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A day as a Cheerleader at TKA / It’s Marlene

A day as a Cheerleader at TKA / It’s Marlene

Hello! You are probably wondering why am I wearing this but I am wearing my cheer uniform because today we are having another basketball game Today it is Saturday I have to be at school at 1 pm and then we have a 2h practice and the game starts at 3pm and we are about to leave, but I just wanted to vlog it and show you my day as a cheerleader in the US and then I am going to record the game and a little bit of our practice and we are stopping by Starbucks and I hope you are enjoying this vlog so and this is my cheer uniform but later I have to add red lipstick oh and sorry for the noises in the background 😉 and we have to wear this white bow in our hair and yes this is how it looks like and this is a bag I got from my coach I have to take this and my jacket over here and lets goooo Ok, so right now I am in the kitchen and I am not sure if I should eat something or not but we are going to go to Starbucks so I guess I won’t eat something That’s my Ukrainian hostsister 😉 I am just gonna take something to drink with me but I think that is all and yess then I ll see you soon we just arrived at my high school and now it is the one time I am vlogging in Florida and its raining 😉 I don’t get it… now we are headed inside and start practicing The problem is that my battery is about to die but I can vlog with my phone The game is over now. Unfortunately we lost we got our stuff and now we are headed to the car to go home

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