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6 Year Old Cheerleader Kicked Off Team

6 Year Old Cheerleader Kicked Off Team

the six year old girl who was kicked off of
the cheerleading squad and the reason why she was kicked off a zap
because her mother had an objection to one of the chance they were doing so we actually
have a video of about this story you find out the chances and you’ll find out what happens
is poor little sixteen-year-old girl or six year old girl flow uh… jennifer stashes sent to cheer her six-year-old
daughter kennedy was forced to sam michigan cheerleading squad was completely inappropriate for a six year
old has been found and safe and awareness my packet nice person to tell you are pretty states from left to right i think it’s inappropriate i do you think
is the death penalty and surfaces cash with celebs that she took her concerns
and to the local news but her complaints backfired and the members
of the wolverine football cheerleading legal voting unanimously this week to keep the questionable tier but kit kennedy office y obsessed with her routine intent every ounce not to cry with them because
they had to be struck tash and her daughter’s cheerleading coach even dot into a painted
argument on a mobile radio show noting that something most words allowed elaborate
quoting the political cattlemen the booty seeking for much but that that particular
they’re being competitive in everything and and i think that the other one kind they’re
back at the record p paper that they have the power at the black cat care pretty boy
trickling up our lesley university test past and as i can assist lives as soon as you know
like internally this is like a family and to me if you check your family what are
you gonna do you know you people are gonna be upset this terrible situation we have a
lot of incense parents i feel terrible it’s worth a read of your reporters only kennedy
is allowed to come back to his flock next season confrontation with all the bad blood there’s not much to
cheer about making is his influence our parent company for good morning america injury canning a_b_c_
news located uh… ladysarah there first of all the who’s going to have a different
point-of-view i mean what american is going to have an opinion other than the
opinion the three of us are about uh… apparently the whole squad yeah i mean apparently the
college apparently that all committed this is not my favorite line is you know world
like you feeling and so on twenty week have a different i would like to take out our disagreements
on her six-year-old children okay i’m out yep and making sure their office idea when
the plant equipment in my family with the grownups fight we have tickets oaks crazyfists attitude and i was raised as a personal started
you sure about bob they’re working your buddies essex ears are six years old of course it
would seem inappropriate does somebody have to do not see is that right she says all hot issue not as his own not see what the point of this is ivy cisr certified as i said it looked up
unix nervous that that makes no sense at all of them ally has it wasn’t it’s because this
sexual in nature of course as i know that if they had applied ever to have ours as his critics if you got a letter back and
then but even if you unit the other parents believe vote to keep the cheer i mean even if you say they’re now we’re keeping
the chair of star because you know what if one parent objects you don’t get that you’ve
been she doesn’t get to roll over everything ok here that’s parent you know we’re given
that she respond you know what booty has almost become you could argue booties become non sexual especially if six-year-old said mean you know
you that’s almost like the word that they use for but so that it’s less you know her
better you to get your booty off the couch like you know whatever i don’t know shake
your booty and let’s get going to that i wouldn’t say that argument emi combined
with the skirt to shorten whatever’s things too tight it’s probably is but you know but
i need the notion that they were like mine so i actually have kutner avide leads bukit architectural classes off the
team every one of the herself by defense in the world with the help of all of these people you know what the other hand it was a little drastic and he’s out requiring a balanced so i think that’s right yes second will provide you the something quite exotic
measures uh… the fastest ludwig uh… at that so and this prerequisites right with
the difficulties et cetera begin their pro-growth of with that of course figure office dismantled
but uh… it it was my six-year-old and they say all yeah would be a news here you know i’m not prove and everybody in america
from them every but these all but sure skirt is too short fucked a body parts moderate
here’s what i don’t want to know what i want my sister was saying about how restrictive not interested political uh… i don’t know beef with the
parent removing her kid from the cheerleader hollyhead if they’re buying but if they won’t
change that you hear that you’re gonna have to take you get off the cheerleading team
or so you won’t do that you is and by the way they should work it out you know they
should do change the cheer believe it should also occur to them who would be a good normal
people to do para complaints they say no cars as really
i think you should look at it again they go out you know what maybe israel built on a
judge in juneau was it will work on a different share if theories militants at this hour character but i am glad of that grows eliminated from
school yeah here is that it is a bit uh… you know
his into physical relation able to come back next year but only half of april innocent handout all got you have somebody pointed
out that it will make the point of uh… robinson coaches perfectly and utility billing appear on probation now
with which you would talk about it’s an absolute uh… all your complaint kate travel dairy
birthday reshaped art and if you want to show off everyday all all
parenting skills but

