Acrobatic Cheerleading: Titans Berlin // Candy Trips

You’d be too heavy for that. I’m too fat. Welcome to Candy Trips. I’m Melissa. Today you’ll get more panty shots than ever. We’ll visit Cheerleaders. We’re running a bit late so we’re taking a taxi today, like posh people. So I can tell you stuff. At the end of the 18th century, all cheerleaders were men. Funny, huh? There were no women, they weren’t allowed in then. Cheerleaders were sweaty fat guys in the audience who were yelling choruses. I have no idea where we are. I’ve been living in Berlin all my life, but here I have no idea where we are. I feel abandoned. But I also feel like in 6th grade when we had to walk to the gym. This is wicked. It’s for crazy ballet mums who force their daughters into rhythmic gymnastics. What did we just talk about? Here we are in the hall now and the intern lent me her trainers because I don’t have any because I don’t exercise. The only warm-up I know is warming up the Xbox controller. Proper sports is not my thing. I’ll sit down and eat some chocolate or something. Someone just told me this is called “Dirty Dogs.” We’re trying to find something I could do, too. As it’s all kiddies’ stuff. Aren’t we a bit close? What if she falls on us? I’m a bit disappointed, because there are no pompoms. Why? We need our hands to throw the girls. We do stunts, we don’t dance a lot. Normally, dancing is part of what we do, but our coach is a guy. It’s getting serious. Melissa in peril. Oh God. OK, maybe no higher. What? Sure you go higher. What if I fall? I’d die. Then what? That’s it. Thanks. Are you dying? Not yet. See? Feet together. You’re better than Gina-Lisa. Did you die now? That was my contribution. It’ll be a short clip. Can we do the rest… I’m done. I can do that, too, now. OK, I mustn’t shake my legs. Correct. Tighten them. Not bad. Wasn’t bad. Yes, better, better. I can feel you’re scared. Yes, indeed. Try not to look down. Look this way. If you stand, you did it. And up, and keep standing. Arms to your side. Keep it tight. You’re up there, it’s all good. That was not thanks to me. That’s enough. I don’t have to do it again. Pull up and… Nice. And now you? Sure, now me. Again. I’m ready. I was being sarcastic. Just go up straight. You put one foot in, tip of the foot. You’ll push off here. Second foot in… Don’t throw. Your butt stays up. Keep your arms straight. And off we go. Just go up. Maybe less high? Lean forward. You fall, we’ll catch you maybe. We do anything for a fiver. You mean up? Now put your other foot in. – Slowly. Bum up, bum up. Exactly. And now jump. One more time. Again? Again? I don’t know. Ask yourself. Alright? Yes. Thank you, guys. I hope I didn’t hurt you. I heard you’re joining them. Yes, sure I am. Oh God. I love sports which can hurt you. Ice hockey. And who’s not helping with the tidying? That’s it for today. I hope you’re all becoming cheerleaders now and have yourselves thrown into the air. Would you dare let yourselves be thrown 500 metres into the air? Write me a comment. You can watch my other clips here and here. I look forward to reading you. See you next week. Did you see who’s on my trousers? Don’t disappoint me. It would be sad if no-one knows. I know a rapper who will know. I also know one. Greetings from here to Gropiusstadt. MANY THANKS TO TITANS BERLIN Stuck for good in the chips pool. Subtitles by Stephanie Geiges

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