100 thoughts on “$30 Dollar Makeup Challenge FAIL w/ Tiffany Ma!”

  1. i love you both we All have done a not so good make up look .the nude lip defentley changed the whole look 360 now the Red lip and make up reminded me of the movie Death becomes her … The Main ladys resemble the look too funny ! looks like you had a fun time that is all that matters 🙂 … @jeanineamapola

  2. I loved the video you two are soooooo pretty! But Jeanine looks a little bit white and the eyeshadow looks like someone punched her hahahahaha i loved it

  3. U could have used one of the eyeshadows for bake or setting or the blush just not much so it dosent come out color

  4. I just started watching Jeanie she is sooo beautiful without makeup and with ,love you so much!your one of my favorite youtubers you always look good no matter what!

  5. Jeanie even though you look like you've been punched in the eye, you're still beautiful 👐💅

  6. You guys are soo freaking pretty like how!!!!! And Jeanine you are very pretty and your makeup was great and so was yours Tiffany!

  7. Lol great job ladies. Tip check the Dollar store Dollar Tree Carries ELF brushes and makeup 💄 also Revlon CoverGirl And other brands ❤️XOXO

  8. Both of them won it’s just the camera that’s ruining the look in the vid for sure it looks good in person

  9. You guys both look so pretty. Jeanine you look like a cover model, so so pretty, and Tiffany your makeup looks really nice, you both look beautiful. I know this is really random but Jeanine I just noticed your teeth are so white and perfect. I love you both so much please do more collabs. You are both so pretty you don’t even need makeup. Maybe one day you should teach me how to do makeup 😉 anyway, love you guys 💖 sorry about this long comment 💕 and for all of you reading this, you are perfect the way you are. You don’t need makeup to make yourself look pretty. 💓 You are all so beautiful and special in your own way. ⭐️ Makeup is like an accessory you wear for fun. Don’t rely on it to make you beautiful. You already are beautiful. You are such an incredible, talented person and you have or will have an amazing life, worth living. 😊 Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.💕💕

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