99 thoughts on “6 Year Old Cheerleader Kicked Off Team”

  1. Im taking both sides. The mom is correct because who wants their 6 year old saying stuff like hat. And i also take the coaches side because you don't always say the best things. DRAMAAA!!!

  2. When I cheered a million years ago we did that cheer as well. I never saw a problem with it, but then again, I wasn't too concerned with what I was saying when I was 11 years old.

  3. I'm not getting exactly what is wrong with that cheer? Can someone please tell me? (I'm sorry if this sounds so stupid to you!) 

  4. I think she overreacted a little. I remember singing that same song when I was her age voluntarily. None of those little kids know what it means or cares there just there for fun.

  5. I have to say, that cheer is inappropriate for any cheer team to say, especially one with a bunch of six year olds. And then the little girl got kicked off the team for something the mother said. Honestly, it doesn't really sound like they were that great of a team anyways. Some people are just so dumb.

  6. thats a common cheer what the heck is wrong with it like there little girls how could they know what tht means!?!?!?!?!?!

  7. I Agee with some of he pionts but the cheer place I go to I help out with the little ones in the spare time ad I help with the chants and they never says ones parents would be happy with as we ask the parents there opion as I've got s broken leg at the moment I still help out but make sure evryone is happy with chanting

  8. I started cheering when I was 3 and cheered all the way until I was 24. Would still be cheering if I was still in school and my body wasn't failing from all the years of stress put on it; but I do still coach cheer and I don't let my girls do any "cute" cheer that isn't directed toward the players for the purpose of encouraging them. Any cheer done for "cute" reasons and makes no sense in the terms of the sport you are cheering for is ridiculous. Teams need to be focused on cheers to encourage their players and that is all and this wouldn't be an issue. No matter how young or old the cheerleaders are.

  9. I think the mom is wrong for putting her 6yo on a cheerleading squad anyway. Why would she want here little girl out there shaking her body in a short skirt and tight shirt.

  10. Why are the parents trying to relive their glory days through their children… besides YOUR NOT THE CAPTAIN OF THE TEAM YOUR A COACH… what's wrong with you?  Do you have any idea what you're doing?  Have you taken any lessons to know what a real cheerleader is like?  No you haven't you are just winging it 

  11. I can see why the mother would not want her 6 year old daughter saying that, but I don't think they should kick her off for it! I mean, she is 6! She could just not say the chant or just mouth it. If I had a daughter that young of age, I wouldn't want him/her/them to be saying that.

  12. I didn't find anything sexual or inappropriate about the cheer. I agree with the squad and coach voting to keep the cheer, but seriously, kicking the girl off the squad was excessive. They should have left that decision to the mother.

  13. this cheer is perfectly fine, it's the people sexualizing the six year old that are the problem, including her own mother.

  14. 'This is like a family…' yeah right. If this was like a family, then you wouldn't excommunicate someone for voicing concerns about your actions, especially when it involves their child. Although reporting it to the news was overkill, the reaction was far beyond what could be considered reasonable.

  15. their six, they should have a different cheer for lil girls wtf are wrong with these coaches omgoodness,

  16. I'm from Madison heights. My brothers played for that little league team. Most the girls I grew up with and dated over the years cheered for the wolverines. I spent years as a little kid running around and playing during the practices. In the 90's when my dad was president of the team and his friend coached the cheerleaders. I can promise you, this never would've happened. They would've got rid of a cheer before they ever would've kicked out a little girl. They use to work with every parent with kids on both teams to make sure the parents were comfortable and the kids always had fun. And even though I never really cared for football. I've been a music man all my life. They even included me in the fun stuff with both teams. Even had me wear my cowboy clothes and dance with the girls. It used to be a family. Actually our whole town used to be, and always looked out for each other and all the kids. Madison heights Michigan ain't like that anymore. It's a shame.

