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8 Pickup Lines That Are Guaranteed To Work

8 Pickup Lines That Are Guaranteed To Work

Hey YouTube! I’m Kate Spring, your dating and relationship
coach from the west coast of Canada. I’m here to share some foolproof pick-up
lines that will help you break the ice with any girl. I’m going to ask you to forget those god
awful lines like, “did it hurt?” “Did what hurt?” “When you fell from heaven?” ahhhhhh Move along! This line actually does not work! It’s so old and outdated i think it was
funny in the early 2000’s, but not now. There are thousands of pick-up lines out there,
but that doesn’t mean they should be used. Just before I let you in on 8 pick-up lines
that are guaranteed to work, I want to remind you to leave any questions that you have in
the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you, personally, as soon as I can! Before I give you the goods, remember that
the purpose of a pick-up line is to open conversation. The purpose is not to offend her or make your
buddies laugh. Here, we are simply trying to break the ice
in our initial encounters. My first piece of advice in actually using
these pick-up lines is that you want to show confidence, so be direct in how you approach
her. Don’t walk up to her timidly. Approach her with purpose, head high, shoulders
back. Okay, the first one I have for you is a more
adventurous one. It basically suggests that you walk up to
a woman and ask her, “Truth or dare?” This also requires you to do a little background
work before. You need to have a truth and a dare prepared
before you even approach her. You don’t want to be standing in front of
her shocked that she answered you by saying, “Ummmmm… one sec.” For example, if she says dare, you could say,
“I dare you to let me buy you a drink!” An example for truth could be, “If there
was no such thing as money, what would you do with your life?” Or something along those lines. This pick-up line does two things. It can reveal someone’s adventurous side
if they lean towards a dare, but it can also help you break the ice even faster by asking
her an interesting question. Whichever one she goes for will tell you something
about her personality and help you get to know her that much faster. I surveyed a handful of clients to give me
honest feedback on their most successful pickup lines, and this next one is one of them. This is like that fall back one, and it’s
super easy to remember. This one requires you to go up to a girl that
you’ve never met and say a random girl’s name. For example, you could say, “Hey, Sophie!” She will most likely respond with an “I’m
not Sophie…” And you then say, “Oh no! I’m so sorry, but you look just like my
friend Sophie.” And then this would be a good time to introduce
yourself. This one is tricky because it is all about
the execution. If you aren’t feeling confident in your
acting abilities, then I would suggest using another one, but if you are up for the challenge
and can keep this ball rolling, then I suggest you try it. But make sure to be sincere in your apology. With the wrong execution, some women might
get offended. But then, again, she might just not be in
a flirting mood, and you’d be better off moving on to someone else. This next line is for those students out there
who are looking to break the ice with a cute classmate. This also works in any situation where you
are seated. This one goes that if there is an empty seat
by a girl you want to approach, simply ask her, “Is this seat taken?” If she says no, then sit down and strike up
a conversation. Start by introducing yourself. And find out her name. Avoid topics on the weather and the political
climate, unless you have a superb joke. Try and engage with her by talking about something
in the surrounding environment. If it’s a class, you could ask her about
the professor, or recount a funny story that happened in class. Basically, you just need proximity and reason
to strike up a conversation and then you can go from there. One thing to keep in mind when you’re using
these pickup lines is that the goal is to strike up conversation, not to get her to
commit to you for life. So don’t get too attached to one girl, or
one topic for that matter. Don’t be afraid to switch up the conversation. Before we get too far, to learn more about
picking up women and stimulating some attraction, head over to and pick
up a free copy of my attraction building handbook. That’s and it’s completely
free by the way. Another kind of cheeky line to get someone’s
attention is to tell them that they look like a famous person. Say, “You look like (insert famous person
here).” This is intended to be a compliment, so wrack
your brain for an attractive celebrity that she looks like or famous person who has done
some good. I guarantee you that she will take this as
a compliment, if it is executed correctly. I was approached by a drunk man in a bar who
came stumbling at me saying, “You look like that dead chick!” I was like, “I beg your pardon?” He responded with, “You know that dead chick!”
and I was still at a loss. After I finally brushed him off, he approached
me again to say that I looked like Brittany Murphy. Now, I get what this guy was trying to accomplish,
but he executed it poorly. Don’t do this! If you are feeling flirty and cheeky, which
I hope you are when you are using these pickup lines, here is one that is specific to tattoos. If a girl has a noticeable tattoo, you could
go up to her and say, “OMG! I was going to get that exact same tattoo!” Even if you weren’t, it is a cheeky way
to break the ice and, hopefully, spark some conversation between the two of you. If you don’t want to go down the funny cheesy
route, don’t worry, because there are other options. For example, you can be genuine and engaging
through a confident introduction of yourself and making strong eye contact with her. You don’t always need something funny or
cheesy, but if you can convey a genuine interest in her through just saying, “Hi, how are
you?” most of the time, you will be met with a response. And if you really want to catch a girl off
guard, you could approach her with a more intense line. And it goes like this, “I’m sorry, but
I couldn’t leave here tonight not having introduced myself.” “I’d like to buy you a drink and get to
know you.” This one is quite forward, especially with
no lead up. But, and that is a big but, if you are feeling
confident in yourself and the situation is right, then I’d say go for it. The worst thing she is going to say is no. The thing about assessing the situation is
I would hold off on this one if she is extremely enthralled in her current situation having
a good time with her friends. But if she seems to be alone and or looking
around, she would probably welcome your advance. But, by now, you have plenty of pickup lines
to go through to find the right one for different situations. Okay, my last and final pickup line, one that
I believe has worked the best, one that is by far the easiest to remember, is to approach
a woman with confidence while showing a genuine interest in her. Being genuine and interested in someone goes
a long way. That said, you could go up to someone the
bold way, and depending on where you meet them and what your thing is, you could just
say, “Hey, I noticed you, and I’d love to get to know you more over a cup of coffee
or a drink. Here’s my number.” Or, if she obliges, then you could continue
the conversation right off the bat. If so, ask her questions about herself. It is human nature for us to want to talk
about ourselves, so let her. By showing interest in her, not only will
you learn more about her, but she will also find your interest in her an attractive quality. Women aren’t riddles. I know we like to come across that we are. But, in reality, we want to meet people who
are genuine and show an interest in us. And we want to meet new people too. So get out there, have a laugh, and hopefully
get a date! Alright, that’s all I have for you today,
YouTube. Remember to subscribe to my channel where
you can stay up to date with my latest YouTube videos and head over to
and grab a free copy of my attraction building handbook!

