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A Little Princess (10/10) Movie CLIP – Reunited with Papa (1995) HD

A Little Princess (10/10) Movie CLIP – Reunited with Papa (1995) HD

Capt. Crewe: Who’s there? Sara: *gasps* *thunder crashes* *ragged breathing* *crying quietly* Miss Minchin: *distantly* Make sure you check the gardens… and under the bed! *sobbing* Capt. Crewe: What is it? Why are you crying? Please tell me. I won’t hurt you. Sara: *sobbing* Capt. Crewe: Won’t you tell me your name? *thunder crashes* *distant yelling* In the bedroom…*unintelligible* Sara: *whispering* Sara. Capt. Crewe: Sara. That’s such a pretty name. Sara. *electricity crackles* *thunder crashes* *distant yelling* Sara: *tentatively* Papa? Papa. Capt. Crewe: What did you say? Sara: Papa! Capt. Crewe: I’m sorry… Sara: Papa it’s me, it’s Sara! Capt. Crewe: Sara, do you know me? Sara: Oh God Papa, don’t you remember me?! Miss Minchin: *distantly* She must be in here. Sara: Papa please! You got to know me!! It’s Sara! Remember? Remember India? And Maya? Remember the Raymayana!! And Emily! And the locket with Mama’s picture in it!! Capt. Crewe: No! Sara: Oh God Papa! Please!! Miss Minchin: *angrily* Sara! Sara: Papa please! Mr. Randolph: Do you know this man? Sara: Papa tell them! Miss Minchin: This child has no father. Take her away! Sara: *screaming* No!!! Papa! Capt. Crewe: *whispering* I’m so sorry. Sara: No!! No! Papa! Papa! Papa! *music becomes low and resonant* *’Kindle My Heart’ begins to play* *thunder crashes* Papa! *yelling* Capt. Crewe: Sara!!! *music swells* Sara: *crying* Papa! Papa don’t ever leave me! *both crying* Sara: Papa! Capt. Crewe: I love you! *music*

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  1. Sarah: Papa, don't you remember you are the President and the Russian terrorists have hijacked Air Force One?
    Captain Crewe: I am sorry, little one. I forgot everything after the wildfire was launched at the Battle of Blackwater Bay.

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