  17. If the mother think THAT seems "sexual" then put her on a competitive team with the skimpy outfits (I don't mind the outfits, they are cool).

  18. I have to do that cheer but we changed it to my back hurts my skirts to tight my body shakes my from left to right

  19. That coach is a sick fuck for asking a 6 year old to do this kind of cheer and the parents who supported the coach are just as sick!

  20. im a cheerleader for the jr.rams and we do funny stuff like rhat but were the 11 through 15 though but its fine its CHEER !!!!! DEAL WITH IT !!!!!!!!!

  21. I was unsure side to take on this until I heard the radio comments. I mean if she doesn't want her daughter cheering on the blacktop for hours, then they need to do something about it, and they did.

  22. Okay yes the cheer is inappropriate and yes i think the girl should not have been kicked off of the team but here's the deal: if you have an issue with what someone is doing, DON'T TAKE YOUR CONCERNS TO THE MEDIA. I can understand wanting to take action against the situation but from what I can understand this lady went to the media first instead of going to the cheer directors and saying, "uhh, do you think that this might be a little sexual???"

    In some cases, yes, going to the media is a good option. But going to the media first instead of chatting with the director is childish.

  23. my cheer squad says my backs aching and my skirts to tight and my hips are shaking from left to right this is skinny this is fat boy what cha looking at knock knock on the door well be cheering on the floor

  24. Whats the deal with cheer leading and high school football teams in the states. Why do people do that? I saw high school football in Ohio on tv in a wing place. That is ridiculously boring.

  25. I don't understand why they decided to keep the cheer, but the little girl off. That's just stupid and the girl shouldn't have been kicked off. And she could come back next season, on probation? For 1: she didn't do anything and 2: her mom was the one to bring up the cheer and how it was inappropriate. If I were that mom, I'd look for a better, more supportive team.

  26. These sexuality pushing parents are just trying to re-live their own "glory days". Pathetic and only a breath away from being pedophiles.

  27. Lol, is he drinking beer while reporting the news? I guess school issues about little girl cheerleaders is stressful for the guy. Either that or the stupidity of the adults and their petty reaction to the mom's disapproval of the cheer because let's be real, they still would have kicked her off if her mom dealt with it in private. "Hey, you don't like the cheer? You wanna ban it? Too bad because you're the only one in disagreement. So either you take her off or we'll kick her off." At least that's how I imagine it would happen.

  28. Take that girl to another school district.  I wouldn't want a woman like that coaching my kid anyway.  With that mouthy attitude, she's coaching 6 year olds?  Yeah, let's put someone in a teaching type position who name-calls and smarts off.  Values every 6 year old should learn.  <HUGE eye roll>

  29. I did a cheer like this but instead of "my booty shaking" we said " my back is aching my skirt is too tight, and my HIPS are shaking from the left and to the right"

  30. Wow, the coach and teachers sound like very ignorant people, not to mention very "unprofessional" how they handled the case. But then as i'm looking at this, i'm asking myself, "should a 6 year old really be cheer-leading at this age?"

  31. Normally i am of the opinion that an entire group or organization shouldn't change for one person. Like if a woman wants to waitress at hooters she cant complain that breasts make her uncomfortable and expect the whole restaurant to change their theme and become conservative just so that one person feels comfortable working there. If you are comfortable with something, great. if not find another group that is better suited to you.

    However this mentality obviously applies to adults, and in this case we are talking about a 6 year old child. Now if the cheer squad consisted of a group of 18 year old girls and one child, than i would also say, the child should find a more appropriate team, and let the older girls be sexy. I am not sure if the cheer-leading team consisted of only young children, mostly teens, or a mixed age group. If the group was only for young children, than they should find more appropriate cheers. If the young girl was trying to join an older team, than she should have went somewhere else.

