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6 reasons I’m glad I took a GAP YEAR + over $35,000 in gap year scholarships πŸ’°

6 reasons I’m glad I took a GAP YEAR + over $35,000 in gap year scholarships πŸ’°

Hello wonderful humans, welcome back to The Bliss Bean. Just in case you’re new here and you’re wondering why I don’t
seem to have a full time job or go to school or be doing anything with my life,
that is because I am 19 years old and currently on a gap year between high
school and college. I’ve done a couple of videos on my gap year: how I planned it,
how I packed for it, what it was actually like, but I want to emphasize that even
though a lot of my gap year videos are travel related, travel was not the only
reason that I took a gap year. Actually I would say that initially I did think of
it as a “travel gap year” and I actually envisioned myself traveling for a full
year, but as I progressed through it I realized that, one, I don’t really have
the kind of stamina to be traveling for a full year and neither do I
particularly want to be traveling for a full year and, two, there is no reason for
me to label this as any kind of a specific gap year because all of the
experiences that I’ve been having on it so far have all been really valuable
whether they’ve taken place abroad in Spain and Portugal or right here in my
room, where I spend literally 90% of my time. So when the Gap Year Association
reached out to me to ask if I wanted to be an ambassador for their Gap Year Exploration Month, I was like heck to the yes, and as I was thinking about what
kind of video I wanted to make, I really wanted to highlight that how you spend a
gap year is totally up to you. There are so many options and, subsequently, a lot
to be gained from taking a year off of school before college. So, without further
ado, even though I’m really only like halfway through my gap year so far, here
are six reasons why I’m really really really really glad that I made this
decision. Number one, it made me excited about
college. Now, during senior year of high school, sure, I was excited about college but I was also feeling really drained from
high school, especially junior and senior year, so did the idea of coming back for
another year of classes and pointless homework and extracurriculars and sleep
deprivation particularly excite me? No, not really.
Now, though, after taking some time off and seeing my friends go through their
own experiences, I am genuinely so hyped for college. Not just the college
experience, and meeting new people and whatever, but even just like learning, I
miss learning at school. And I think it’s better to go into the college experience
feeling pure excitement and curiosity rather than just, like, blasting
full-speed ahead straight from high school into college, and not taking any
sort of a breather between the two chapters of your academic life. Number
two, taking a gap year gave me some practice with being away from my family,
just being on my own in general. I’m not certain yet where I will be going to
college, but it’s very possible that I might live very far away from my family
and everything I know here in Madison and the trip that I took to Europe for
two months was like that but with training wheels. This was me the first
night of my work away in Spain crying because I missed my family so much and I
just had no idea how I would get through multiple months of being away from home.
But then this was me the rest of the trip! Obviously I still missed my family
and I was excited to go home but I learned that I could get by on my own
and take care of myself Even when I got sick, and I had to figure
out how to get medical care in a foreign country all by myself, like it was
stressful and it sucked, but afterwards I was like wow, I’m really a seasoned pro
traveler now, aren’t I? And so now that I’ve survived those two months and
possibly more traveling this spring, I just feel really ready for what’s to
come. Number three, taking a gap year made
college applications less stressful and introduced me to new options. So when you
take a gap year you can either apply to colleges during your senior year and
then defer your acceptance, I’m pretty sure most of them allow that, but don’t
take my word for it. Or you can wait and you can apply for colleges during your
gap year. Both of these choices really are perfectly fine but to me, personally,
it felt like, wouldn’t it make more sense to do this after I’ve had some
experiences in my life that might potentially change what I want to study,
where I want to live, etc etc, and wouldn’t it make more sense to go through the
college applications process when I have more free time and don’t have to worry
about my high school classes? As an example, one door that opened for me
because I took a gap year was that, while I was in Spain, I met this American
student who was studying at an American University in Madrid, and I was really
intrigued by that, so I was like, might as well send in my Common App, and lo and
behold I might be moving to Madrid in the fall, and that’s crazy, like you never
know what you will discover if you give yourself a bit more time to explore more
options. Number four, I had experience growing a photography business. So for
the past two years I’ve been doing freelance photography work part-time and
taking time off school allowed me to take on more clients and really just
focus more on this little business of mine, which was valuable obviously number
one, because of the money, but also number two, because it taught me so much. For one,
my work improved immensely but beyond just the quality of my photos, I had to
learn how to start a business, and manage clients, and develop a workflow, and stay
organized. One of my most popular videos is the one about my photography business,
and it wasn’t until I made that that I realized just how many, like, little bits
of knowledge I picked up along the way of doing this. So I’m not sure if I want
to be a professional photographer in the future, but the photography skills really
come in handy for blogging and then the business and organizational skills will
definitely apply to pretty much anything that I end up doing. Number five, high
five, was that I was able to develop this blog and YouTube channel. Again, just like
with photography, YouTube was something that I did do during the school year, but
taking some time off from school just allowed me to invest more time into it,
into really planning out and making high quality videos, and trying to figure out
what I ultimately wanted to accomplish with this YouTube channel. Because I feel
like during the school year I was so pressed for time that it was just like,
oh, it’s another week, gotta grind out another video. And then again maybe I
won’t be a photographer in the future maybe I’ll eventually stop making
YouTube videos, but I know that my passion lies in the field of media, so
whatever career path I end up choosing, the skills that I’m
picking up now will most definitely carry over. Finally, number six is that
taking a gap year is a great resume booster. A lot of people worry that teens
who take a gap year won’t want to come back to school, they’ll seem lazy in the
eyes of college admissions officers, and that literally doesn’t make any sense.
First of all, as I said, I’m way more excited to go to college now, and two, all
these experiences that I have under my belt now will be perfect topics to bring
up in job or internship interviews and scholarship applications, college essays,
anything like that. As long as you don’t just like, cruise through your gap year
without challenging yourself to do much of anything, your experiences will make
you a more well-rounded and employable person. I also want to bring up that some
people take gap years for financial reasons because college is really
expensive and so they want to save up some money before they enroll, and that’s
still a valuable experience, like even if you think oh, I’m just, like, working at a
part-time or a full-time job, it shows colleges your work ethic and it
shows that you are responsible and that you have experience working in the real
world. That was a lot of talking. So those are my six reasons why I do not regret
taking a gap year one bit. Now I want to talk about some cool opportunities
for those of you who are watching this and might also be considering a gap year. So Gap Year Exploration Month is a way
to get the word out about gap years through in-person gap year fairs as well
as a bunch of webinars to teach you about the process of planning for a gap
year, and different programs that you can participate in during your gap year. The
Gap Year Association is having two contests, so one for students who are
about to embark on their gap year and then the other one for gap year alumni. Literally all you have to do for each one is make a short video, post it on social
media, and you might win five hundred dollars. There are also two other
scholarships that I’ve linked below, both of them are $3,000 prizes and there’s a
total of 12 scholarships up for grabs. I wish I had known about this while I was
planning my gap year, but maybe it is not too late for you, so please take
advantage of this opportunity if you are at all considering taking a gap year. So
yeah, the links to everything that I talked about are in the description,
please use the resources and if you have any questions about gap years and you
want some advice for me I’ll try my best feel free to reach out on Instagram or
by email or anything like that. Thank you so much for watching this, please give it
a like if you found it helpful, and subscribe to my channel, and I will see
you next week. Bye!

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  1. Thank you for making this! I’m about to start my gap year from next summer and I can’t wait 😊 X Serena

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