A Strange Day

*Afternoon time* *Yawn ^.^* Huh? It’s 2 o’clock? No way, that thing must be broken. Wait a minute… Why did Jordan leave all of these guitars in here? Huh? Wha- what is that?! Did someone break in and leave weapons behind?! Wha- wait! This isn’t my room! Where am I?! This looks like a horror movie! Huh? What.. Eh– Who? I-Is this a trick mirror? Why do I look like I haven’t slept in weeks? Why is there a crown on my head? *gasp* Did I become a princess? (◕ω◕✿) Wait… What the… Why are my hands so big!? Okay…*sigh* This must be a dream. Oh! Maybe I’m lucid dreaming! *pinches herself* Ow… *Laughs nervously* Okay, no.. But… Who am I? Why are there weapons in here? Are they for some kind of weird hobby? Or…is this girl just really wanting to be prepared in case there’s burglars… *sigh* Okay, well, I guess I’ll just go with it then Let’s see Um… Uh? Am I in a gangster’s house? Oh, this could be really bad, I really gotta get out of here Ooh~ I do like these shoes though *big gasp* oH mY GoSh hI pUpPy *puppy* whet? Awww, you look like a little polar bear! Okay! Well, he doesn’t look like he’s a gangster or anything, so.. maybe I’m okay I just gotta act natural Ah- Morning! How are you? The weather is nice today, right? (what? you okay?) Oh, uh, I mean… It’s a nice day to go outside and hit stuff with a baseball bat right? See ya later! (I don’t know if that was better or worse 0_0) *sigh* I think I fooled him… Oh, hi! How are you doing? Ooh, I like your hoodie! Hi? Did you swallow helium this morning? And… Why are you acting so weird? Uh, What do you mean I’m acting weird? I’m always like this! e-hehehe! No, you’re not! You never GENUINELY compliment people. What is it you want? Money? *laughs nervously* So, uh.. Where are we going again? You’re heading to band practice, aren’t you? B-band practice? Me? You mean as in like, we’re just gonna go cheer a band on right? No? I mean as in, you play the guitar? What’s with you today? Are you good? Do you need to go to the hospital? I-I’m just kidding! I’m fine! Let’s go do some music stuff…! But… I’m not in the band. *nervous laughter* *Thinking to self* – Oh no, this is bad, this is really bad… *Thinking to self* – I have NO idea how to do this! *Thinking to self* – There’s other people playing instruments though, *Thinking to self* – Maybe if I just… *Thinking to self* – …Pretend to strum, no one will notice? One, two, a one, two, three (Instruments playing) *out of place Pokemon music* Stop! Stop stop stop. Okay. What am I hearing? Is that Pokemon music? Here’s the deal. Take this more seriously, or get the hell out! I uh… I hit my head this morning, and forgot how to play guitar! (Tf look) Uh- Maybe I should sit this practice out. I-I don’t want to slow anybody else down. You guys keep doing what you’re doing, though! Okay, Bye! (K.O) *gasp* *relieved sigh* That was the weirdest dream I’ve ever had… (Sub to Tabbes or else you might switch lives with a baseball bat)

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