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Adora BatBrat interviewed by Android from S.P.O.C.K. (WITH SUBTITLES)

Adora BatBrat interviewed by Android from S.P.O.C.K. (WITH SUBTITLES)

Lab, something Yep, a warm welcome to ehhhhhhhhhhh,
a special, ehhhhhhhh, edition of Spacelab TV That is the official pre-party show
to ElectriXmas in Malmoe The Christmas of all synthie people of Sweden since
many years back, in the south of Sweden Me, Alexander Hofman, also known as Android
[-Mister Spock!]
ehh, thanks, from the orchestra S.P.O.C.K. sits here with Ann-Sophie, sorry, Adora BatBrat, on her
channel as well because we have a slight problem with.. And will talk about things we
couldn’t talk about earlier and Ann-Sophie, it’s great you have a tangerine
in your mouth, it makes me happy but it also makes it a bit more difficult for me to get
some answers, sane answers, out of you OK, so no gag No You can get one later Naturally Do you prefer red or yellow gag then? Yellow goes well with the hair Brilliant I will also be subjected to an unknown
numbers of questions that I might answer They don’t exist. There is no manuscript.
It’s completely out of nowhere That all the viewers sent in and called in and I think, myself.. I’ve seen you over the years,
many times doing what you do And you have been active for many years You are an icon within the scene,
so to speak Aww, we can pretend that That is very humble of you, of course. But of course you know, otherwise you wouldn’t.. You are more of an icon Bah! You have more followers than me But Yes, but But you are more well known You do something with substance Ahhhhhheehhhh And that is what makes one think:
what use do you do? I have no clue I actually do not know. I have never understood
why people starts following me I have no clue But, but, why are you working on
to get people to follow you? But I don’t! You know, I have really never, how to say, intensively had an agenda to be I just put up on, ehhh, what’s the name?
MySpace! I just tossed up 5 pictures and the next day I had 5000 requests so I had to hit the accept button all evenings That’s how it started What is it… That they found it weird They thought it was interesting there was a person
who looks like this, and is like this, every day What is your drive to this?
What keeps you going? Synth What is “synth”? Synth is the best music style There is no one within the synth
scene that looks like you Hm, no, I probably do not look like
you are supposed to I fail a bit Ehhh, I’m a bit embarrassed about that How are you then a synth icon? I, myself, feel like it was the synth music
that created, sort of, my style From, you know, when you were a “normal” person
until 12 years of age Then you were allowed to wear make up and then – BAM! In a week from zero to a hundred white powder, blue rouge, black lipstick and black
like this, and short, sprawled, white hair a little like this style Very boy’ish was how you looked. It was the style
at the time. You know what I’m saying You were also very boy’ish during that time I do hope so Ok, shall we do the questions now? It’s on! I thought I would get hard questions I have no script here But what is it, what pushes you now? You are, like, ancient now Yes, exactly I see it more like, for example Instagram,
like my own diary then I’ve never understood why people
tend to like to follow that If you look at, there are people who likes to
plan their Instagram. It looks great it might be colour coordinated and everything.
Very beautiful Wait. You didn’t answer the question Oh, ok, what was the question? What is it that keeps you going? Going? ehhhh….I like Going and going? This is just how I am Stop it!
You don’t wake up like this in the morning? No. I have an interest But, it’s like, most people get up and
put on a certain type of clothes use some gel in the hair, or whatever they do and this is my morning routine Even you do something each morning, like shave otherwise you’d have Santa Claus beard right now Not that often But, I mean, you just don’t let yourself go It’s like that.
You have a… I’m asking you This is just how I am You do not go down like this to ICA
(grocery store) Yes! I actually do! Do you?! YES! Are you kidding? No. I never make jokes. Bah ha ha, ohh you! That is totally true!
I go down like this to ICA I live right on top of a mall Yeah, yeah, yeah You have it close then You wake up early in the morning You feel like shit. Totally hangover I’m never hungover I almost never drink Absolutely hungover.
Oh no, I don’t have any milk for my coffee! Because this takes an hour to make
[I rarely drink coffee] Aaa, I can be OK in 20 minutes can be okay looking for going to ICA But 45 is what it takes to manage this Then you have to wait before you get
the milk to your coffee Yeahhh The coffee I do not drink.
Because you should not be addicted to anything So yeah, then I’ll drink water and tea that day Instead of putting on make up
and go down and buy the milk? I put make up on anyway I put make up on even if I’m just
