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A Genie at the Beach ! Toys and Dolls Fun for Kids Opening LOL Surprise Balls | SWTAD

A Genie at the Beach ! Toys and Dolls Fun for Kids Opening LOL Surprise Balls | SWTAD

Genie Baby: Oh no! I lost my gold headband, maybe it got swept by the ocean. (crying) My headband! (crying) It Baby: Tee rum tee rum tee rum, what a beautiful day at the beach!!!!! Huh??? What is that thing shining over there? Wow! it’s a jewel!! It’s beautiful!! And so unique!! I can tell it’s very valuable!! I wonder where it comes from Well, finders keepers!! woo-hoo!!! I’ll leave it here so the ocean can’t sweep
it away And I’ll go and see if I can find more jewelry, maybe there’s pirate booty around here Genie Baby: (continues crying) It Baby: Huh? Is that a girl crying over there? But she looks so fancy, she is wearing such fine clothes and super shiny jewelry!! Hi there! why are you crying? Genie Baby: I lost a piece of jewelry that
meant a lot to me, I think the ocean swept it away. It baby: (to herself) *gasp* Could it
be the one I found? Should I tell her that I might have found it? But it’s so pretty! I want to keep it. But she seems very sad, I better tell her
that I found it! Well….I just found a very valuable jewel, come with me to see if it’s yours. Genie Baby: Really?? Yay!!!! It Baby: Is this it? Genie Baby: Yes!! That’s it!! That’s it!! Thank you so much!! Now to show you my gratitude I’m going to give you a lot of gifts because I am really a genie. Look at everything I’m going to give you Enjoy your gifts, bye !! It Baby: Ooh which ones should I open
first, the gifts in the red bucket, the ones in the green one or the ones in the blue bucket? I’ll open the ones in the red bucket Woo-hoo! I love littlest pet shop!! What a cute bunny !! And it comes in a sock (laughs). I bet he likes to hide in there Ooooh palace pets!! What could it be? Hahaha Looks like this horsie is about to
have a good snack! Paw patrol!! Yay!! Skye is my favorite paw patrol character! Is there more? Let’s check! Nope! No more toys in the red bucket!! Then let’s continue with the green bucket Woo-hoo more palace pets! Ohh, Belle’s puppy!!! So cute!! Yipee !!! More palace pets !! Oooh it looks like this one belongs to Snow White, and it comes with a picnic basket Let’s see if there’s anything left in the
green bucket Yep! One more surprise toy was left !! Another Skye figurine from Paw Patrol!! but this one comes with her aviator uniform No more toys in the red bucket…. No more toys in the green bucket…. Let’s see the blue one Wow! The genie left me a beautiful diamond tiara!!! Thanks Genie!!!! Dan-da-ran !! Shopkins !! A giant ice cream !!! And it’s so soft and
fluffy! I love it!! Ti rum rum ti rum ti rum aj aj aj (struggling) this is so hard to get out Oh! it’s super heroes, hahaha no wonder
it was so heavy What super hero will I get, oooh the genie
is so thoughtful!! she even gave me a super hero to take care of me Yay!! Super Girl!!! Super Girl: Hello!! do you want to be my
friend? It Baby: Sure!!! let’s go play!! Storieswithdolls: Hi everyone! Storieswithdolls here! And I got some more of the lol dolls because we still need to find Sugar!! That’s the only lol doll that we are missing, and I thought
it would be fun to open them here on the beach Awww!! I can already tell we’re not going to get
Sugar in this one!! I think we are going to get one of the Alice in Wonderland dolls Let’s see the accessories !! I know who it
is!! it’s the bunny Bunny baby!! Let’s see what it does really quick Kaploom! Oh, she spits!! Let’s leave it here on this rock. Next ball… Aww, it looks like Sugar isn’t in this one either! It’s the ice skater which by the way, we
already have several duplicates of her Let’s see what she does She spits too. Let’s put her here with the bunny Will this one be Sugar??? This time I won’t look at the sticker hint,
so it’ll really a surprise Ohhh!!  We have her! It’s the genie. Well it doesn’t matter this one is of my
favorites !! She goes on the rock And we open the next ball and she is not Sugar either Let’s look at the outfit to see which one we got!…It’s DJ! Last chance friends!! Who do you think is
in here, think for a  moment and tell me in the comments!! Oh I forgot to show you what these two dolls do, let’s put them both in the water at once Kaploom! Oh–(laughs) I missed! Kaploom! Now I got it! (laughs) And DJ spits Friends!! All of the ones we’ve gotten so
far, spit! Let’s see the genie She spits too !!! Amazing! It’s like if I had planned it! (laughs) Ok, let’s continue with the last ball Well by looking at the sticker I can already
tell it’s not Sugar, but it’s one that I really like! So I’m happy because I don’t have
any duplicates of her And It looks like the glasses are different,
let’s take a quick look at the other It Baby we have . Ahh I knew it!!  the glasses are different!! Let’s see if she spits too, Nope! She cries! Friends I love reading your comments and getting your likes. It really means a lot to me, so don’t leave without commenting or liking this video!! And if you want to see all the dolls we have from series 2 click on the video on the left. If you want to see Spice stealing the babies lollipops click on the card on the right And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t
miss any of my videos!!

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