36 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Student-Athletes at Utah State University – 2010”

  1. An "Aggie" is an acronym for a student attending an Agricultural College. It is pronounced [Ag-ee}

  2. a) Does everyone get physical therapy?
    b) Can everyone be a student athlete, or do you have to have done it all through high school?
    c) Why can't athletes accept freebies?

  3. a- No

    b- You dont have to play in high school to be a student athlete. You can walk-on and become a d1 athlete.

    c- Against ncaa rules

  4. what does mean "where people who have mealplans eat"? what is a mealplan? is that something just student athletes get? and do other people eat somewhere else?

  5. I went to school here! I know all the people in this video, I miss this place. It was a grind but definitely the best memories of my life. Aggies all the way

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