to be home alone one day Aha! This is me But you do it to practice as well? Nah, not nowadays I’m so old now, so it’s on routine Oh ho! I can probably do this in the dark Have you stopped experimenting? I don’t know But it is a surprise every day on
how it will be when finished I have no clue When I start, I never know how it will end It’s like.. I never have a.. You say it’s on routine Yes, it is on routine But it is also like things happens during the process so I never have a plan for how I will
look when make up is done This morning, for example I had no clue it was going to
look exacly like this when I came here No clue! Ahhhhhh! You had a certain thought I had a plan with the clothes and how to wear my hair I packed it in a bag, so I wanted to know
so I didn’t have to bring everything But the make up? No! I had to take it I had no clue I didn’t find out until at the pre-party actually because I was just half way done with the make up True story But you have still not answered what gets you going? But..there is no drive. Nothing gets me going It just is.
This is the way I look I dont think… There is no reason behind it It’s like with chaos you know, there is no certain reason for it it just is Where do you see yourself in 5 years? On top of some cute 20-year old..? ????!!!! Or…? I would be able to comment that a bit more than
you’d like me to, so I will stay off it Did you say 20 years? 10 years? What? I can’t remember. What did you say? I said; in 5 years You said a 20-year old Adora BatBrat now announce to, in 5 years, to meet a
20-year old. So all of you who are 15 now… It works with 70-years old too. have patience and work on your… As long as they are skinny and wears
make up, I’m happy Skinny and make up Anything else? Ehhhh (adult thoughts) Beeeeeeeeep
(the ones who knows, knows) But in 5 years, where do I see myself?
Well, I might have become a grandma Yes My oldest daughter is 16 True, true Are you giving her instructions on
how to make you a grandma? Sadly, no She did not follow in my footsteps.
I’m quite worried How much time she spends on her
make up on a daily basis? Oh! She’s faster than me She gets up early every day and puts on her make up. She wears make up every day Very talented She’s got pink hair as well Oh! How long does she take? I don’t know I’m always asleep when she gets up But I think about 30 minutes Are you pleased with her make up? Oh, yes! It can always be more, but Anything is better than nothing Think about that ANYTHING is better than NOTHING, Alexander Anything! Absolutely. Thank you I am more than nothing And the other kids? The middle kid, she is in that phase where
she wants to be super mainstream. And kind of wears gangsta hoodies (Alexander in chock) Oh, my She does her make up very cute too, though But then she covers it under
hoodies so you can’t really tell The son, the cool 13-year old He use to be all dressed in white, and
with bright red shoes with that Fly hair. Sometimes wears it blue,
or gray with a black stripe He is freaking great. He is awesome! Do you feel like they have shouldered
your synthie legacy? Nahhh, they have not But they have the style.
They have great style At least I can be happy about that Better be pleased with what you get Yep Fantastic! Spacelab TV, that right now is high jacking
Adora BatBrat’s channel makes a humble thank you for you taking the time to.. God, I was so nervous!
I thought it would be super hardcore questions but this was like a walk in the park! I understand nothing to why you would think
it would be hardcore questions I don’t know.
I figured you would make me squirm You could ask me all sorts of questions! Most definitely! But… it’s not our policy to make people squirm We can – but we don’t because our policy is to create joy and togetherness and our fellow people’s eternal happiness Can you just verify, so people know I’m acually completely sober now during this interview Often people think I’m shit faced drunk But I’m not. I’m just like this You can verify I can NOT verify that Adora BatBrat is completely sober Ah, right. I got 1/2 a glass of Champagne before.
Two hours ago Therefore I can’t verify That is true You shall not lie. I’m sorry It’s not like I’ve been a shadow to her and
seen everything she’s done There’s a limit With that, we say thank you to our viewers Thank you most kindly. It was very
enjoyable to be part of Spacelab TV No, it doesn’t want to

8 thoughts on “Adora BatBrat interviewed by Android from S.P.O.C.K. (WITH SUBTITLES)”

  1. That interviewer was horrible. He wasn't listening to you at all and made you repeat your answers over and again, but it was only because he didn't like what you said for some reason. You're always so great and so genuine, even in the face of underhanded rudeness and insincerity. Way to be, you made an awkward interview into a fun opportunity with great class and humour ?

  2. Loved that he wanted clear answers from you and I enjoyed the video. I just saw one of your early videos and I can’t believe I’ve been watching your videos for 11 years! Oh my god. My kids were babies when I found your channel! Our kids are about the same ages.
    P.S. I changed my name since then though.

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