look pretty good Guys comment right now at this very moment. Do you think I look bad cuz I got one let me on camera Yes, I shall look so Tight a little sick some uh punch me Last step you guys, and I’m about to make this look really dark. I’m kind of regretting getting this I don’t know this lipstick which is four or five doesn’t matter by l’oreal color, riche and About to look real dark. What does makeup look? I’m gonna look like I’m going to a Halloween party Oh, it’s like you’re doing like what have I done I? Regret this but like now I have dark eyes and dark lips and this lipstick does not go with this at all The price of this lipstick was 449. I love how I make it was completely opposite It is so different minds like super dark lipstick is good, but it’s really mess without a lip liner Only thing that’s missing is mascara Are you done otherwise? Yep, pretty much done. I think I’m done. I just need to make some final adjustments I have everything I wish I’d picked a different lip color yes a Medallion yeah, I think you should appoint like one or the other for though. I know it’s like too much I think it’d be really good really yeah Yeah your eyeshadow and your line that looks really good You can’t even see a highlight like This lipstick was terrible it like made my lips feel so dry and chapped should I stuck with his goals shaves to the gloss? Did laughing I look so White this is not my skin color, so here’s my look. Here’s my chalky eyeshadow not blended So pretty, what do you guys think because I am like this is not. This is stepping out of my comfort zone What do we think guys who’d be like covergirl models? close-up shots So And then it’s as creasing and like alright So I actually got a lip gloss like a nude lip gloss, and I like wasn’t gonna use it because I’m like well That’s cheating But like can you guys let me cheat because I want to put this nude lip gloss on and it’s the same price as the lipstick and I feel like it would really just complete this look, so let’s let’s do that, so I’m swapping out the lipstick I have this NYX lip gloss It’s a butter cloth And they shade praline and this was the same price as the lipstick so like allow me to cheat like this isn’t really cheating Right I think it’s you know, but I’m just swapping it out like yeah, it’s still very $30 alright Maybe this will improve the look like just a little bit your eyeshadows like it’s so bad, okay This is the worst look I’ve ever done my like oh, yeah So much so much better so much better. I feel better now. That’s a lot more tame a lot better Just getting really far away from my face, and that looks somewhat good. If you get too close. I think you look looks good I think it looks better than mine. Let me see no oh so much better Now it’s your guys. It’s time to decide who you think did better Personally, I think we had our own challenges Yeah, and our own wins so I think we both did really great I’m not gonna pick and say who did better because I think we won’t did really good to be honest It’s better you do look like you actually did it make it look versus mine is like so washed out There’s like nothing going on. It. Just looks like it’s like I couldn’t did this look like $10. You know Versus yours is like there. You don’t make up, but this is so bad You’re far away. It looks amazing. Okay. Good plus. Not close up. Yeah, this clothes like So again calm down below you can get better. Oh, yeah, definitely go check out Cynthia’s video now that you finished this one Yes Don’t below You can see what she picked up for many guys in Udinese channel make sure you guys subscribe Yeah in my channel yes subscribe to Tiffany if you haven’t already with actual friends in real life, or it’s a good I mean actually no. I not every time. I really good here Ok guys. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next Saturday our special means are down below LeBlanc channel oh yeah subscribes of all channels your book vlogging today your camera’s here Mike wait switch switch Filming as we speak alright guys. See you soon peace out Girl Scout

100 thoughts on “$30 Dollar Makeup Challenge FAIL w/ Tiffany Ma!”

  1. i love you both we All have done a not so good make up look .the nude lip defentley changed the whole look 360 now the Red lip and make up reminded me of the movie Death becomes her … The Main ladys resemble the look too funny ! looks like you had a fun time that is all that matters 🙂 … @jeanineamapola

  2. I loved the video you two are soooooo pretty! But Jeanine looks a little bit white and the eyeshadow looks like someone punched her hahahahaha i loved it

  3. U could have used one of the eyeshadows for bake or setting or the blush just not much so it dosent come out color

  4. I just started watching Jeanie she is sooo beautiful without makeup and with ,love you so much!your one of my favorite youtubers you always look good no matter what!

  5. You guys are soo freaking pretty like how!!!!! And Jeanine you are very pretty and your makeup was great and so was yours Tiffany!

  6. Lol great job ladies. Tip check the Dollar store Dollar Tree Carries ELF brushes and makeup ? also Revlon CoverGirl And other brands ❤️XOXO

  7. Both of them won it’s just the camera that’s ruining the look in the vid for sure it looks good in person

  8. You guys both look so pretty. Jeanine you look like a cover model, so so pretty, and Tiffany your makeup looks really nice, you both look beautiful. I know this is really random but Jeanine I just noticed your teeth are so white and perfect. I love you both so much please do more collabs. You are both so pretty you don’t even need makeup. Maybe one day you should teach me how to do makeup ? anyway, love you guys ? sorry about this long comment ? and for all of you reading this, you are perfect the way you are. You don’t need makeup to make yourself look pretty. ? You are all so beautiful and special in your own way. ⭐️ Makeup is like an accessory you wear for fun. Don’t rely on it to make you beautiful. You already are beautiful. You are such an incredible, talented person and you have or will have an amazing life, worth living. ? Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.??

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