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8 Strange Athlete Superstitions

8 Strange Athlete Superstitions

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  1. My superstition is that I wear the same underwear every race I drive, but I never wear them during practice. As well with the socks, they have to be in a certain way or else it will bring me bad luck.

  2. I'm doctor and always before an operation i close my eyes and hold my breath for exactly 1 minute no matter what or else i think i will fail and lose a life

  3. I switch my underwear backwards before going into goal in hockey, and if the other goalies is then I where my underwear inside out

  4. Well I'm just starting this, I'm a soccer player. I, just starting this but I'm let the ball touch the field then jump onto the field after I put the ball on the field. Then move on from there

  5. for tennis some people do that more of a habit, some do it because it helps them psychologically. overall some actions help some players.

  6. Volleyball: Before going to serve I have to step over the back line with my left foot and then step on it with my right foot. Then I have to dribble the ball 2 times and hit it 3 in exactly the same spot on the floor.

  7. Football: never wash jockstrap, never wash game socks, jersey, never clean cleats, always polish helmet before a game, drink 2.5 litres of water, eat 2.5 granola bars, touch every side of the door frame and pee before ever game

  8. I have to have 1 strong stride on ice on my right leg then my left, then two on my left, followed by two on the right, only after jumping up in the air having my knees reach by belly 3 times in a row.

  9. Mine is before u step on the court in basketball tie the left shoe but not the right. Once you step foot on the court tie the right shoe

  10. I would hate to drink two litres of mountain dew before any sport, nothing is worse than being full and exercising

  11. I play tennis and the bounce thing really isnt that weird my coach told us to choose a habit to help us focus on the serve

  12. My coach for baseball said the reason he lost was because he didn't do the lineup on the right table and the next time we lost he said it was because he didn't wear his glasses. We finished the season 22-2

  13. I am in musical theatre, so the m word is very typical. We shun ANYONE who says it in the theatre or rehearsal space.

  14. A guy I play football against because every time I play against him he picks his nose and rubs it on the goal post

  15. Up until last year I would never eat before a game, I would always wear a batting glove on my left hand, I would touch the back outside corner of the plate every three pitches

  16. When I go to school I count the steps in each foot to MAKE SURE THEY ARE EVEN IF NOT I HAVE TO HOP ON THE UNEVEN FOOT TILL IT EVENS OUT WITH THE OTHER

  17. For wrestling, i put my left sock in inside out. Also, I put 3 knots in my shoes during competition but 2 knots during practice. I say a prayer as I tie my shoes for competitions, for each shoe, I do a lot of other things. I am very superstitious

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