    There are just to many unknown factors to decide if the team should change or if the girl should leave. You would think the teams would be divided by age, and that they have a team for little kids, and a team for teenagers who may be more comfortable expressing sexuality or provocative routines. and if the older girls don't like it, than they don't have to join.

  32. Peoples' stupidity is… ridiculous. And yeah, i dont think booty is sexual. Plus, not like the kids know its sexual. They probably just think it is a cute chant.

  33. what the hell is a parent of a 6yr old doing getting her on the team in the first place!
    she could not possibly not know that some suggestive stuff is on there.
    its unlikely thet are going to do cheers from the barny show.
    my guess is she was looking for a fight in the first place.
    i agree some of cheering is suggestive and could be better but this is not the way to approach it putting a tiny girl in the middle.

  34. It's not that it's inappropriate, she's 6 and saying that sort of stuff, that isn't right. She shouldn't be kicked off the squad just because her mom thinks it's too inappropriate. The chant should be changed -.- but on the other hand what the mom said about standing there on the sidelines cheering for boys for two and half hours, that's what you signed up for isn't it?

  35. Ok I was in cheerleading in 5th grade and my cheerleading team never did a cheer like that, you don't even see adult cheerleaders doing cheers like that so yeah I agree that was inappropriate for anyone let alone a 6 year old.

  36. It seems to me they need to lose the coach if he/she think thats an appropriate cheer for a 16 year old let alone a 6 year old then he should be put on a register and never allowed near kids again.

  37. if I was here mom I would punch the coach in the mouth that is so sad I would never do that at the age of 6 and I am 10

  38. Or the mom could enroll her daughter in gymnastics, dance classes or soccer. Her daughter could learn skills that would have people cheering for her rather than being judged on how well she cheers for the boys.

  39. If I was a cheerleader couch, I would NEVER allow any child, especial a 6 year old, to EVER chant a cheer like that! They're "children"!!! Plus, that cheer had absolutely NOTHING to do with a football game. That was just trying to sexualize those poor girls. They shouldn't be expose to that kind of nonsense!!

  40. Congrats on 3 Million Subscribers TYT, U Guys Are The Shit… Thanx 4 your angle on the world and unbiased news…

    It goes like this:
    skit-skat, all like that
    skit-skat, all like that
    skit-skat, all like that, all like that
    bang bang, choo-choo train
    come one baby do your thing
    because my back is aching
    and my skirts too tight
    and my hips are shaking
    from the left to the right
    hold on, wait a minute
    lets put a boom in it, boom in it~😜😜

  42. I was a cheerleader 5th grade and they say back hurts my skirt to Tiet my hips shake left for right umm u got to some power

  43. The mom should maybe be more concerned that her six-year-old daughter says "her thinks". Ah! Can someone tell me to what the "my back aches" line refers? It seems, from the way it was discussed, that it has a meeting that is sexual in nature, and I've never heard it…

  44. I assumed that this would concern a silly parent and political correctness. Considering that these girls are 6 years old it is truly amazing that anyone could consider the cheer appropriate. All concerned bar the little girls mom should feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves. – kudos to the mom for doing the right thing even though everyone was against her.

  45. The team has the right to eject her from the team. The mother has a right to disagree with and protest the cheer. I wouldn't want my child to say a cheer like this but I also would want my child to be a cheerleader, because it has been sexualized on a grand scale.

  46. ok but why bring such an innocent little girl into what seems to be just a misunderstanding. Why didn't the coach change the lyrics or just explain first hand? That coach and whoever allowed this are the loonatics.

  47. Did she ask the school to get rid of the cheer though? Because going straight to the media is a bit suspicious of attention seeking. But yes, it was inappropriate.

  48. Yeah, lets pass that cheer on to East Asia… Its more appropriate there. Yeah! I said it!

  49. The people who defended and voted to hurt that innocent child are probably pedophiles. Why would u have a problem with little girls in skirts NOT cheering sexually explicit cheers?? Pedophilia is strong in America

  50. She probably should’ve talked to the coach and other parents first instead of going right to the news. None of the adults handled this well.

  51. I hate their cheerleading uniform like I do competitive cheer and I love our cheer uniforms
    Their cheer is really disturbing

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