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4-Year-Old Cheer Prodigy | Localish

4-Year-Old Cheer Prodigy | Localish

And one, two, three. I would definitely describe
her as a child prodigy. She’s truly a standout child. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s not hard. [MUSIC PLAYING] My name is
Kynzee, and I’m four years old. [CHEERLEADERS SHOUTING]
own little Instagram page that I monitor,
and people are requesting to watch her videos. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Kynzee’s coach
at Prodigy All-Stars. We just ended up playing around,
her sister recorded it and sent it to me, and so I ended
up sending it to a friend, and he posted it
on Facebook saying, “Wow, look at this
amazing child,” and I woke up the next
day, and it just blew up.” They called me an hour
into them posting it, and it already had
like, thousands and thousands of views. JOHNNY PIGGEE: Just over a week,
almost three million views. Just an overnight sensation. GINA BRYAN: I was like,
“Oh my god, that’s crazy.” JOHNNY PIGGEE:
That is the routine that she learned from watching
one of our top level teams. [MUSIC PLAYING] She actually
taught me that routine. I don’t really know the
stunt as well as she does. Honestly, I am the
student in this situation. I’m making it myself. GINA BRYAN: And she just picks
it up on her own, like nobody really teaches her. She just know they
go from here to here. Her sisters kind of
help her with it. So she’s been watching
them since she was one. We’ve been in this
gym for six years. We are here almost
every day of the week. Cheerleading is when
you go up in the air. [MUSIC PLAYING] JOHNNY PIGGEE: Our competition
is divided up into age groups. And so, you can be that
young and that skillful, but it’s very rare to actually
have a child like that. Actually, I’m ready to put
her on one of my elite teams right now, but she’s too young. GINA BRYAN: She’s
so in awe of them, that she wants to be
like them, and so they actually made her an honorary
member of their team. I like cheerleading
because I like to fly. JOHNNY PIGGEE: Before
she even joined a team, she was already
animated like that, and that was just
something she does. So when people first her,
I would say the first thing they say is “wow.” She’s truly an amazing athlete. One, two three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. Nine!

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