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A Day in a Cheerleader’s life **They stole my phone**

A Day in a Cheerleader’s life **They stole my phone**

I’m vlogging (duh) [Kenley] No. [Meh] Yesssss [Kenley] NOOOOOO. [me] *Grins with awkwardness* YeS [me again] STOP I FORGOT MY…. UH…. LIPSTICK *gasp* I HAVE MY LIPSTICK I DIDNT FORGET IT *or did I* (Annalise) Good thang….. *sorry about this* Say HI 🙂 This is mY fRiENd pIPer *they are ignoring me* (Alyssa) *lemme just pose and look cute* [Alyssa] Ew… *how rude* iTs rIGHt tHEre *is you blind jk ily* *doesnt even look* No I DONT *beepppp* *hah, I wasn’t even scared* I really thought that was a person staring at me *was I high?* tHAT And now we’re going to Deanna [Deanna] Turn it around *oopsies* Hey guys! So I’m taking over the VloG Maddy, I mean Haven, we are taking over Maddy’s vlog Hey vloggers. Hey guys, so um…. I took over Maddy’s vlog (uh oh…) I’m Deanna. Im Haven We’re cuties *sure* We have a comp and we’re gonna win right Haven? Well, we are only against one team. Mommyyy, we are only going against oNE tEam This is Emily. She is my flyer for everything! not me but…. She’s so beautiful>>Can’t find my dad. I’m trying to find my dad Oh, here’s my dad. Hi. I’m vlogging *ASMR ASMR ASMR HEHEH*

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