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A Mom Made A Dress For Her Daughter, But When This Dad Saw The Outfit He Was Overcome With Emotion

A Mom Made A Dress For Her Daughter, But When This Dad Saw The Outfit He Was Overcome With Emotion

a Mom made a dress for her daughter, but when this dad saw the outfit he was overcome with emotion In 2017 Carly grant was a mom of two kids with a third on the way It was around this time that she started learning to sew putting her newfound skills to use her husband Josh gave her the idea To upcycle old clothes and do outfits for their kids, but when he saw what she had made he couldn’t believe his eyes Times can be tough when you’re a young mom with small kids to feed and clothe Carly already had a stepson Ryan and her own daughter Amelia to think about and with a baby on the way She began to think about outfits for the newborns wardrobe Noticing that perhaps too much money had been spent on baby clothes already Carly decided to take a different approach she started to learn how to sew with the idea that she’d make the baby’s clothes herself as Frugal a plan as it was her husband noticed something that the young mom hadn’t realized When josh began joking with carly about how much money she’d spent on fabric the expectant moms focus changed In fact, she decided to have a rummage through the pile of clothes that were intended for the thrift store Was there anything she could repurpose with enough practice behind her? She was confident she could put their old clothes to good use in the pile Carly found a rose-colored striped top that her husband No longer wanted the 25 year old seamstress recognized it immediately as she recalled to the Today Show in August of 2018 Josh wore that when we were dating I just thought it was adorable and she thought it would be a cute addition to two-year-old Amelia’s wardrobe So Carly used the skills She’d taught herself and got sewing what she produced was a cute pink sundress that Amelia did indeed look adorable wearing it Inspired the mom of three to continue with her upcycling indeed the next shirt of her husband that she transformed held an extra special significance When Carly looked through the pile of garments ready for the charity shop. She noticed a shirt she’d never forget In fact, the seamstress could barely believe that her husband wanted to give it away whatever Josh wished to do with the shirt, however It wasn’t one that the mom of three was ready to part with yet The shirt in question was rad and black plaid with a button-down collar Carly immediately knew that it was one her husband had worn the day their daughter was born She told today he had that shirt he wore when he first held Amelia in the donation pile I couldn’t believe it. Like how could he donate this? So I took it and that was my next project What the young mom hadn’t realized was just how much the project would mean to her indeed She was overcome with emotion as she worked on it as Carly recalled. I was crying as I sewed So I knew I had done something way more meaningful than anything. I had made my daughter before as It turns out Amelia loved the dress as Carly explained to People magazine in August 2018 I made that dress and she was obsessed with it She chooses to wear it all the time, but there was somebody else who was just as impressed with the busy moms needlework skills when Josh saw what his wife had done his mind was blown as Carly recalled when Josh came home I said do you recognize this when he realized his eyes just got huge He’s like that’s adorable He picked Amelia, ah penny held her and told her how pretty she looked it. Got him to thinking about ways His wife could utilize her newfound talent it occurred to Josh that people owned items of clothing then hold a certain sentimental value and Yet when those garments have passed their best they can be difficult to let go of but as Carly explained to today Once he saw the dress and connected the dots. That’s when it clicked. He was like you need to do this for other people Josh came up with the idea to start a new venture He was impressed not only with his wife’s sewing ability, but also with the creativity of turning old clothes into something new Indeed. He even suggested that Carly start a business providing a service doing just that He just wanted to make it possible for everyone carly explained to People magazine together Carly and Josh founded Refashioned memories the idea was to modify clothing that holds sentimental value into purposeful keepsakes Instead of tossing out unwanted garments new life could be breathed into them that way the special memories. They signify would live on forever Josh posted photos of his daughter wearing her special dress online With the images liked and shared across the internet It wasn’t long before people started contacting the couple with requests for their own repurpose keepsakes It was an exciting proposition for the young mom of three People loved the idea Karly recalled the People magazine while I was making Amelia’s dress I had so much glee to see it honor when I had finally finished I had tears in my eyes I couldn’t stop smiling to see her in it. I wanted to make her whole wardrobe out of my husband’s clothes. It was so cute At first Carly would create outfits for infants and young children Similar to the dresses the seamstress knocked out for her own daughter But soon she began offering tank tops boys shirts and accessories such as bows blankets pillowcases and pacifier clips The talented seamstress even designed a baby promper out of a t-shirt Carly was quickly inundated with orders. She told People magazine It was back to back emails. Like I love this idea. Could you make this for me? It’s insane the amount of custom orders But more than the interest she’s received in her business Carly loves to hear the tales behind the clothes shiri fashions the stories pull on your heartstrings every time carly explained to yahoo in august of 2018 an uncle who’s passed and using his work shirt a dad who’s in the military and his four-year-old daughter snuggles his shirt every night a Stepdad sports jersey to cheer him on the sidelines the stories are my favorite part about the whole business carly works on the clothing line at home in new hampshire while juggling Amelia Ryan and Elliot who’s now four months old with a part-time office job nonetheless. She loves it She told today I can just bust out these orders because it’s what I do to relax anyway And I’d set time aside to so everyday even if I didn’t have the website So now I’m just filling this time with orders instead of making a million new clothes for my kids

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  1. WOW ! Instead of you all being so snarky and condescending. Congratulate her on the idea. Obviously others think she is doing a great job. Have any of you been interviewed by news media ?

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