100 thoughts on “8 Pickup Lines That Are Guaranteed To Work”

  1. Excuse me but can I borrow your cell phone? It’s just that mines dead and my mom told me to call her when I met the girl of my dreams.

  2. Line I use and is quite successful… “ I can tell that you have probably heard every phony line there is! … so one more won’t hurt!” If she laughs you broke the ice , if not… lacks a sense of humor and you can be on your way!

  3. Beginning to like Canadian women Westcoasters, thanx for useful advice and just the correct length of You Tube, Alex in Norway

  4. This always works for me, it's real easy! Walk up and introduce yourself and go from there! You will know instantly if she is interested!

  5. Tattoo line that WORKS if you don't have tattoos yourself: "I usually don't like tattoos, but yours is really interesting!"

  6. I once attended a music festival where a girl had small flashing lights on her shirt where her nipples would be. Yes, I used a cheezy line…is that your nipples flashing or are you just happy to see me… Thing is it got a giggle and next night we hooked up. So as you say, confidence is key

  7. I like using this one usually when a girl is at a register and ask my name for an order. I give her my name and the say "And yours?" It has not landed a date yet but the amused/flattered smile usually seems to signify a positive response

  8. I don't normally go for chat up lines but here's a clever one. (man to woman) say! you look like my third girlfriend! ( woman) oh really? – how many girlfriends have you had? ( man's reply) two!!!

  9. my girlfriend is ready to come to date with me, and also ready to kiss me.what is that mean is that love or just attraction?

  10. I dob't think that 2nd line would work Calling a woman by her wrong name? Mistaking her for someone else? I seriously doubt it

  11. Hey just came across this, good stuff Kate! I’m curious tho, what about date sites? I work an afternoon shift and don’t drink. I’m trying a site out and am struggling to connect it seems

    As to pick up lines I was never much for that, I was just direct as you’ve mentioned and that worked. Sometimes a shirt I was wearing was a door opener I’m a bit of a comedian and my t shirts would be in that vein. Back in the day tho( I’m 53) the “ you must be tired…” and “ I could drown in those eyes “ , “ angle that fell” were the norm . I wanted to be different to stand out, and now I’m behind the times and am asking your help.. thanks again

  12. What about "I was wondering if you could help me, … I seem to have I misplaced my congressional medal of honor." ??

  13. Good video been using the wrong name for years but I act like i know her from high school and sprinkle in fabricated funny stories about things that happend

  14. I've actually had a female do a lot of these things to me years ago. I was in her presence for over 5 months and never had the nerve to approach her so she finally approached me. I had no idea she was into me.

  15. I actually used some of those. I will definitely tell a gal who looks like someone famous that she looks like her, but if the actress isn’t exceptionally gorgeous I’ll say this instead, “Amy Adams looks so much like you”. That way she can feel prettier than so-and-so. I also do it because I’ve had several girls correct me saying “no she looks like me”. So I got that idea from the ones who came back at me with that comment. Your advice is good. Thanks 🙂

  16. How about theses

    You're So Beautiful That You Made Me Forget My Pickup Line.
    Like a Broken Pencil, Life Without You Is Pointless."
    If I Had Four Quarters to Give to the Four Prettiest Girls in the World, You Would Have a Dollar.
    If Looks Could Kill, You'd Be a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
    Girl, if You Were Words on a Page, You'd Be FINE Print.
    If i flip a coin wat r my chances of gettin sum head if she say 0 then say "so i have a 100 percent chance of getting tail.
    Or a sexual 1 like
    I noticed you don't have a penis between your legs ; would you like me to put one there?

  17. Best pickup line I heard to get a woman attached to you is to ask her what her dreams are. That is the most intimate side of her and she is giving it to you. She will reveal her true self and feel like you stole something. Instant trust and emotional connection.

  18. They call me the Fireman because I turn the hose on :). no seriously the best ways I use are the unusual approaches and backhanded compliments.

  19. Do you have a diamond pickaxe? 'Cause I'm harder than obsidian. (Minecraft joke)

    Is your body from McDonalds? 'Cause I'm lovin' it.

    You must be a keyboard because you're my type.

  20. At a bar:
    He: May I have this dance?
    Her: Sorry,not right now.

    10 minutes later:
    He: May have I this dance?
    Her: No thanks,not this one.

    15 minutes later:
    He:May I have this dance?
    Her: I'm sorry, but I'm particular who I dance with.
    He:Well as you can see,I'm not particular who I asks..Then walks away.

    This actually happened, not to me but a friend of mine.

  21. You know I seen a girl getting hit on by a guy that seemed to have all the right things the money car nice clothes and he was talking to her pretty smooth but she still walked away now don't get me wrong this girl was pretty damn good lookin so she happened to stop by the bar 2 seats down from me so I had to ask I said hey you what was up with that turn down you look like the kind if girl that appreciates a decent looking guy with a good attitude some cash in his pocket a nice car clothes so why thebturn down she said I do like some of the finer things in life but I could tell he wasn't my type now remind y'all I'm wearing cowboy boots my a white t shirt and my mossy oak hat let's just say between her and I she was doing better then me lol but she said I knew he wasn't the man for me and I said we'll what kind of man are u interested in she said someone who can give me what I need has strong hands a strong back lol and can treat me the way I truly deserve and who won't show me off like I'm some trophie and all I could tell her was well I don't have alot of money or a nice and car and they I dress is like this everyday and she said where u from I said Banks county in commerce Georgia she started t me for a minute and while she was quiet I said I couldn't give u everything in the world but I do have strong hands from working and being on a farm and inhale a strong back that gets me through the long day of a job and I know how to treat a woman and I said I wouldn't be ashamed to show you off not as a trophied but as my girl and I'd let everyone know real fast that you was mine and she said is that the truth I said look little lady the cloth I was cut from doesn't allow country boys like me to not be geniun and as I turned to walk away she grabbed me by the arm and said where you going I told her I got a neice and nephew waiting for me to have supper with them at my parents house would you like to join me and all she said as she wrapped her arm around my waist I thought you would never ask. So see you don't need pick up lines to get someone to like you just be yourself

  22. Kate spring let's forget all this technical stuff. You're beautiful and I'm ugly , but they say opposites attract like magnets no? So what ya say let's get busy on getting to know each other ? lol

  23. Decent and simple advice, but I would call these "ice breakers" and not "pickup lines." The #1 point is BE CONFIDENT. Contrary to the old saying, the meek do not inherit anything.

  24. I got a big black lifted Chevy truck, I ask a girl is that your boyfriends bad ass big Chevy parked outside? She replies no my boyfriend drives a so and so or no I got not find out fast if she is taken number one and break the ice..

  25. I just want to tell you thank you so much all your your videos cuz I know I am a cool dude cuz I have broke have a great day thanks again

  26. Damn girl!!!! What are you doing tonight??? That works for me. Say it with confidence…. if you're real ugly, throw out a price…lol?

  27. Me: Hey, you dropped something.

    Her: What was it?

    Me: Your averages. Hi I'm Steve.
    Me: There's 21 letters in the alphabet, right?

    Her: No, there is 26

    Me: Oh, I must have forgot
    "U R A Q T"

    (If she agrees that there is only 21, then you need to find someone new)

  28. Can you talk about the steps on how to talk to a girl what to say and how to make her laugh I really need help

  29. I actually used these ones on an online dating site once because the girl told the guys interested in her to throw out their best pick up lines:

    "I know you're not a zombie, but I can tell you're the kind of girl who likes a guy with brains"
    "I know you're not a fish, but you're definitely a catch."
    "If I come rearrange the alphabet, I would put "I" and "U" together".
    "Are you a gypsy? Because you just stole my heart."
    "Do you know karate? Because your body is kicking!"
    "If you were a playing card, you'd be the queen of hearts-particularly my heart"

    Of course she set forth the challenge. I don't use these in real life, because like you said, they are super cheesy. But something funny to laugh at.

  30. If i told you about the most valuable thing i own, do you think i would share it with you? ( jepordy music) serious question! … If she gets it shes a keeper. The answer is my TIME.

  31. Well u kinda caught me by surprise that was a while ago . But sure. Your are so smart and beautiful. Perfect woman.!!! Have a good day!

  32. Kate, great video, thanks. Can you help me with this?- There's a woman who works in my local supermarket, on a number of occasions when 'Ive been talking with her, or with someone else and sh's present, she presses her breasts up against my arm. Unless they're completely numb or she doesn't know what she's doing, she's obviously doing it on purpose. I haven't said anything, I have stroked my arm while she's doing it and subsequently touched her breast and she hasn't moved away. Thing is, she is at work, there are other people around, what would be a good thing to say to her without embarrassing anyone???

  33. I Almost forgot The MOST IMPORTANT THING!! IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU HAVE 100% CHANCE OF NOT GETTING! There is NOTHING that will turn a woman on than you grabbing her just right, Manly, but NOT RAPING, i sometimes run my hand under the back of her hair and give it a tight sensual tug, and then tell her something very sexual so she starts to envision it in her head & by the end of the night, i almost Always am All scratched, & bitten. Nothing better than that.

  34. How about this one?
    Me: I bet you have heard every pick up line imaginable ?
    Her: I have heard them all
    Me: Well, Did any of them work ?
    Just fyi: I gave her my number and on a scale of 1 to 10 she was at least a 12. Couldn't believe it "SHE CALLED" To darn bad she cussed like a sailor… CUSSING IS A WEAK MIND TRYING TO SOUND FORCEFUL

  35. Hey kate how are you ? I’m very thankful for what are you doing for men although I was surprised that a woman learn men the tricks to get a woman !! I searched in YouTube the ways to get to girls when I was hopeless but now I don’t know That I can convince my self to get to random girls when I saw a wonderful personality like you with that confident and innocent face that you have !. Love you keep going

  36. Want to play Dungeons & Dragons sometime? My group could really use an enchanter, and you've already cast Charm Person on me 😉

  37. U got to have a broken phone for this one ??
    I know u can't fix my broken phone but u can fix this broken heart cause u looks someone who can ?

  38. I was about to ask this one girl for her number at a baseball game then we had to leave and I couldn’t ask I was not that happy and I’m still trying to find her there again and hope for the best

  39. I forgot to take your poll my answer is never because I hate rejection!I like the brunette look and loop earnings!!

  40. Love you looks,your beautiful Kate and love your attitude and love to get to know you and do a date pk..

  41. I am personally not a fan of scripted pick-up lines. It should always be situational and genuine. If I see a woman who I find truly beautiful: I will tell her: "you are so beautiful." I also like making conversation based on situational cues; for example, I will scan her to sense how she is feeling and begin a convo based on the current moment. It gives me the chance to be genuine.

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